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Live Life Lovingly!

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Wisdom of life & living

Grateful  for a powerful caption that caught my eye

Don’t bite more than you can chew.’

Denotes the wisdom of  moderation in life and living. To know a cut off point
Is to know where to draw the line between  exhaustion  and excitement.

Simply taking on more work or responsibility  or trying  to multitasking beyond  your abilities and capacities is self defeating.
So only commit to what you truly can deliver .
Not less not more.
So grateful to have read this many years ago. It struck a deep chord in me and must say I  have been trying consistently to  practice this advice in lifeand living.

Happy to share this simple yet profoundly impactful learning.


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Gifts of Nature

Fruits and vegetables support existence . So important to cultivate gratitude for every bit that comes one’s way.

A gift of nature that was awaiting me at dawn from my terrace garden.

Gratitude and thankfulness to the fresh fruits and vegetables in nature🙏


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Your choice!

Our humanity is within us awaiting expression.

Every one of us has the choice to be humane.

“Sometimes we’re fractured by the choices we make; sometimes we’re shattered by things we would never have chosen. But our brokenness is also the source of our common humanity, the basis for our shared search for comfort, meaning, and healing. Our shared vulnerability and imperfection nurtures and sustains our capacity for compassion.”
— Bryan Stevenson

There is something touchingly tender in every instance of humanity in action be it in thoughts words or deeds.

Our humanity makes us touch the true purpose of our being alive .

Wouldn’t you think so?



On Self care

Your body mind and spirit
When in harmony
Makes life and living easy…

How you see yourself
What you feed yourself
The way you treat yourself
The way you think
Life becomes it.

Be kind with yourself as much with others
Practice self care and compassion
Self care isn’t selfish

Exercise consistently
Think well
Stay strong
Eat healthy
Practice Hygiene
Make friends
Nurture connections.
Sleep well
Take care to relax
Enjoy the journey
Live life lovingly !



Light & Dark

Darkness is a great opportunity to discover the divine face of the light!’

I like the positivity in this quote by Mehmat Murat Ildan the Turkish novelist 

Acknowledging the shadow behind the light  is understanding the duality of creation and valuing the  balance and harmony  in every moment .



Art of Dance

To dance is to honour your body in every move

To dance is to sense the freedom of the spirit

To dance is to tune in to every moment

To dance is to breathe in the wisdom of the creative spirit.


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Blending in…

Blending in
If you visit a new place as a tourist
Would you prefer to blend in
Such that you are almost  invisible…
Or would you be someone
Who would  prefer  to be noticed,
For your differences
And draw attention of others

Being able to blend in can often be a blessing in disguise.
As you look like you have been there and are aware of their ways of life.
You don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
Or behave as if you are out of place.
You tend to draw less attention  perhaps, but there in is your safety in new locales.
You are adaptable and accepting of  the new culture.
For some  it’s really  easy
For some  it’s truly difficult
For they are by nature noticeable
Whether they like it or not!

What is your take on this…
Have you ever tried to blend in or stand out from the crowd

How has your experiences of  traveling been so far  ? Do share.



The Path of Light

Artwork  Title:  ‘Towards Light’by Savvy Raj

Peace cometh from light

Boundless and infinite
When it shines from the heart
In every aspiration to breathe
In every inspiration to bow in the benediction of the spirit

Transmute to transcend towards light
Let go of propensities of pettiness
Envelope and embrace this aura so bright
Let the wisdom of light be always in conscious awareness.

And simply remember the light of the suns ray
Will always show the way.

Let us all envelop ourselves with the light of a new dawn   and feel the light  that envelopes and embraces the world  in trust &hope, in peace & faith for a better tommorow for us all.

Happy Diwali  to all my readers!

Savvy Raj 


Small Steps

Every little step in time matters.

A little step every time

Takes you closer to your goal

Without much of a challenge

Whereas more the distance

Between two steps

More the need for motivation

For continuous progress

In the case of little steps

There is always a little progress

In every small step forward.

You are steps ahead in time

In consistent balance.

Small steps together

Can make a big difference

In the sensing of success.


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A fine balance

When progress is a possibility
Perfection is a fleeting moment.
An idealistic illusion perhaps of what’s in the offing.
There is always scope for more
For no one can be perfect all the time and in everything.
Growth is about progress, not perfection.
As perfection is constricting,
Whereas progress is liberating.
Perfection may be sensed and applauded every once in a while.
But it is progress which gives a confidence through continuous improvement.

True sense of balance is achieved.
In aiming for perfection, but in realizing it is an unending journey of progress.
In knowing while there is always more without discounting achievements.

Perfection of any kind is like the tight rope walking performer
The mere fraction of second when moments seem perfectly orchestrated with no lose of Balance
Glimpses of perfection are points of motivation
And progress is about a never-ending journey of improvements
For life goes on…



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Living or just existing…

It’s never just about existence
There is always more
To life and living.

Something  in the offing
Something  in the sensing
Something  that’s not yet palpable

To think we exist for ourselves
Is to have never existed to all
Forget about living life.
We thrive most
When we help each other thrive
That way we sustain  our thriving

Life is meant to be lived & loved
For all that matters in the end is
Have we lived or just existed?



Self Management

10 Life Skills that you need to master.

1. Managing Changes

Change management is an important component of life skills. Often loneliness is felt at different phases of life
Overcome the fear of being alone. Life teaches many challenging lessons. But most of all know that nothing is permanent Change is the order of nature And if you ever find yourself at crossroads feeling deserted lonely or lost without any loved one , fear not, as there are many who may be feeling so amidst company.
Develop hobbies and a sense of purpose that you are passionate about. And you will never feel alone a single moment in your life .

2 Art of patience:
Everything has a time and reason. Like nature teaches us time and time again, nothing can be hurried without a repercussion. And all comes in course of time.

Cultivating Patience is the key to mastering burden of procarasitation by others.

3 Letting go . Let past go and do not dwell on it. Work to balance the holding back & the letting go with discretion and discernment.

4 Managing Expectations
The world does not owe you anything infact you owe it much.Managing people’s expectations  and your own  requires some clear boundary setting by you for your own sanity. Dont expect immediate results and ease up to master expectations.

5 People Management

All cannot be pleased by you and neither should you try pleasing all. Managing Self involves learning to say no when you feel it deeply. You cannot live a life pleasing others . Putting your health and self care on priority is a duty to the life within you. You have every right to be happy and healthy. Self care is never a selfish act.

6 Self Control & Self Discipline

Both help and aid you to progress towards Self control than to control all around you. You may not be able to control everything and every one’s behavior. But remember you are completely in charge of your own behavior.

7 Empathy :

Empathise with your problems but there is no need to over sympathize and feel sorry for your yourself. Accept that you may have emotionally weak moments which may drain you but know it moves on. So you dont need to stay there in your thoughts hurting yourself.
You may feel and go through bouts of tears envy anger jealousy and they can be at times to heal you through or counter productive for you depending on the intensity but these self pitying moments in your thoughts come as you are only human, but you have free will and intention on your side and it is duty and right, for you owe to yourself to let these go as they came and not drown yourself with these thoughts. So pull out yourself out of the down spiralling thought road.

8 Responsibility :

Being responsible includes making an effort to finish work entrusted in a timely manner as well as in an efficient manner. Strive to improve your potential. Know where, why, when, how and for what to use your own personal energy and strengthen yourself engaging and involving in worthwhile company and causes.

9 Moderation :

Moderation in behaviour
Your thoughts result in actions
Strive to cultivate a balanced approach in extreme circumstances which may seem truly challenging.
Express your opinions tactfully address the situation mindfully & he(artfully) as you integrate the wisdom of the heart and mind conciousness.

10 Resilience

Life is different for each of us. So move ahead knowing that every day challenges come for a reason that is best not revealed now . Have faith hope belief and trust in your being. There is always a reason why things happen the way they do . Do not give up hope in your failures as they are harbringers of hope and wisdom to create a more evolved you.

Remember every failure is a step to chisel and sculpt away to a better you.And most of all make your life worth living.


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On Silence

Silence reveals the truths in time
Silence speaks volumes  without  a word
Silence is the recovery  period between two breaths
Silence dwells in every moment waiting for acknowledgement.
Silence ensures the moments of  discernment when emotions rule.
Silence hears the unspoken  words and feels the unexpressed thoughts.
Silence hones the wisdom within
Respect the freedom of silence as much as the freedom for expression.



Life lessons

Sharing nuggets of wisdom by my mother

If we walk on a thorn slipper , however soft the pathway be, we will be in pain. Neither we nor the path or surroundings , only the thorns are the reason for our pain which do not let us enjoy the other beauties of journey.

The negativity in our mind are like thorny slippers. If we have negativity in our mind , whatever be the situation, the accumulated negativity will not let us enjoy & will make our life miserable for both us & others surrounding us.

Our mind has a habit of searching and storing such negativities, making a strong imprint in the brain. To come out of it is entirely on individual’s efforts .
Our thorny thoughts & the chain of memories it brings along has to be cut off by our intentional effort to remember the pleasant & positive thoughts that gives us joy.

Momentary change is also the capability of the mind if we intend.
After all everything is transient in this life. Pleasure or pain, how long it will last is not in our hands. But the effort to make each moment happy is something we can try.

Spoken words and harsh actions cannot be taken back. We have to be careful with the words we utter. Do not get carried away by the momentary emotion which will make us regret later.

Peace is what everyone seeks.
Sound will not come with one hand. No one is without fault. The sadness is everyone of us thinks we are perfect and others are faulty. There lies the problem.

Another way is putting ourselves in other’s places & think what I would have done in such situation. May be we may have behaved worst.

Letting go of the past should be a continuous process. If we want peace, mere knowledge is not enough, consistent practice is necessary.

If our vision is not clear the fault is not in the eyes or the visuals. Just cleaning the accumulated dirt on the glass will make everything clear. Start cleaning the tarnished memories.

Remove the spiky slippers, cut off the horns , fangs and claws that troubles you . Bring out the positivity and the goodness in you.

No one to be blamed. Destiny sometimes puts us in hard situations without our faults. But That too will pass in its own time.

Patience & faith are the need of the hour. Compassion & kindness we give ,will come back to us when we need them.

Remember the saying. Happiness is as inside job.

Live happily & peacefully.
Have a blessed life.


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Memorable reads

Some times as you read you pause in reflection, to ponder over the memories and to sense the meaning just one more time …

Here is one such read …

There are perhaps no days of our childhood that we lived as fully as the days we think we left behind without living at all: the days we spent with a favourite book. Everything that filled others’ days, so it seems, but that we avoided as vulgar impediments to a sacred pleasure — the game for whose sake a friend came looking for us right at the most interesting paragraph; the bothersome bee or sunbeam that forced us to look up from the book, or change position; the treats we had been forced to bring along but that we left untouched on the bench next to us while above our head the sun grew weaker in the blue sky; the dinner we had to go home for, during which we had no thought except to escape upstairs and finish, as soon as we were done, the interrupted chapter — our reading should have kept us from perceiving all that as anything other than obtrusive demands, but on the contrary, it has graven into us such happy memories of these things (memories much more valuable to us now than what we were reading with such passion at the time) that if, today, we happen to leaf through the pages of these books of the past, it is only because they are the sole calendars we have left of those bygone days, and we turn their pages in the hope of seeing reflected there the houses and lakes which are no more.


Our readings leave an imprint in our souls… and how.

There are indelible and enduring marks on our mind and emotions.