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The Young Ones

A Motivational message

To the Young Ones

In your 20s

Life is about to bloom for you
Youth is on your side today
If your goal is to make a difference
Know your road is a long one.

Just a word of caution in care
With thoughts from down the road
Every moment has potential
With possibilities unlimited.

Life is both beautiful and uncertain
It can summon the very best in you
It can challenge your deepest reserve
To stay on course, needs your sensibility.

Be brave for the strongest can tremble
Be stable for the steadiest can tumble
Be humble for pride never wins
Be mindful of the now and tread with care.

Many a person will sing your praises
There will many paths open to explore
There will be many discoveries awaiting
Succumb not to temptation of aiming small.

Choose to think expansive and yet focus
Every thing is on a fine thread of balance.
As you make your choices
You shift and alter your paths ahead.

Sharing a beautiful song by Cliff Richard The Young Ones

So many…

Mountains to climb and achieve
Oceans to cross and discover
Pathways to create your imprints
All this and so much more….

Intentions to manifest and more
Journey to make and understand
Life is just starting for you
Miles to go before you Settle!

Life is what you make of it
Success is in how you see it
Love is how you feel within
Laugh a lot! Live Life Lovingly!

Yes dreams do come alive
Stars will twinkle & sparkle on
Trust your path is in the making
All it needs is you!

God bless you.



Spaces between…

As the spider weaves its web…

It leaves us in awe of its perfection. Spacing between the webstrings
Interweaved in the intersections.

Speaks to us to understand
The spaces between our steps.
For those gaps in between
Holds us in place, as we are.

Lessons from nature,
Resonate now, more than ever
To value the spaces and pauses
To balance our very life and living.


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On Appreciation & Criticism

Appreciation vs Criticism

A lot happens in appreciation
And a lot is lost in criticism

We are social beings who are motivated through support and value.
Whenever there is effort, if it is noticed and nurtured it finds direction to be productive.
But if it is met with unfairness, criticism, hostility or lack of interest, disregard or disrespect it undermines the ability of the workflow or thought flow itself.

Effects on Creativity

Although Creativity needs encouragement and blooms in appreciation, yet in extreme circumstances, creativity manifests to become an act of expression and freedom of the being.

Creativity may be boosted by a shot of oxygen in appreciation. Like appreciation is supportive and encouraging, Critical analysis and feedback rather than criticism can be valuable fodder for creativity. Yet creativity becomes a let out in dire circumstances.

If something is meant to flow it will find it’s way to assert itself.

Value of Appreciation

Yet in the growing years especially, appreciation is an evolved method of correction. When children are young and they sense encouragement from parents they learn, they are supported and go on to achieve a great many things, as the parents become the wind beneath their wings.

When Appreciation is one-sided…

But as children grow up, they sometimes are so caught up in the competitive environment, not to mention the charm and complexity of a technology-driven world, that they hardly have time to take note or care of aging parents who may not have their speed and abilities anymore.

Appreciation matters for all.

Elders need patience, support & care to get by more than ever before without criticism. At this juncture of life, reality bites hard! In this phase, things are not the same, often there is dependence & helplessness. anger and irritation not to mention frustration and fear of coping alone. Age is not on their side and human frailties and aging tests even the most resilient. It’s an uphill road and the climb only gets steeper for life has changed course.

Suddenly time flies and it’s another phase of life, what was once easy to do like getting up and walking becomes the most difficult task to do.
In such times of difficulties, all the heart yearns for is a little bit of love and care.

The paradox of the Heart & Brain

The heart is ever-loving, young & hopeful and appreciative
It never ages as it keeps beating.
The brain is however twisted & contrived and critical.

It deciphers the pattern playing
It knows only too well
Everyone has their turn
For life comes a full circle!



When Competency alone is not enough!

In the service industry handling customer service requests there is truly never a dull moment. With a mixed bag of complaints and accomplishments, every day brings new challenges and cheer.

The joy of helping someone at another end the best possible way and working to ease the process is a great motivator. However, the flip side is the unexpected escalations that can derail even the most balanced performers.

Unhappy customers can be irritated bothersome indifferent downright rude, insulting begin name-calling, and can threaten as well. It certainly takes a great amount of emotional intelligence to know it’s not about you and not internalize it and work out an amicable solution.

In our busy life and living, every work problem is measured by the ability to find solutions. Technology is driven into the equation, research analytics and statistical data crunching become the fulcrum of deductions & resolutions.
Yet somewhere there exists a gap which we miss out often.

We forget that the problems we are finding resolutions for are customers who are unique Each with different needs and expectations. Simply put technical knowledge and expertise cannot create a successful business model that can be sustained.
We need to be able to recognize and identify the people who have the ability to bridge the gaps for seamless and effective process delivery.

Take for instance a service-oriented company that must never undermine the importance of great customer service strategy. So hiring the right people for the job with the requisite skills is necessary. But even more so is training them to be able to bring their authentic voice to create a great customer experience in every call. This can change the way customers perceive the company’s products and services as well.
Although it must be added that such an approach must be consistent across all levels of interaction with the company.

Art of turning down what you cannot fulfill.

There is a profound saying ” Don’t bite more than you chew”

Valuable learning to be applied from here is never over-commit and then fail to fulfill it. In the service industry, there are situations where a request from a customer cannot be fulfilled for whatsoever reason and must be turned down. It is of utmost importance to be able to say no, but also suggest alternatives with empathy and consideration of the difficulty faced by the customer and acknowledge without over-commitment on what cannot be fulfilled.

In customer service like in life, our knowledge alone is never enough. What is important is what we do with it and how we show we care that makes the job well done.



WFH -The Global Shift

This Global Shift to Work From Home was meant to happen. The lockdown just hastened the process. With more and more work being computer-driven the approach to online meetings finding acceptance the shift was inevitable.

With increasing traffic and the associated fatigue, the rising costs of real estate, infrastructure, and equipment to maintain and sustain a physical office environment the Work From Home seems to be a more suitable effective and efficient alternative in the current scenario.

However, this will soon gain greater acceptance as employers will find although there are challenges people actually can be productive from wherever they are. And there are ways and tools as well to ensure it. So much system integration and analytics only show how it can turn the majority into adopting this method of employment. Unnecessary travel time and cost are saved, the energy can be utilized with resourcefulness.

Virtual meetings are adaptable and can even be recorded and replayed. So training modules can be conducted once and replayed.
As change is the need of the hour a series of altering and shifting of perspectives will be taking place simultaneously. In such difficult situations, we need to learn to be pliant to what’s required. Learning to be more collaborative cooperative and supportive to make the purpose worthwhile.

Virtual Work is the Future.

While this is an advantage for employees to be flexible with timing with greater time at disposal by cutting travel times and the need to get ready etc. It is also a possibility of radical shifts for Future entrepreneurs will have to learn from this experience and weigh the pros and cons carefully and cut unnecessary costs to be resourceful productive.

As for employees though the multidimensional dynamics of social interaction and sense of community in a physical office is lost, an online conversation is replete with its own tools to circumvent this.

However, with no face to face physical interaction, lesser office politics, and no watercooler gossips, it could certainly reduce the waste of unnecessary time and lead to greater efficiency.

Already with the drastic changes in the world economy and the predictions for challenging times ahead, it is time to find ways to reduce costs and increase online engagement which is already offering an array of productive resources and end to end collaborations that can change the way we work. It’s time to rethink and reinvent the way we work!



You Matter.

Are you too empathetic for your own good?
Are you putting yourself in others shoes so much that you disregard yourself?

Are you neglecting your own self for others’ needs?
Are you having shoulder stress and general fatigue?

Are you feeling worn out often and yet get dressed and show up?

Are you feeling you are giving more than you have…in words and deeds?

Maybe you are overstretching in the giving.
Remember you need to reach out but only until you are able to keep your own self in balance.
Otherwise, you will soon feel you have nothing left to give.

Are you unable to sleep well?
You toss and turn all through the night.
Are you are so tired that you are constantly down and have chronic pain?
Are you overpressured?
You feel responsible for others’ problems.

Time to check your own state of being.
It is quite possible …
Maybe you are being over accountable.
Maybe you are over accommodating.

Many of us may identify with some of these sensations. I have also born the brunt of being in the state, with my health affected, in spite of being aware, thinking it will self heal in time.

The truth is many us may even know we are in such situations that are exhausting our reserves and yet at times may be unable to take drastic measures to prevent them. Knowing is not enough! It is necessary to take a step to change.

The trick is to understand the circumstances that we are feeling overwhelmed by and choose to target our changes realistically.

To each, the problem presents itself uniquely! For some, it may be relationships and family or careers. For others, it may be a personal affliction or tendency to multitask beyond themselves or even battling over perfectionism.

Whatever the reason the sooner you realize that it is detrimental for your health and understand you need to implement lifestyle changes the better it will be.

Often in our efforts to be the best version of ourselves, we may go into a mode of putting ourselves into more than we can handle. Our mind body and spirit also need rest and recovery from the daily stressors that life doles out to us all.

We can learn from nature

Everything is best in balance.


Each of us may have different coping strategies to overcome the challenges but the problem is our purpose of being is so passionately driven and in the determined perseverance of what we choose to accomplish and achieve in our lifetime we often fail to recognize the state of our own lives until it feels too overwhelming.

Until the lack of sleep creates discomfort and disorders eventually leading to inflammations and diseases in the body and mind. We are guilty of undermining ourselves. We need to remember our sole responsibility as adults rest with us and we need to adhere to our health needs. After all, it is the only body we have. The importance of a healthy body and mind cannot be stressed enough.

Things every one of us can easily implement include :

  • Optimize food: Check your health and improve your food habits
  • Avoid self-victimization: Choose to not feel overtly responsible for all.
  • Plan your day: Prioritize tasks Schedule a personal time as often as you feel necessary. And value it.
  • Avoid procrastination: Recognize your symptoms and take action.
  • Sleep well. Remember you matter and health comes first. Only if you are healthy can you do anything else?
  • Do what you love and you will love what you do.
  • Most of all choose to Live life lovingly!



Take a moment

Take a moment and answer to yourself these 10 questions that will work as a gentle reminder towards developing Self awareness.

10 Questions in Self Awareness

1.What are my thoughts focusing on this now?
2.What am I cultivating in this now?
3.What am I creating today?
4.What am I inviting myself?
5.What am I holding on to?
6.What am I letting go of?
7.What are my needs?
8.What are my wants?
9.What am I grateful for?
10.What is my learning today?

Choose to be honest with your answers as you pause to understand and you will find guidance in Balancing Your Life In Every Now.