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Gaiety and Grace



A  picture of gaiety and grace

Dressed and aglow are these graceful dancers

Twirling to the tunes of the festive spirit

Sounds of the striking of sticks

Harmony in the synchrony

Rustling skirts, clinking jewellry

To the beats of the Indian drums and the lilting melody

Raising the spirits with fire in the eyes

A spring in their steps yet grace in moves

In these dancing hearts flowing in circles

Of  old and young  gathering alike as one.

Marking the nine days of Navratri

With some spirited dancing every night

And some austere fasting in the day

A festive season celebrated in fervor to mark…

The power of good over evil and the spirit of victory.

The beautiful colours of a festive India show up in all its vividity.


Image credits to the artist of this lovely painting….

The  above picture of these beautiful dancers dressed  in  colourful costumes speaks much of the festive spirit in India during Navaratri.

Today is celebrated as VijayaDashmi or Dussera the tenth day of festivities marking the triumphant victory  of goodness. The beginings of all things auspicious is the mood that prevails in the Indian psyche today.

To great starts and great times of prosperity ahead..Keep dancing lovingly to life!

Happy Vijayadashami to all here.🌞












On Consciousness

Bridging the gaps in learning and knowing

Sensing the arising patterns of thoughts

Acknowledging the patterns of  reflections

Accepting the spaces in between as it is

Arises a consciousnes of being

In the path of ascensions of dimensions

Consciousness is dynamic state of being

Shifting of energies altering matter

There is much movement in the stillness

And stillness in the movements

The tides of consciousness

Keep on sifting  and sieving

Challenging the being

In every level of awareness

To reach a state of steadfast purpose

Of  understanding beyond the horizons

The Infinite as a potential of all possibilities.





On Oneness


We are specks in the ocean of cosmic energy

Breathing thinking beings, learning and living

So very vulnerable, yet so resilient

Searching ways of surviving the odds

To securing a purpose to live our life.

Strengthened by experiences of living

Our nature endows hope in the being.

And in being alive to this very now…

We are connected, in the ocean of oneness.






On Life and Living


Be there to sense the moments in the movements

Be there to feel with the all of you

Dont lose heart and hope

For today is yet another day

To make each moment worth living

For you and those around you

Life is meant to live not just exist!








On Love

As love conquers you it blesses you in the knowing.

Make not a mockery of love

Serenade love and allow it to speak truth.

Love surfaces from the depth of emotions

To mend you and this world to a better place.



On Kindness

A kind thought, a kind word a kind deed changes the energy equation of matter across dimensions.

Sharing kindness is integral to replenishing  life and living… 
Start with one kind expression to the next person you meet and let the ripple begin from you…

Be kind it always makes a difference..



On Learning

Every learning is a discovery

In the revelation

Of how little we know…

Every learning paves the way

For a little more understanding.

As life keeps on happening.

Life keeps on flowing; 

Learning keeps on regenerating.

Learning is never limited…

It is endless and ever regenerating in itself.






Practising quietude to listen is about stilling the restless spirit.

Quietude is about respecting the strength of subtlety.

Quietude is valuing the grace of dignity of consciousness.

Quietude is an opportunity to hone awareness of subtle consciousness…

For in listening beyond all the noise

The core of our consciousness awakens

and finds its own voice.

To express and acknowledge the learnings

in the essence of  silence.

Savvy Raj




Music: Healing HeArts Sharing Hope

 Years ago when I first read this post and saw this video clip of a musician from Iraq who played and moved to tears soldiers in the very ground where a major bomb had exploded … it moved me deeply and  it moves me beyond words still.

Salute to the Power of Human Spirit.

Strength to defy & dare destiny in the face

Of danger destruction and devastation …

Comes from a deeper conviction that creates 

Courage to rise beyond catastrophes …

The heart has the capacity to deal

with almost anything … as that is how our life is 

wired to cope and heal.

Expressing through Arts is a power within us.

In empathy with care compassion

It is an act of kindness in realization of the oneness.

That what hurts you is actually eventually hurting me …

Your pain is my pain

In conscious awareness

I can help you heal

Your troubles away in faith

And hope for a better tomorrow for us all.

Savvy Raj

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Life’s lessons.

Here is another share of my dear mother’s reflections on ‘Life and Living’ with hope and the value of ordinary things like the school subjects , the primary lessons we often take for granted as we study without  thinking too much about it. I am compelled to share this line of thought for its ingenuity and how it mentions the values of  lessons from nature which often is the most overlooked but actually so full of wisdom.

Don’t despair

Life is the real teacher. It’s teaching methods may sometimes be playful, sometimes  very harsh, and it may seem like there is truly no way of escaping them.


Profit and loss are not only money related,

They can be manifested in relations too.

The premium of love and care one invests,

Will return as interest manifold in days of need.
And certainly no scheme will tell it is too late to invest.

The more one adds smile and support

The less will be the worries and loneliness.

As they are inversely proportioned.
X and y denotes the unknown

Problems, that seem ready to pounce.

Don’t you  worry,

As you are taught to get them solved.
Every single point and  line

has a  measure and significance.

Geometry taught  us not to ignore any

and the value of boundary.
History gave the realisation,

Evil and greed perishes

How much ever strong they seem.

Always goodness stood in the victory stand in the end.
Geographic differences help too

To understand that variety is a way of life.

Your form and food is Nature’s decision.

Value the differences,  to be in harmony.

taught that all are one in the core after all.

Power of energies,

and laws of Nature gave the knowledge

To bow down and conquer.


taught the most valuable lesson.

The real enemies are the ones

that are nourished

as  ego, pride, vanity  greed, anger and hatred.

I reap what I sow.

So none is responsible,for my pain or pleasure.
Initial years are like blue prints.

But few read them correctly,

Even less understands,

Even fewer practice.
The primary lessons…

Are professors of Life.

Each subject taught

Are the preparations

For the life to be faced in essence.
Quantity of money to be possessed

Is not the measure of life.

The quality of love and respect

Is what distinguishes from the rest.


Never despair…

The variations  of Nature,

The constant changes

Makes every moment a new one.


And that can be the dawn.

New ray of  hope in the horizon.

Remember the lessons

And proceed further.


Never look back in despair.

Bring back the beam of smile

To fill the surroundings with joy and light.

As the world is truly vast to explore & delight!




Peaceful World

In every new moment in time ….

Let there be more compassion and less cruelty

Let there be more creativity and less cliche

Let there be more candour and less cynicism

Let there be more cooperation and less criticism

Let there be more connection and less contradictions .

Let there be more clarity and less confusion.

Let there be more caring and less callousness

Let there be more composure and less chaos …

Let every moment be a celebration in a world of the contrasts !

Let thoughts of a Peaceful World be on top of everything else!

Savvy Raj

My painting and poetry  in dedication towards the International Day of Peace.

Image Credits : A painting by Savvy Raj




 My  Digital Painting titled  Crosswinds 

For every you there is another you caught in the crosswinds 

Infact there could be many more reflections of you…life will throw you the hints 

Fanning the flames only arouses the spirit 

to arise and evolve more than we give merit

To deeper levels of conscious awareness 

Breathe in the wisdom of knowing in all fairness

Of the freeflow of movements as it unfolds

The crosswinds breathe fire of life into souls 

To breathe in the the energy of consciousness sublime

Trust the trysts of destiny in the eternality of time

To have a reason all their own 

Cause it is preordained like seeds of life already sown. 

Savvy Raj 


Manifesting Creativity

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Silence dwells in the spaces between the steps to access whenever.

 Silence leads and the path appears.
Trust the lessons learned in silence.  

Savvy Raj 


Choose well…