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To Dance…



A dance can introduce you to yourself,

as it beckons you to know your limitless potential.

Savvy Raj

Conversations in Oneness 

To dance is to converse with your soul in oneness.

To dance is to acknowledge  the living  you in this moment

To dance is to move with your soul’s longings in this present now.

To dance is to feel the rhythm of your own beating heart.

To dance is dare to reach beyond the spaces visible.

To dance is to sense the magic as you touch the intangible  …

To dance is to sense the preciousness of time.

As it glides  with your movements sublime

In every move, the heart and mind is looped in joyousness

In every flight is the beauty of lightness …

To dance is to be connected  to your  being

In the contentment of life and living!


I love to dance

In every moment of my life….I relate to the fluidity of movements we make,  to the rhythm of the words we write, to the harmony in the words we speak, to the synchrony of the  breaths we take,  to the connectedness in the  flow of thoughts we have , to the strength in the similarity of one being to the other,  to the heightened  awareness  of feelings and emotions to the consciousness of every deed and actions, to the mind and body  connection  we touch  upon with a simple dance.

Dancing regularly has the power of release … from inhibitors like fear, seclusion, loneliness depressive states, mood swings,  lack of confidence, social reservations and lack of communication. An hour of dancing regularly can bring a spring in the step and smile on one’s lips.

That said there are some parameters to take note of for enhanced benefits from dancing which need to be mentioned.

The dance and you:

Every individual is unique and it would be good to start learning gradually with an appropriate dance form suited to their innate nature and choice.
For example, there is no reason to push a beginner beyond their boundaries at they are introduced to certain dance movement without consent and choice. As the benefits of dancing can be seen when they love what they learn and dance what they love.

Take it easy and enjoy the journey! 

Dance is not a war with oneself or another it is about being in harmony and at peace with the self so as to enjoy the dance.

The trainer the teacher you learn from always plays a much bigger role in making you love or hate what you learn.It is a huge responsibility as a teacher than to send out positive reflection appreciation and encouraging signals to communicate the power of dance and movement.

Although there are many wonderful teachers out there, try to work with someone chosen according to the goal plans you set for yourself as you begin to learn. That said …dedication discipline, attendance punctuality, appearance personal hygiene and faith and trust in your efforts are going to play a major role in the efforts from both sides.

Today as we celebrate the International Dance Day … I dedicate this post to the celebration of ‘Dance in and around us to the Dance and the Dancer in us all.’

Savvy Raj 

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Creative Enrichments!


Freedom ....Creative Enrichments!

Creative Enrichments by Savvy Raj


To create is to believe in the infinite…
To create is to move with the power to connect the apparent disconnects
To create is dare to reach beyond self-limiting doubts and judgments
To create is to enjoy the process every step of the way…
To create is to be uniquely you!

Most of us have indulged in one dance form or the other, enjoying the creative spurts in the process, but many of us assume that real dancers are those who are what we call the born artists, or the performers, or maybe only those who are trained or innately talented.

Dancing is an art form no doubt, but it is truly not reserved to a select few just because they have the privileges of being blessed with inborn talent .True gift of the power of dancing is equally available to everyone just as much as to the dancing genius! Indulging in any creative movement satisfies an individuals need to source, analyse assimilate, and create, from within. However, the trick is in the integration of such artistic dance pursuits into our everyday lives, as most of us lead such busy lives with little or no time to spare for a little self-enrichment.
Dancing is a creative expression from your soul which has the power to explore the depth of emotions and thoughts and brings in the open what’s hidden and inaccessible and thereby even heal oneself of limiting convictions and beliefs.
The creative surges give rise to the expansion of thoughts and one can feel transformed even in a single dance. We gradually become more balanced, focused and aware of our surroundings. We can simply start by bridging the dull gaps in our journey of life … filling them with beautiful movements that are as fulfilling as much as they are enriching!
So care to dance a little every day, enrich your life & also of those around you!
– Savvy Raj

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Wisdom of Change


Knowledge is one thing, understanding is quite another. Knowledge needs constant upgradation as it is never ever constant in the dimensions of time and space. The pathway to true wisdom is in acknowledgement of the possibilities of the new or the yet unknown.

Wisdom is in knowing beyond knowledge. 

To think universally and act globally; to begin with and see the structure in chaos and relate to the rhythms in nature;

To follow along the infinite beginnings all leading to the same place — ‘Your true self’;

In a knowing that allows you to exercise free will to be who you are;

And that thoughts are but a tool for the thinking, that allows you to process the integration of the self and the entire cosmos.

Self and beyond —  

Is there a distance and a difference?

If so, how far and of what?

Physical and social,

Mental and psychological

We may think immediately.

We may be set apart in time and space, yet we are so similar in vulnerabilities,

Persevering in hope and knowing the truth of mortality.

We breathe the same air, live in the same world.

We learn to see wisdom in change, in the interrelation, in the interdependence, in the interconnects.

So, in the wisdom of the wise, the wiser and the wisest

Is the understanding of the knowing behind the knowledge

To make sense beyond their meaning

And in the knowing, change begets wisdom

To accept from ordinary things can permeate untapped wisdom.

That the ‘ordinary’ possess nuggets of wisdom

In the knowing is the learning.

Then, there is no search, all is within —

The change, the changer, and the changing.

Change is inevitable, but you are the one in charge of how the change impacts you and how you respond to the changes. 

Dare to dance with it! Dance with life!

Savvy Raj

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Artwork by Savvy Raj Titled:  ‘Swirling in Circles’


On Writing (Part2) : Being a Guest blogger for the first time …

My earlier post today  ‘Writing as I know it 


makes me want to share my bit about the guest blogging experience.

Guest blogging now this was something I had seen instances of other people doing it.  The reasons could be many from simply promoting your site to increasing traffic on the site.  It is basically about publishing your work in another’s blog site. Your writing meets a new set of readers organically and you learn from the perspectives.  My first guest blogging has brought me a few like-minded and varied writers upfront and that is wonderful as well.

There are many blog sites which offer guest bloggers posts, all you need to do is to send your work and if accepted you are on.

Just the experience of it all, to understand how it works, that is the reason I tried Guest blogging for the first time.

Here is my first guest blog on the ‘Circle of Life’ and the unending hope in humanity….

Have a go at it and if you wish to and do contact and connect with Sue Vincent’s blog  Not only will you find her very warm and welcoming but also some amazing writers sharing their inspirations. And am pretty sure you will find many takers for your style of writing as well. 

Thank you, Sue Vincent, for the opportunity!

 Savvy Raj

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Writing as I know it…

On Writing

Writing is a liberating experience if you care to steer your thoughts and string them in words. Every writer has many or no reason about what and why they write …

It is the most natural thing to do or it is a task to brings even two words together. It is an integrative experience or a chore to get done with depending on our attitudes, to begin with.

Writing is an art of construction of an abstraction,  it can help evolve mass consciousness and propel new consciousness.

Writing is a trustful companion at your behest whenever wherever or a taxing exercise.But every writing is unique just as the writer behind it.

Reader and a writer  a dance of symbiosis 

 There is an invisible bond that forms between a writer and reader a relationship that thrives if it is of mutual respect and understanding. As both are giving away their precious time of their lives in the writing and the reading. Ideally, it is a symbiotic relationship as there can never be one without the other. Both are valuable and contribute deeply in their mere presence.

A reader is as necessary to the writer as ink and paper as without a reader the writer will have no reason to put down thoughts in written format .. And if there is no one yet at least for the self to read on.

A writer matters a great deal too. To an avid reader of a certain writer, every word gives a unique connect. Sometimes writings can be shocking and jarring while some caress in the fluidity of the flow. It is but a matter of choice and with the freedom of will comes a great responsibility….

Writing can set free deep-seated emotions and in such freedom is the underlying responsibility…

Writing is a responsibility as once writ,  the words have great power to stir  emotions and  touch hearts ,  to enthuse or infuse hope or hatred . So it is imperative to exercise  awareness through every word written and published.  Savvy 

Why I write 

I write when I am charged with an idea an inspiration. Or perhaps when there is nothing else to do.

I write to balance my emotions whenever it needs equilibrium.

I write to flow with the moment with a thought that aligns as it calls on me and as I write at times emerges into a pattern in prose or verse.

I write to understand better when thoughts overpower…overstimulate the mind.

I write to let go of all that comes to my mind which I feel and hope can make a positive difference somewhere to someone reading me.

I write at times in deliberation too to process and synthesise new understandings.

I write to unshackle from the many convictions I may unknowingly hold. As I write they break loose from restrictive spaces and help to align my thoughts in the sifting.

I write to express the bounties of life that I’m blessed to enjoy in gratitude.

I write to sense the bliss of being with all of me in the moment.

I write to express myself my way.


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Subtlety of Consciousness

The mystic of the Universe

Is in the shaping of creations

Squares circle spheres….

Countless dimensions

Of perspectives and propositions

Of proclamations and possibilities

On the profoundness of potentialities

Drawing from parallel to the ultraparallel

Blending and meeting to correlate

Adapting to create new visions and postulate

In the precision of near perfection

In the enigmatic theories to pragmatic practicalities.


Bending in space time

Converging massive energy

Colliding to create in the synergy

Shapes and angles in the abstraction

Dots to lines in the interconnection

Lines to dots in the simplification

Dots to the void of the core in the sublimation.


Nature jostles to witness the wonder

Composition unparalleled

Captivating in the conjectures

Riveting in the awe and rapture

Inspirations in the aspirations.

Subtlety hides the majesty of action

In the dimensions of correlation

Subtlety speaks through the intuitive connection

Subtlety projects nothing to distraction

Subtlety seeks nothing in impression

As all is without so it is within

And this bridge of balance from inner to outer

Is the evolution in the Subtlety Conscious.


Image Credits:  Title : ‘Subtlety of Consciousness’

 Artwork Vision & Verse by Savvy Raj