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On listening

There is the power of sounds
Discovered in Silence
In meditative stillness
In contemplative introspection
In expansiveness  of understanding
In the depth of listening
There is then  the power of words
Of vision in the verses
Or expressions of the uniqueness
All mere vibrations in resonance.

Thank you for the depth of your empathic listening.


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A Share in Goodwill.

Sometimes good work needs appreciation… And that becomes a source of inspiration to do more … Today I am sharing a few of my dear daughters social work experiences at her stint with the HOPE foundation in India, in her own words that she had expressed about the satisfaction and contentment from the heart in doing good and sharing goodwill with the world around us.

I hope it inspires and motivates more in the path of positive intentions and acts of goodwill.

Have been working with an non profit organisation called H.O.P.E for almost a year now.Even though I focused primarily on events , I did want to try helping in their other verticals like Ad Care ,which was basically teaching shelter home children , academically as well as non academically.
Now, the children here hated studying and upon entering for the first time , all I noticed was books thrown outside the window! So we decided to use glitter pens and stickers to motivate them.
I was one such volunteer who taught English through games and then I would draw something for them on their hands because they loved the idea of ‘glitter tattoos’. Everytime I’d do so, all the kids would lineup to get one of their own and I honestly enjoyed the process every Sunday even though I sucked at drawing(I literally drew the kid version of a bird but that would still make them happy). Soon it led to me writing their names for them glitter pens in different fonts.
Coming back to the photo, this was clicked a day before Christmas and I was writing their names in different fonts when two kids asked me to write their parents names as well. This took me by shock as most of them are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents. Nevertheless, I did write their names the way they wanted and it lead to a moment that crushed my soul.
I watched them both High five after the tattoos for the fact that both of them had never seen their parents and they abandoned them here. I was truly appalled as I saw them jump in excitement and running down the hallway.
When I was leaving , the kids came to me and asked me to click a photo with them and asked me to spend every festival with them as they felt lonely. Kudos to our team and H.O.P.E for making a difference! 🙂


Making lemonade

They say when life gives you lemons make a lemonade and enjoy it!

Profoundly said indeed!

Wisdom is in seeing what is possible

Making the best out of the resources

With whatever there is at hand.

It’s not always easy to see hope in scarcity

For it demands thinking beyond the limitations.

Bringing forth ingenuity & integration

Then all that’s impossible becomes worthwhile once again.

For such is life in the living.

A little sour and a little sweet

And it’s all in the tasting.

And about sensing in every sip.


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Faith flows

Faith is deeply connected with love.

Love is deeply entwined in faith.

Faith springs forth from love

Hope is nurtured in faith and love.

And faith and love is nurtured in hope.



On Food & Feeding

The best form of Charity is Food they say…

For when there is food donated and served

You will at one point hear ‘Enough’ from people

No other form of charity

Gives this point of satiation.

Keep feeding and drive out hunger.

Make sure to do your bit

Avoid food hoarding & wastage as much as you can.



Worth cultivating…

A skill is only a rumor until it becomes a muscle memory

But beyond the skills we choose to cultivate in life…

There are certainly abilities worth cultivating for a lifetime.

Ability to see the good in life.

Ability to respect the people for who they are.

Ability to acknowledge diversity of thoughts and opinions.

Ability to coexist in peace and harmony.

Ability to generate goodwill whenever we can.

Ability to laugh and bring humor in conversations.

Ability to dance in the rain

As much as move with a  lightness of being.

We all have the ability to live life lovingly

All it needs is embodying in our lives.


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Gifts of feelings

In the myriad moments
And multitude of experiences
In life and living.

There is so much going on
Betwixt and between us all.
So much to live and care for…

Often unsaid words
& repressed feelings
Are brimming in the sensing

Emotions have their way
Of expressing themselves
At inopportune moments.

But if we choose to take time
We can channel our thoughts
In mindful awareness.

Perhaps our emotions
Can be our precious gift
To sense and balance the self.

We are blessed with all
That we need from nature
Let’s acknowledge our gifts.



On togetherness

Hand in hand

We walked

Sometimes me ahead of you

At times you ahead of me

Hands held together

No matter the test of time

Two hands of two hearts

Still together as one.


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Our vibrance
Our universe is full of waves of energy. And all life is a dance of energy in varied forms .
In the subatomic level all is vibrational and moving .We are all pulsating oceans of energy fields. This very waves of energy is what makes us unique as we are in ourselves and in the way we move and interact with one another.


On Laughter

Do you know…

How beautiful is your face

When you smile…

How happy is your heart

When you laugh…

The Journey of life

Often challenges you

Where your smile is forgotten.

All you need then is to be

A little easy on yourself

And begin take life lightly

Take yourself a little less seriously.

For all you know

Chances are you will get over the grim moments

For change is the only constant .

All is meant to be just fine…

Just care to smile and laugh a little more

And find yourself

Living life lovingly!



My book

Have finally embarked on my journey to publish some of my writings in a book.

Hoping to publish a book of my poems soon.

Would you, my readers be kind enough to share your thoughts on my writings, it would be truly helpful.

Savvy Raj


Life in the living

Aim to give selflessly

Whenever you receive goodness in words and deeds
Ensure you give back generously…

Acknowledge the good celebrate it

And reflect the rays of kindness
That way the sun beams never turn harsh
And the heart always feels light .


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Life is now

Memories are experiences

With emotions attached

Taking you on a journey

To the depths of feelings

Acknowledge memories

Avoid staying in it too long

For the future is awaiting

And the present is in the making…

Be mindful of being in the present

Life is in the now!


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Photo of the day!

My photo of the day! Blooming in my terrace garden…
Roses have a beauty of their own
Colours contrasting with the green leaves
They blossom and capture hearts
Arrestingly captivating
To look at , enticingly fragrant
So delicate and fragile
But in all their vulnerability
Their charm flows in abundance
Always a sight to behold
Amazingly significant
For a Life so short lived!
Such is the wonder of life and living!
Amazing nature! Amazing beauty!
Teaching us it is not the length of time we live , but in how best we can live the time we have!

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Spreading Love

For love is power

That completes itself .

Spreading joy and healing

In circles of awareness

That transmute the soul

To recognise the heart of the soul!