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Empowerment: A Call to Action

A lot of perspectives have been shared as far as women’s empowerment measures are concerned in India. Putting the plans on paper to process for transformation is the true need of the hour.

The focal point for change and transformations in bettering women’s life is about understanding women as equal humans not simply as a pretty better half and sympathizing with them as burdened beings.

A matter of Value

The dignity of the being is when women
are seen as individuals who are capable decision makers be it at home or boardroom and respected for their opinions and valued as they are.

A matter of equality

From birth as a baby who is raised equally with pride and without prejudice to acknowledging a need for changes in schools and colleges education, to be gender neutral and not gender biased.


At work, the corporate culture needs a structural mind shift to understanding unique challenges faced by female employees in terms of reducing harassment and denouncing gender bias in benefits perks and salaries. Discrimination is truly a discomfort that destroys productivity ‘

A matter of right!

To teach that a marriage of two people is to co-inhabit and collaborate as equals without the women being considered as weaker her inferior to the man.

As senior citizens, both genders must require social security assistance equally as with age the body wears down and gender becomes insignificant again.

A matter of Sustained empowerment

Besides simply providing authority or power to empower is to make the person stronger and more confident, especially in self-management.There is a need to see self-management as a skill that needs continuous and supportive nurturing for development. More the human approach the easier and more sustaining are the solutions.

Challenges at hand

In a country like India where women are still considered second-class citizens where corruption makes change difficult. where domestic abuse be it physical social or mental is rampant, women are still subjugated regardless of the society or state that come from in different degrees.There is a need for an educational system that guides and gathers up the spirit of women and coaches them to trust their abilities as many are in a state of doubt and fear and inhibited from personal self-expression.

The masses are still a persecuted lot in terms of social stigma from being a woman who is divorced and being single to widows and a working or non-working women. From feeling unsafe in travelling alone to securing a home to stay to having a lunch or dinner alone in restaurant to wanting to watch a movie without anyone for company to driving a car alone in a journey…. all women will relate to an increase in stress levels during these normal chores and activities even in the day .Moreover, it is the right to feel safe without discrimination of gender while travelling at night or day in a bus or car or any public transport. Many will have a story of subjugation and social insecurity that they may want to tell but do not speak up due to a lack of voice and fear of being hounded by attracting unnecessary attention to themselves.

Education matters!

The true solutions are a gradual change through continued public education reforms for all ages and gender that may help in bringing forth new mindsets and reinforce an altruistic behaviour.

Setting up women-centric organisations with greater authority can work to bridge the disconnects in communication as they could be the pioneers for any planned intervention.And movements to empower one another as women in consensus and collaborative endeavour helps bridge the dividing gaps.

From I to the We

Empowering the spirit within one another is the key and it becomes easier in the of the realisation of how interdependent our world truly is in the interconnects and how this can become our biggest strength

In a globally connected world resources needs to be collaborated to help one another.No one then will feel left out and helpless.There will be less hoarding and accumulation and more sharing and utilization.

Reformed practices in education will manifest the outcomes in society through transforming mindsets

Empowerment will mean a lift in global consciousness and not be self-limiting in its connotations.Only then can we comprehend what true empowerment means and how much it matters!




In Striking A Balance!

Ego matters!

Ego is a sense of self-identity

Between being an asset and liability the ego drives our being.

Unmindful and ungrateful often times as such is its way!

It can interfere just as much as it can be indifferent to the being

It can alter goodwill and stall humility from expressing itself

It can change the words we were meaning to speak

It can halt a chance to commune with others

It can steer a dialogue to a monologue

It can become a bone of contention

It can rob us of cooperation and collaboration

And yet all this while a sense of ego can be a source of self-esteem

It can help a person from crumbling in a crisis

It can create a curiosity to know and acquire

It can be a strength of support in times of dire need

It can propel us to do more & achieve more

Your Ego can be your trusted aide

For it knows you more than you ever can.

It is born with you from your first breath

And plays on its course till your very last.

So the question is not about banishing but of balancing.

In striking a chord of balance between the states of being.

Mindful words from a heart full of grace,

Can be a precursor of changing ways.

A respect and regard for another’s perspective

Appreciation and value for others much as one’s own!

A few reflections on striking a balance

Accept that your ego is like your shadow

It follows where ever you go

It creates hurdles in your deeds

It can doubt and induce fear

Simply trust with your loving self

For it’s your internal guide

That leads from the heart

To let you see and know

Who you truly are!

Let your love meet your fears

It will understand the power of love

Choose to be loving and considerate

Change your track to being compassionate

Choose to avoid loose talk

Choose the virtue of generosity

Choose to be inclusive and expansive

Choose to admit your mistakes

Choose to see the world beyond the self

Choose to take your self lightly

Choose the freedom of laughter

It unshackles the chains of self-restraint

Let the self, express and entertain itself!

So allow the ego to a little space but make sure it knows its space.

Allow it to be a part of you but don’t allow it take the whole of you.

Transcending the Ego is the aspiration,

For every religion speaks of this very transcendence…

From trivial and baseline pursuits to higher consciousness.

Ego can be a tool for survival but it can be a weapon of mass destruction!

Transform it into self-improvement manoeuvre it to reconstruction.

In every deed of Giving the ego cannot be far behind for, to give itself seems so full of itself. The Giving means there is something to give an upper hand a stake a superiority if nothing else a contentment of a fulfilment. So to give seems a little egotistical in all its glorious ways.

Yet there is a transformation in every act of giving, that finds its path in the journey towards transcendence .



On Thoughts … Part 2

This morning I wrote down a few thoughts ….’On tboughts’ and shared and just a while ago I was pleasantly surprised by some lovely afterthoughts shared by my dear mother  almost immediately on Whatsapp.

I share her jotted thoughts here as part 2:

 On Thoughts  
Thoughts are the doorways that connect our inner and outer world. As we walk along this path it leads  us along the physical ,material world filled with varied emotions, feelings and desires. It connects us with our past, bring back the forgotten memories and our reaction depends on what it mirrors. It has the power to make us sad, angry, or happy.  Like an expert master it rules our emotions.  A happy moment can turn sour when it brings an unwanted, unneeded or unconnected memory back which is followed by a volley of unnecessary words and arguments which can make the whole scene bitter, thereby sowing the seed for another set of  reactions in another time frame. 

On blooming thoughts . 


It is a magical weaver. It has the potential to jump from past to future in a fraction of a second. It’s speed surpasses the fastest speed known to us. It has the power to take us to the dream world idling for hours together.    

In the the ocean of time it’s waves are endless. We become playing clay in its hands moulding our moods as it wants.

   In short our thoughts rule us. Like an obedient slave we obey its whimsical command forgetting our true potential.  The wise souls understood this.With their deep knowledge they have shown us various ways  to take command of our thoughts n  tame them. Like a circus ringmaster in the midst of wild animals we should be in constant awareness to lead our thoughts, and observe their moves.
  Similar to a focussed traveller who never strays from his path how much ever  alluring the sceneries on his way, elluding the perils in his path  goes steadfast to reach his destination, we should train ourselves not to be distracted by the flow of thoughts.  We can never stop its flow, as it is natural, but can train our mind not to react to each and every word.  Let’s be a witness,  never become a part. Let’s keep proceeding with the companionship of  positivities like kindness, compassion, selflessness,  humility and  gratitude.  Let’s make this journey beautiful.


 Come, let’s walk together in harmony guiding each other positively, as we reach our individual  goals and collective aspirations.


 Do feel free to share your thoughts…


Body shaming has to stop!

Yesterday I happened to revisit this very strong yet contemplative piece of writing by my dear mother.  And I knew I just had to request her to share this because of its significance as much as the sensitivity of content which I felt is very relevant to the times we live in.

My mother writes a lot on and off  and I want to share this as I feel she should put out her writings in a blog but she simply hasn’t done so yet for reasons best known to her. So while I try convincing her to write and share more, here is this post from her that touched my heart💙💚💙


Love All!  

Making someone feel badly about the way they look is the worst thing that one can do to another individual. It has the power to make someone feel unlovable. It creates so many insecurities and unwanted feelings. That is something we shouldn’t do or inflict upon anyone.
Body shaming has to stop. We have to stop tearing people down just because they don’t fit to  the standards created by another in the first place. We also have to stop judging people based on their appearances. There is no meaner phase of being than hating oneself for the looks and it is not fair that we are pushing people to that point. We need to be accepting of all body types.

We need to encircle each other rather than bring each other down and we have to understand that every one is different, both physically and mentally. Anjana

We are created to be different, and we need to learn to love those differences.

Body shaming, a term that has become all too popular recently because humans are obsessed with appearances. We criticize the way that others judge us yet never hesitate to pass comments on others in a sarcastic friendly manner. We have separated ourselves into categories based on the way we look and it is wrong.

Effects of body shaming

What people don’t understand is what body shaming really does to an individual. It gradually breaks their confidence. Instead of holding their head high — they scan the floor because they don’t want people to notice them. Instead of feeling beautiful, their self worth decreases and feel like an alien in their  own skin.

Body-shaming is a serious issue that’s secretly and silently ruining the lives of many out there. It’s high time we addressed it. And equally so for both women and men and children.
Those who are born fit or beautiful or intelligent didn’t do anything great to achieve it . It is the way they  are born genetically.

What use is physical beauty if the mind is ugly? Let’s learn  to value individuals for the values  they hold,  their character, their goodness and compassion, their talent and in general as a fellow human being who are all equal to one another.
As it is the society has created large gaps based on caste, creed, status and richness.  On one side as educated and civilized people we are trying to eradicate them and on the other side creating new dividers between individuals.

Respect and value individuals for what they really are.
Instead if seeing others as

Being short or tall,

Being fair or dusky,

Being fit or fat,

Being beautiful or ugly

Being rich or poor

Being modern or simple

Let’s learn to see others as

Being kind or cruel,

Being adaptive or adamant,

Being compassionate or egoistic

Being selfless or selfish,

And above all

Are they humane enough ?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Nature need not have to create so many different species to co exist, it could have  easily made an assembly line of similar looking robots.

Value the differences.

That is where beauty is hidden.
Love all.



Many paths lead us home…

Many paths that us lead home...

All the questions come in living

All the answers are in the living

And life is happening to you as you strive

And you are sifted in the sieve of life

While you flow or reverse the flow

In every now and then, moving fast or slow

To gain a grounding in the sun.

Are you ready for the race you wish to run?

Care to pause and reflect on these…

Whose choice is it the way you are?

What chances do you have, to have it your way?

Who should make the change to what can be?

When can it be so the way you want?

Where you want to be in this now?

And how you can reach there?

And step out your own way….

To sense the unfolding of other paths

To see the effects before the cause

To choose to smile at destinys face

And that makes all the difference

In finding it all!

One fine day in your own sweet way!



Wisdom of Change

Knowledge is one thing. Understanding is quite another. Knowledge needs constant up-gradation as it is never ever constant in the  time and space dimensions.The pathway to true wisdom is in acknowledgement of the potential possibilities of the new or yet unknown.

The wisdom is in the knowing beyond knowledge to…

Think universally and act globally to begin with and see the structure in the chaos and relate to the rhythms in nature.

 To follow along the infinite beginnings all leading to the same place :’Your true self’.

And in a knowing that allows you to exercise free will to be who you are.

And  that thoughts are but a tool for the  thinking process that allow you to  process the integration of the self and the entire cosmos.

Self and beyond 

Is there a distance and a difference
If so how far and of what

Physical and social
Mental and psychological
We may think immediately.

We may be set apart in time and space yet are so similar in vulnerabilities.
Persevering in hope and knowing the truth of mortality..
We breathe the same air live in the same world

We learn to see a wisdom in the changes,   in the interrelation,  in the interdependence,
In the interconnects.

So in the wisdom of  the wise the wiser and the wisest .
Is the understanding of the knowing  behind the knowledge
To make sense  beyond their meaning.

And in the knowing,  change begets wisdom
To accept from ordinary things can permeate untapped wisdom
That the ‘ordinary’ possess nuggets of ‘Wisdom’

In the knowing is the learning
Then there is no search, all is within
The change the changer and the changing.

Savvy Raj

Change is inevitable, but you are the one in charge of how the change impacts you  and how you respond to the changes.  Dare to dance with it! Dance with life!

 Savvy Raj

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