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Live Life Lovingly!

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Walk in light

Why walk in shadows of dark
When light  is just around the bend.

Walk in light
If you can’t see the light
Find the light in you.

Trust your inner light to show you the way.
Love the light that you actually are!



Imprints of kindness

On Kindness
Kindle the kindness
It’s the springwell of love
For love is limitless
Kindness generates
Heartfelt abundance
From one to another
Creating magic in action
Be it in words thoughts or deeds.

That best portion of a man’s life, his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.
William Wordsworth

Leave imprints in kindness

Every word you say

Every where you go

Every act you do in kindness

Every tree you plant

Makes a difference

For it is busy saving the world.

Be kind stay kind

It’s possible.



What’s louder than words?

This world…
Needs no pity
That feels sorry
Nor sympathy
That feels pain.
For feeling sorry
Or sensing pain
Will not solve
The issues at hand.

What one life truly needs from another…
Is empathy
To understand and relate with one another.
And compassion
That cares to help heal.

Whenever wherever
the dialogue changes
From I feel sorry,
To I will help you
Because I care…
The world will be a better place.

For action speaks louder than words.



All at the right time.

There is a time and reason for every season
For if all the seasons manifested together
There would be calamity.

There is always a reason to things
To questions and answers

If every lifes purpose asserted itself in this now.
There would be no tommorow…
Life is meant to go on
To live and learn
To explore and discover
To hope and await
To look forward to…

So acknowledge the learnings that happen
In a lifetime…
All at the right time.


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On Respect

What is respect?

Respect is an understanding
Of another life right to be.
To express and be acknowledged.
Respect is deeply entwined in true humility .
To be humble enough to accept that there is always  something more to learn.
To explore, know & acknowledge.

In my stints, as a Consultant & Mentor I have been privy to many interviews  for Senior  leadership positions  I have noticed often enough  that the decline of respect is directly proportional to higher job titles. And  so is incline for the need for self respect.
Let me explain, in the years of experience garnered over the years often there an increase in self – confidence  so much so that the need to be seen as important takes over in conversations. 

I witnessed an interview to hire a VP Human Resources  by the CEO. The candidate was a lady in her 40s and the CEO interviewing her in his fifties. Age apart the interview  exchange veered in the direction  of Corporate Culture. In  her steering the  communication  in the direction of her  association  with brands and people, throwing out top industry names than her personal achievements,  she also began  calling the CEO by name , without checking if it was fine by him.
The fact was 250 employees  of the company used to greet & address him respectfully  and here this candidate, choose to address him directly  by first name without a proper professional salutation ahead of the name.

While it was fine as she didn’t know anything about the culture of the company, it was a sign of lack of acknowledgement by the candidate of the cultural hierarchies  and shows  the  inflexibility and rigidity  to align with others.  A sign of ego and need for value for self  but lack of empathy  for another.

So inspite of the candidate  ticking  other boxes on the requirements  list she was rejected.
Don’t get me wrong it was not because  she did not care for professional  salutations  but more importantly  because  it was a sign of defiance to protocol and  authority.

A team needs one leader and like too many cooks spoil the broth, too many non compliant leaders will wreck havoc in any organisation.
For work is worship as the saying goes…and the
ability to respect the work one does and the workplace that accepts us, becomes  paramount in the scheme  of best work practices.

For even if the  candidate  had been onboarded the team would eventually sense a lack of cultural fitment in her soon . So no matter the degrees the education  in reputed universities, the travel abroad and working in MNCs  a simple life’skill of giving due respect  wherever necessary is a valuable skill.  For no ones loses anything  by it . Actually respect given, is trust gained.

After all every part of the world has its unique culture practices, it would be good to be safe than sorry by treading with care & respect and acknowledge differences.

After all respect is not taking another for granted.


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We are what we believe ourselves to be

Our perceptions make all the difference

To become what you begin to understand.

In the sands of time…

We are ours perceptions,

Illusive yet mattering in existence.

As life and living.

We are reflections in the illusions

As much as illusions in the reflections.


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Cups of time


If every hour were to be a cup

That would hold what you pour

What what you pour into the cup?

If every cup were to be

As they are meant to be,

Which cups would be full?

And which stark empty?


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Life strings

We are strings of matter
Asserting ourselves in the giant spindle of time.

A string
Is meant to connect
It is also to be a bridge of bonding
Like a string of pearls
To string is to align with a purpose.

We are divinely connected in the subtler realms
To the infinite strings of matter.

Yet in the physical realm
We hold the strings to many
We pull these strings at times too lightly or forcefully
And what was meant to be for alignment ,  instead creates imbalances.

The strings we hold or latch onto
The strings that are passed into our hands
And the strings we want to control
All have a deep significance to the way we  were are,  we are and what our future will be…

Care to acknowledge our stringed existence in the interconnects.
Aspire to untangle the threads yet value the rootedness therein.

Aim to reach beyond the shackles of being
Unlearn to learn
Reach beyond knowing.

Life heals as its aligns and manifests the truth of its own potential.


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Power of Water

Power of Water
Gentle yet forceful
Soft yet unstoppable
Focused no matter the fluidity
Carving streams eroding rocks
Strengthened in adaptability
Transformative in the flow.
Harness the power of the flow




Good thoughts

Good deeds

Make life beautiful!

Value the life in you

To care enough

And take care…

Then You are enough for you.



The Gift

The Gift

We have a gift within each of us.

The gift of life!
It’s ours to take care.
We have another gift in and around us.
It’s in which we are.
The gift of this world!
It’s a gift we have for a while with us.
So that we can pass it on, to our children.
Let’s value the gifts we have.
Let’s remember to sense its preciousness.
Let’s never take it for granted.

For without it nothing is.

Savvy Raj


We are…

We are

Sprinkling of star dust

Sparkling from we are

We are meant to shine our light

In this beautiful world

For we are made of stars!


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Be you

There is great power

In being yourself

You will know

You are enough

To be all that you are

Be you

That’s what u are meant to be

When you arrive at being comfortable being yourself,and in front of others, your gifts will shine through and you will make a positive impact on this world.

All it takes is being the authentic you!


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Healing is in letting go

On Letting go

If you are feeling upset

Let time pass

Hurts will heal again

If you are angry

Let there be pauses

Anger will recede in the silence

If you are defeated

Let yourself know

That the world is a circle

The night breaks into a new dawn

With promises of a blessed new day!

So stay patient in perseverance

And know every phase has a reason to be

Learn to forgive and let go

And as all is meant to be well once again.

Writing is often a very cathartic experience.

Sometimes people unknowningly say things that hurt or upset another.

Today was one of those days. I chanced upon one of my old poems on letting go in forgiveness and it made much sense. I was able to move beyond simply by acknowledging the truth in those verses.

I simply had to share…


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A great share to remind yourself to check your current state of being. .

If only happiness can be summed up…

How easy it would seem!

But happiness can be elusive

When summoned it is often fleeting

But being able to take stock of your being

Will keep you aware

Of how much happiness is an inside job…