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This beautiful photograph of the Jacaranda Tree is a sight to behold . I have always liked to see  pictures of these  purple and  pink  and lavender blue trees .

But this particular picture … it was pure fascination!

Could I write verses on it…. perhaps! Cos it feels like serenedipity everytime I see it. There is so much pleasantness in that picture for me … I am guessing I am simply partial to all those hues and tones right there juxtaposed so delightfully. Quite like the essence of a prolific poem understated and unassuming.

Yet poetry is not on my mind today…

In fact what I am drawn to here is the delicate draw of balance of colour and composition. The brilliant blues of the sky entices the viewer as much  the hints of hues of greens  and pink just about show up  ever so delicately amidst the starkness of the stems from  betwixst and between the branches of this bewitching tree.

And thats not all … there is so much more to that tree and this photograph is just a hint of whats in the offing….

There is certain sense of ambiguity  yet an attribution of knowing there is much much more beyond the visible.

In fact when you actually see, it is the beauty of the skylight seen through the canopy of pink flowers amidst those branches all captured in that one enthralling moment.

And like  nothings is ever permanent  and perfect,  there always comes the scope of change even in so much balance in that stillness of the movement so precariously precise in the picture.


The trick is to be aware of balance

Appreciate the now for what it is

It offers much if you choose to see.

So perfect in its imperfections

A sense of the almost ethreal…



Here are a few facts on Jacaranda Tree.

The Jacaranda flowers are known to flutter down continously from the tree.The trees are native to South and Central America  and now are also seen in many tropical areas of the world.

Pretoria in South Africa is known to be The Jacaranda City for the huge number the these trees planted in parks steets and gardens.So much so that when seen from the nearby hills the city is known  to appears blue/purple in colour.

The word Jacaranda means fragrant in a South American dialect and depending on their species  they have blue to white to  lavender pink to purple shades of flowers. They are known to grow as tall as 20 to 30 metres in height in their lifetime which can span  from 50 toover 70 years or so.

And because of that one picture I choose to look up and discover these tidbits … .Do share if you find some more about this tree.

Savvy Raj










 Musings On Peace 

 Today I am glad to share my reflections on Peace  coupled with my mothers musings on Peace and expectations…

Already a lot has been said and written about this. So that many experts in different fields have shown so many ways to attain peace.

Peace- the ultimate human need even after reaching peaks of success in their fields.  It eludes even the so called achieved souls.

Men have various desires and find various ways to fulfill them. Need for wealth, health, love,  knowledge, family , status, fame, power, comforts… the list goes on.   To achieve them they go through various states  of hardships and  emotional turbulence . Perseverance, hardwork, focus and luck help them to achieve their goals.  But after attaining all these are they peaceful ?  

 Unfortunately the more one gains, the greater is the loss of inner peace. Loads of pressure weighs  us down . 

 The need for more never get satiated. Contentment is always on the other side of the river. Because our expectation  keeps on  increasing. From childhood  one has to live to the expectations of people surrounding them and in the process start expecting the same from all around them.

Whichever field  or whatever state, there is always expectations. Family, friend, society, teachers, work place,  children, lifestyle, appearance , behaviour fit to their age and status… Again it is endless. Peace still eludes . 

Like  the most difficult puzzles have very simple solutions, life problems also can be simplified. Just stop expecting from others or living to other’s expectations. 

One word mantra to peace 

Live , let live. Stop expecting.

Be yourself , let others be themselves. Never shy away or ignore social  responsibilities or inner values. Do without expectations.If every one adhers to this,’Peace’ will befriend the surrounding.


Do one’s duty, Be grateful , 

Be understanding. 

Be selfless – all without expectaions. 

With whomever  or wherever one be,  adopt and adjust without expectation , happiness and peace will follow.


Living in this now is a sustaining yet exacting task and as every moment presents itself uniquely there is no game plan other than living in it, being at peace,sensing peace and spreading peace in every now as life plays on …So own up to your share of peace.



On Truth 

​In a world where the lines get blurred

To chalk out the differences

Of what constitutes real and virtual world

Our projections become our ultimate truth

Our truth become a pawn in the hands

Of those adept at carving out…

A world of make believe!
All… a matter of optical illusions

And to sift the truth from the facades

Is it  mockery of  minds

And the intelligence of senses

Such is the state of affairs

The games people play

Churns out the insides

Like an avalanche on its way.


With  widespread body of lies

And failings everywhere

Truth takes beating

From one and all

In the circle of life and living.
And then…

When truth dares

To be voiced out

The hearts that dare

Know the consequence

Yet they brave out

Unperturbed by naysayers

And the wrongdoers

For truth adheres to itself

Like no other steadfast

It stands on its own support


And in all fairness truth

Journeys on through time

Awaiting patiently,

hesitating  perhaps awhile

& finally emboldening itself

To open up fair & square

And thus evolving along

Through the winding paths

Of the many states of truth.

Savvy Raj

This poem is a dedication to all things forthright and in respect for all those who speak their mind & who stay true to their hearts in words and deeds. For truth prevails… ultimately!  



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On Philosophy & Science

Philosophy speaks from the core of consciousness of life, with a penchant for understanding the wisdom of being. And natural science was simply born of a philosophy that speaks of predictions and evidence. Of reasons and proofs. But science is limited as scientific reasoning cannot justify all the knowing in the sensing, and in the intuitivity.

One is a a matter of sensing and knowing
Another a matter of proof of the existing.

I believe there is much to draw and understand for both from each other as both are integral to opening the doors of awareness in receptivity with respect in the strength of their interconnects. 

Savvy Raj 




The lady on the tree

In that center of placid calm stands an angel of hope and resilience

She has birds of hope surrounding her haloed presence

Be like the lady on the tree

In the stillness of the water…sensing your spirit feel so free

Climb the tree in the serenity of the calm and unwind

Bring composure to the cursory mind

Move away from the mundane

And feel more humane.

See the birds dancing by your side

Singing their sweet song of hope that will always reside !

Tread gently and softly move

In your journey as you find your groove

Climb that tree and rest awhile

Witness the water silently settle…

Renew your spirit and discover your mettle

Delve in the solitude seeking the clarity in the calmth  unbound

As in still waters… runs deep, the wisdom profound

Savvy Raj


There is a kind of hush

There is a kind of hush…

up in the mystical mountains nestled in the green lush

A fairy tale like feeling in this enticing place somewhere

An idyllic haven of blues and greens in the middle of nowhere

Speaks softly to that place in the heart that I treasure

It is abound with bliss and bounties of nature

Crystal clear waters reflecting the canopy of green

The falling leaves witness to this mystical scene

Glowing in the gilded light from above

Could only come from a place of true love

enveloped in a kind of magic that fills the air

Captivating and conjuring, beauty beyond compare

A view like this and I just had to share…

Savvy Raj

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A memorable evening in Greece


Cheers to life and living 💙


A memorable evening in Athens…

In that beautiful city

We met and bonded

Three women total strangers

From three different lands

From across the world

Carrying a common love

For dance in our hearts.

Connecting and conversing

Merging and blending

The interesting cultures

Of our roots, as we raised

A toast of good health and cheer

With simple good old water 💙

A memorable Congress indeed!

Savvy  Raj



The picture above  holds a special place in my heart. Taken in the lovely city of Athens Greece during the World Congress of Dance Research held there. A common passion for dancing brought us together that memorable evening.

Over the years we may have gone on with our lives in different zones of space and time…but am pretty sure, whenever we lay our eyes on this picture, it is sure to make us three smile with all our hearts remembering this lovely evening back then.😊

Cheers to life and living.











On Consciousness

Bridging the gaps in learning and knowing

Sensing the arising patterns of thoughts

Acknowledging the patterns of  reflections

Accepting the spaces in between as it is

Arises a consciousnes of being

In the path of ascensions of dimensions

Consciousness is dynamic state of being

Shifting of energies altering matter

There is much movement in the stillness

And stillness in the movements

The tides of consciousness

Keep on sifting  and sieving

Challenging the being

In every level of awareness

To reach a state of steadfast purpose

Of  understanding beyond the horizons

The Infinite as a potential of all possibilities.





On Oneness


We are specks in the ocean of cosmic energy

Breathing thinking beings, learning and living

So very vulnerable, yet so resilient

Searching ways of surviving the odds

To securing a purpose to live our life.

Strengthened by experiences of living

Our nature endows hope in the being.

And in being alive to this very now…

We are connected, in the ocean of oneness.






On Love

As love conquers you it blesses you in the knowing.

Make not a mockery of love

Serenade love and allow it to speak truth.

Love surfaces from the depth of emotions

To mend you and this world to a better place.






Practising quietude to listen is about stilling the restless spirit.

Quietude is about respecting the strength of subtlety.

Quietude is valuing the grace of dignity of consciousness.

Quietude is an opportunity to hone awareness of subtle consciousness…

For in listening beyond all the noise

The core of our consciousness awakens

and finds its own voice.

To express and acknowledge the learnings

in the essence of  silence.

Savvy Raj




Manifesting Creativity

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Silence dwells in the spaces between the steps to access whenever.

 Silence leads and the path appears.
Trust the lessons learned in silence.  

Savvy Raj 


Choose well…


Beyond Passion 


Beyond passion is a light,
Of  love and dedication.
Make that light lead the way,
Move beyond the pursuit of passion.

As passion can be blinding,
Create rifts and indifference.
Arise from love and light,
Allow yourself to be lead in love.

 In each tomorrow care to lovingly envision      Let yourself commune with light, give a way

As unlike the shades of passion
Glory of  light will never lead you astray !

Savvy Raj

Your purpose is ordained and your passion is entwined with the light of your being . Moving beyond passion  reveals the impassioned strength of the soulfulness.

In my painting above titled ‘Emergence’  I use red to depict the colour of passion at play and the blue streaks as a balance factor interspersed with the greys depicting ( the rifts and strifes) the shades and tones  of colours in our life , taking us through the crossroads in our journey of discovering the self. The purpose of being I choose to  depict the white  background as‘Light,’ which  is after all the’ Eternal truth of the Being’.

Felt I must leave this painting a little raw as all the answers we seek , ‘is  was and will be ‘with us if we choose to see beyond the tinted glasses and acknowledge the glorious light that we actually are.

As inspite of the disarray and chaos  that it portrays, if we choose to see beyond the games of passion …

All is truly Light ‘

Be Light

Feel Light

Live light,

Love Light

Light up Life in Loving Light !

  Savvy Raj

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Are you ok?

Three words that can mean so much

To share a little supportive care as such

In our daily working & striving

As we carry on with life and living.

Following our paths with blase indifference

Rushing through, an unforeseen negligence

Often assume, there is no issue

But if we care to notice and keenly view….

Behind that strained smile and tired eyes

Erratic movements, the lows and highs…

There is always more than meet the eye

There is always a tear behind an overt smile

There is always hurt behind overt humour

There is always a lurking grief in the lack of love.

3 simple word could make a difference

3 simple could assure another

3 simple words could bring hope in despair

3 simple words could change a life

This world is busy, with no time to spare

People living nonchalantly without a care

I me and myself seems here to stay.

Unless we find in our hearts to live in a more caring way.

ARE YOU OK ? Care to ask another

Strive to thrive with one another

And you will hear the truth by far

There is no use rushing on,we are all on par.

Savvy Raj


The title of this poem is inspired by Lance Scoular’s very relevant post that speaks for Suicide Prevention and the thoughts seeded from the very reflective post recently by Fatima Williams instilling self worth in times of lost esteems lost hopes and lost battles.

A topic many refuse to confront as it is too sensitive to deal with. But its prevelance and increasing numbers only show the need for empathy consciousness in today’s world.

A little sensitivity and empathy can go along way in prevention of widespread negligence by society on such issues.

A few musings…

Even writers and artists of all fields are categorized as hard nosed focused and practical business driven… hence successful or the rest who are supposedly impractical, quirky, emotional by nature or sensitive by nature with empathy consciousness hence not too touted for success in the mainstream.

This categorisation happens amongst all walks of life . Amongst many so called professionals in every sphere there is this distinct elevated difference that seems like they have it all figured. But reality often presents a different picture.

We often we find that the pinnacle of success is a perfect place for a downfall. No one is taught the way down after a climb. In a society that values only the successful, that often teaches to work one’s way to the top by overt competition, ambition and promotes the need to prove, sadly there is one to catch you when you fall or no one to hold your hand if you slip and definetely no learnings in place for support and follow up care in case of a miss. You are left to fend for yourself until u can find a place for yourself under the sun.

Although the world is on one side recognising multiple intelligences yet the assumption still remains that all can work with the same rules of the game .

It is what is unique in you that truly matters. Keep knowing you matter as you are.


The world is busy all the time, to realise the significance of contribution by these so called sensitive and caring people who can find in themselves the time to ask another… Are you ok?

Savvy Raj

Here are the relevant post links:

Is suicide the only way? You are worth more than what the system requires of you!

About the Author:

Ms Savvy Raj is a Dance Educator and Corporate Wellness Trainer she conducts workshop in Social Dances, Holistic Well Being as well as Personal Effectiveness. She is a Member of the International Dance Council UNESCO the official world wide organization for all forms of dance.

She is a certified adult trainer who uses the creative medium of dance towards bringing empathetic consciousness in her students.

Using International Social dance forms and a variety of improvisational techniques as well as creative movement exercises she brings forth the human connect in it all. Working towards the development of an individual through dance applications and nurturing in the learners an enthusiasm to see and live life lovingly.

Savvy is also Certified Graphologist who pursues this as a hobby in her spare time along with a passion for writing, painting, poetry, drawing, sketching and designing.



Attitude of Gratitude



Simplify your steps

Simplify your steps …. so you can be aware enough to connect with the steps you take!
Savvy Raj 


The Peaceful Warrior



Be strong and know your limitless potential

Be confident and remember your uniqueness

Be certain and value your own decisions.

Be tough and remember the warrior within.


Life’s battles are not always in a battlefield.

Fate may have different paths for us to travel.

The peaceful warrior weathers the storms.

Unperturbed, come what may in troubled times.


Knowing  wars are not won by brandished swords.

Knowing the power of perseverance and patience.

Knowing the strength in the way of the heart and in the peace of mind.

Knowing the inner calm in the depth of one’s soul.


To honour and value every moment in this now, to bend like a reed.

To respect life, enough to know the stillness in moment.

To acknowledge pain as a passing moment.

To steer intentionally to causes that make a difference.


Remember the way of the peaceful warrior.

Reaching to transcend the way of war.

Raising swords nor words but realizing the truth.

Resonating love not wars, as peace is the way…


Being another storm is never the answer

Being indifferent or just another barrier is never the solution.

In testing the strength of will at bay without succumbing.

In daring to trust beyond fate, is the way of the peaceful warrior!

Savvy Raj

I had written this poem about life and living more than a year ago before I even got connected with my friend Christoph. But as I started to really understand about him and his work,  I sensed a lot of what I had written about following the path of peace and equanimity as a way of life and living, resonates and connects to his chosen path.

 There are some people who connect with you and you get the feeling you have known them all along. And sometimes you get this feeling without even meeting them in person ever before.  

Christoph my friend from France mentioned he would be travelling to India and we decided to catch up in person. With a comfortable venue and time decided, as we finally met, what struck significantly was how we both spoke at length with  an ease and comfort of a trustful knowing that words cannot describe.

It is not often you feel deeply privileged to meet someone so humane and humble like Christoph Eberhard. A man on a mission to spread good energies, a man on the path of  promoting peace and well being in the world, through dialogues for change and so much more. 

To introduce my friend Christoph here is an absolute pleasure. So after meeting and speaking with each other for hours,  I just knew that here is someone whose inspiring reflections must be shared by all who have the good fortune of meeting him. So I proposed the idea of this interview and he graciously accepted.😊

So join along with me in a journey of discovering more in plenitude about this ‘Peaceful Warrior Christoph Eberhard.’



To my readers, especially those who followed my earlier conversational interviews may perhaps know, this is where I share stories straight from the heart of some of my very inspiring friends who I happen to connect with deeply.  

In these series of conversations on ‘Life and Living’ I intend to share some real stories and what happens when dreams that take shape through intention, passion and dedication.

A heartfelt dialogue in the interconnects can open doors to new integrations of thought. And that is one of the reasons for doing such interviews. There is always so much learning in the sharing, after all to share is to learn some more…

Savvy :  To begin with tell me, how would you like to see yourself… besides being a teacher. Are you more of a discoverer, learner or a traveller?

Christoph: What I would like to become is a true human being. As I like to say: “Life is not a void to be filled. It is a plenitude to be discovered.” Similarly, our humanity is also a plenitude to be discovered. Many traditions see the human being as a pillar spanning all worlds and linking them together. The Chinese for example see the human being as standing between and linking Heaven and Earth.

So, basically, I see myself as a human being amongst fellow human beings. We seem to be beings of dialogue. I became aware little by little that my whole life revolves around four kinds of dialogue: dialogue with others, dialogue with oneself, dialogue with the world and dialogue with “beyond”.

Life is a journey. So, we are all travellers. During that journey, we discover many things. So, we are all discoverers. Our discoveries teach us. So, we are all learners. We share what we discover and what we learn with others. So, we are all teachers.

Savvy:  And what brought you to India the first time around? Give a bit of your backstory.

Christoph : I am Austrian. I lived in Austria until I was 10. We then moved to Romania for 4 years. It was at the time Romania was still under the rule of Ceausescu. From there we moved to France when I was fourteen. So, I experienced different European settings, both “free” and “communist” at a young age. I also experienced different ways of living, different languages, different cultures. Being bilingual (German and French) made me wonder very early about how much our perceptions make up our world. We cannot translate everything from one language to another. So, is the world real? Is it dependent on the language through which we approach it? These were questions I started to ask myself a lot when I was around 10 years old. I read a lot of Paul Watzlawick at the time on the socio-psychological construction of reality.

After finishing school, I decided to study Law, in order to understand how societies organize themselves. After my Bachelor, I went for a Master in comparative law, focusing on German Law.When I was about to finish my Master in Germany, an opportunity came up to go and study in Delhi, at JNU. Because of my passion for martial arts (I started my martial arts journey with Judo when I was 7), I always wanted to go and spend time in China – so, there was this idea in my mind since a young age that I wanted to travel to Asia. So, I went. I signed up for a M.Phil. programme in International law. The idea was to get a non-Western perspective on globalisation and experience a non-Western culture. Honestly, at that time, I did not know much about India and I was not particularly drawn to it. It was more an opportunity I seized to deepen my exploration of the world we live in, of pluralism and the challenges of intercultural dialogue.

This was in 1994. India had not opened up to the global market then and lots of our discussions in the diverse classes were about: should India open up or not? JNU was also a very interesting place: being an All India University, I had friends from all over India. So many different languages, cultures, religions, communities… Pluralism indeed! My stay and my studies in India increased my awareness of the challenges of intercultural dialogue: I realized how Western international law was… and how Western Indian law was, as a legacy from the British. So, I started wondering: what about all those who are excluded from these “modern, Western” dynamics.

It is in India that I started deepening my knowledge of anthropology and that I consciously started to explore possible ways of bringing together law and anthropology in order to map out more inclusive, more dialogical ways of living together. It is when I came back from India, that I did my Master in legal anthropology in Paris and that I started to work on the question of Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue which then became  Ph.D. topic. My question was: how can we live together in harmony and peace in our contemporary global society where awareness of pluralism is increasing?

Law, Globalisation and Intercultural Dialogue:

Savvy :What did you want to become in your growing years?

Christoph : When people asked me what I wanted to do in my life when I finish my studies, I always answered: Peace. I did not know how it would manifest. But I felt I have to work for peace. To echo what I said at the beginning, I realized that this meant for me: peace and harmony with oneself, others, our environment and beyond. And I should add this: if we kill everyone and everything, we may have peace. But this is a dead peace. And I am not talking only about “outside”. If we kill our emotions, thoughts, dreams etc. we may experience a kind of dull peace. But this is dead. I was always interested in living peace. How to have peace amongst all our diversity, our different points of views, our conflicts etc., internally and externally, individually and collectively? This is why dialogue is so important to me. Peace, harmony and dialogue are intimately connected.


Savvy : Could you share about this journey you are on…What brings you to India now?

Christoph:The journey is a journey of peace and dialogue. It is a journey of sharing, discovering, becoming. From 1995 where I started my work on Human Rights and Intercultural dialogue up to 2013, I mainly expressed this journey in an academic setting as a professor and researcher. I brought together scholars from all over the world and from many different disciplines (law, anthropology, economics, sociology, political science, philosophy etc.) to map out paths for a responsible and dialogical living together in our contemporary era of globalisation. We published a number of collective books and I also wrote my own books. I see them as spaces allowing different sensibilities to unfold. In a certain way, I was lucky that I did not really fit the system. I always found myself in a quite precarious situation as I did not match the existing boxes. I never fit in, but at the same time I had a foot in “the system” as some people saw the relevance of my work and supported me. Private foundations funded my research projects – and I am really very grateful to them for that! The Academic world is very competitive. “Publish or perish!” At the beginning, being enthusiastic about my research projects intending to contribute to a better world, and also needing to establish a legitimate base, I carried out more research, especially on the question of dialogue between different systems of knowledge (like for example modern medicine and traditional medicines). I started to use my free time, to deepen the traditions of knowledge I was interested in. I especially deepened my knowledge of Yoga in India and of the internal martial arts and life nourishing practices in China. I also started sharing them with friends on a regular basis.

I decided to start teaching Yoga, Taiji Quan, Qi Gong and the beautiful arts of Wudang Shan. I decided to let things unfold naturally.  One thing I have learned is that anything of value can only happen if the source flows. Let the source flow. If it does, vegetation will start to grow, animals will come, humans will settle, whole civilisations may flourish. Take the water away and nothing can subside. So currently, I have decided to put myself at the disposal of those who want to work with me, while keeping enough time to continue to deepen my practices. I am teaching on a regular basis in the South of France and I am giving some workshops internationally. I have also kept in touch with diverse research institutions and do some work with them. In the long run, a dream would be to open a center where we could share the beautiful and enriching traditions of art and knowledge of our world and make them dialogue!

The last years when I came to India, it was especially in order to deepen my knowledge of Yoga and also to meet different people who are holders of traditional knowledge to learn from them and also to exchange on how they see the challenges of their traditions in the contemporary context. In a certain way, my travels have become pilgrimages. This year, my pilgrimage in India took me from the Himalayas all the way down to Kanyakumari. I met many beautiful people and had many enriching exchanges. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to be able to meet people and to have the time to exchange with them.


Savvy :You have gone on to seek and imbibe the learning of the east, have you always been attracted to the wisdom of the east so to say?

Christoph : The East is where the sun rises. Where the light starts shining. In that sense, yes, I was always attracted to the wisdom of the East. But it is not so much the geographical East, than this spiritual East I have been attracted to. Geographically, I also seem to have a connection with Asia. All together, I spent a few years living in India! And I also spent a few years living in China. And lots of the time spent there was devoted to practice and deepen some of their spiritual paths. But I am also deeply appreciative of my European traditions, the “spiritual” ones as well as the “secular” ones.


Savvy : Certainly! Spirituality may seem elusive and yet its  presence is boundless in the path of awareness of every now.  What were your challenges along the way?

Christoph: It is not easy to walk a path which is not a mainstream one. I wanted to work for peace. This put me into quite precarious situations. I was the top student in all the Masters I did – and they were from top world universities and I wrote my theses with the world leading experts in the respective fields. On paper, I was the best. And initially, I felt some sense of entitlement: as the best, you should be given a scholarship, you should be selected for a job… But this is not what happens when you honestly try to follow a path that does not really fit in… although it may make people dream of better tomorrows. So you learn humility. You learn to open up your eyes to all the other people around you who also have amazing things to share, but for whom nobody cares. At some point, because you have to keep on fighting all of the time, you start to feel like a hero who is sacrificing himself for the world. While your friends start to get established, start a family, move into a nice house, climb their career ladder, you are still “going nowhere”. You are a loser. So, your ego plays this trick and tells you: you are a hero! You are working for everybody, for the good of all! To let go of this is a big lesson of humility. No, you are not special. No, your mission is not to save the world. Be human. Try to live a humane life. Your struggles are not different from that of any one of us, even if you like to coat them in sweet illusions of helping the world.

Being more humble and more simple also allows to be “less full of oneself”. So, we start to be able to give more space to those we encounter. We start to fill our lives less. And we start to discover its plenitude more and more. It is a beautiful journey. But at some point, as Robert Vachon from the Intercultural Institute of Montreal, a great friend and a big inspiration for me, used to say: “it is crucifying but liberating.”

Life is beautiful. Suffering we have to go through can teach us to become aware of its beauty, to listen, to open up.


Savvy: Yes indeed! And now with so much achieved in such a short span of time what are your goals now?

Christoph :Wuwei: action in non-action, letting that which has to manifest manifest naturally.

The Dream Within:

Savvy: To the uninitiated healing movement practices sound abstract and difficult to comprehend what do you say to that? And how accepting is the western world to it today? Have you had to work at diluting and channelling the learning for the Western World especially who have no background of this at all?

 Christoph: If you talk about Qi Gong / Taiji Quan / Yoga, I would say: Practice! Taste! There is not much use in talking a lot about these things. Practice and see what happens. Taste and experience. And then draw conclusions if you want or just enjoy the journey. There is a Taoist saying: “Empty your head and fill your belly!” This means: Stop thinking and nourish your energy, which initially can be gathered in the lower dantien, an energy center situated at the level of the belly. As long as we are agitated, energy cannot gather. We have to become still.

How accepting is the Western world of that? These practices have been around for quite a while now. Many people know about them and are in one way or another exposed to them. They have also become very fashionable. I think Yoga is currently the biggest wellness / fitness industry… and the Chinese arts are catching up. In the process, they get commodified, institutionalized. They get turned into sports, into therapies…

On an individual level, there is no particular problem to share those arts with people who are interested in them. On a more global level there is more politics involved because it is about the access to the health / wellness / fitness market. On the medical side, there is still a predominance of Western medicine, but non-Western medicines are increasingly gaining recognition.

Maybe I should clarify, that Qi Gong, the art to master energy, encompasses different orientations. Qi Gong for life nourishing: keeping yourself healthy and increasing your vitality. Qi Gong for healing: mastering energy for healing oneself or others. Qi Gong for martial arts: building up one’s power for martial arts. Qi Gong for spiritual practice: building up the necessary energy for the internal journey. My focus and interest has essentially been on the two last ones. Health was more of a side effect for me, not a reason why I practiced it. It is only now, because of what people need, that I start to deepen the specific health aspects more. So, my answers are obviously different from the ones a practitioner of TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, would give.

Is there a need for diluting the teachings in the West? I feel there is no specific problem about East or West or North or South. At the beginning, everybody is a beginner. Every journey starts with the first step. And every teaching situation is a meeting between somebody who wants to learn something and somebody who can teach. The Taoist approach is to make oneself available. You are not here to promote what you are or what you do. If people are interested, you share. That’s all. There is no place for trying to convince people or for proving your point. You are interested? Look there is this gate! You want to enter? Enter! You will have to enter by yourself. You are the one who makes the journey.

Then of course, you have people of various backgrounds – so, you try to speak their language, so that they can understand you, at least as much as is necessary to be able to work on the level they are on. The beauty is that you have practices. I have shared certain things with friends who did not speak a common language with me, where I just knew a few common words. But you can show. The person can experience. So, you can learn. I myself only speak very basic Chinese and often I was in situations in China where there was nobody around speaking anything else – so, I also learned a lot just by observing and practicing. Theory is interesting. It also has its usefulness. But the important thing is to practice and to taste your practice. One of my masters said: “Taste every movement like a good cup of tea.” First, enjoy! And then, taste! Taste! And so, little by little you start to taste yourself and you start to come to know yourself a bit more.

The essence is simple: relax, align, be aware.


Taiji and Yoga Philosophy:


Savvy:  Speaking of when one begins the journey to internalize the wisdom of healing movements what kind of changes can happen to oneself.

: It depends where you start from and how much you practice. Many things happen on many levels. The most important thing is the development of a gentle awareness of yourself and little by little of others, your surroundings and beyond. Some people realize that they breathe – something they never experienced before consciously. They become aware of the quality of their breath, of how it changes. They start discovering their bodies, emotions, mind more. They start to become aware of their tensions and start to experience the possibility to relax. I have started martial arts quite early, when I was seven. So, somehow they were always part of my life. When I was thirty, I went to the North of China for a year to practice internal martial arts. I practiced a lot every day. That was the only thing I had to do. I spent hours and hours every day sitting, standing, moving in slow motion… breathing, being aware. There was also more dynamic training involved. There you witness more dramatic changes. Your body becomes healthier, your energy level rises and your mind becomes stiller and clearer. Your experience depends a lot on what you look for and how deeply you get involved. If you can only practice one hour a week, your experience will be different. What is common, is that you will taste being more aware, open, relaxed, centered, aligned. And this will have effects on the rest of your life. Some people start with one practice. Little by little, it affects their whole life and they change their life style: how they sleep, eat, work, interact with others, nature… and themselves!
Savvy: Could you in brief discuss the effect Qi gong have beyond the physical body — on the emotions, the mind and the spirit?

Christoph : In the arts of Wudang Shan that I practice, the path is quite straight forward. First, you have to gather vitality, jing. Jing has to be refined into a more subtle energy, Qi. Qi has to be further refined into mind, Shen. Mind has to be opened up. It has to open up to Wuji, that which is beyond, the fundamental openness, the non manifest. At this point, one becomes one with the Dao, one with everything. And then of course the Dao will manifest in our mind which will manifest in our energy which will manifest in our vitality which will manifest in how we are outwardly.

Another way of looking at it is that you gradually open up and relax into being. First, you open up on the physical level, then on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Finally you open up at the cosmic level and beyond. All levels are interlinked. By opening up more and more, you also center and align yourself more and more. You discover your unity. Harmony sets in gradually. When everything is harmonized, it can be said that you are fundamentally healthy. In Taoist terms, you become an immortal. In India, you would say you become a Buddha or a jivanmukhta, an enlightened being.

Wudang Taiji Quan:

Savvy: How relevant has Qigong and Tai chi training been personally to you in your intercultural beliefs and how can everyone benefit? How do you use / apply this wisdom in the challenges of life and living?

Christoph: Learn to taste. Learn to relax. Learn to be aware. Learn to be aligned. Learn to remain open. Beliefs are things we do not know. So, we accept certain things on faith… a lot actually! By learning to taste, we learn to experiment and to get firsthand experience of life. We live in the world of forms. Forms are limited. The wise man points at the moon. The fool looks at the finger. Starting to see the moon, gives us a better understanding of what the finger is about. The whole of creation is a big finger pointing to what is beyond. So, both these aspects are there. Once you start to get a little taste of what is beyond form, you gain a new perspective on forms. You see their relevance but you are less imprisoned by them. This helps to understand different points of view. It allows to “stand under” different horizons of intelligibility without losing one’s center, one’s alignment. It also helps to go through the existential crises of life without closing up completely. You become aware that being deeply shaken is part of Life’s manifestation. It teaches you to become more humble, more simple, more open and at the same time more aligned.

Savvy : Could you mention a bit on Internal and External Qi Gong.

Christoph : Qi Gong is basically part of Nei Gong, internal work. But then, as we mentioned before: all levels are interconnected. Energy is wonderful. But you have to have an adequate structure where it can circulate. So, there is a range of practices. Some emphasize more external aspects, strengthening and loosening up your body. Some emphasize more the energy work. Some little by little enter more the mind aspect of the work. Meditation and internal alchemy, practices of spiritual transmutation of what we are also part of the path. Think of the path of Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Limbs Path of Yoga laid out by Patanjali: yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi. Qi Gong can be equated to Pranayama. It occupies the same place in the Taoist system as pranayama does in the Yoga system. At one level, it is the bridge from the external to the internal work. As long as there is no conscious use of energy involved, one cannot really speak of Qi Gong – maybe of preparatory practices to Qi Gong. Once energy is there, everything can become a Qi Gong. And little by little, everything may become a meditation.

Tao. Chinese Path to Harmony and Health:


Savvy What is your message to the world in this moment?

Christoph : Relax!…Which does not mean collapse! It means: Open up! Be aligned! Be aware!

Savvy: On a lighter note… Do you watch films and if so which are your favourite Martial Art films, I like a lot of them especially Ip man.

Christoph : I like movies and I do like martial arts movies. I also liked the Ip Man trilogy. When I was young, I especially enjoyed Jackie Chan movies – the traditional ones. I loved how he made his whole environment dance: he used not only his hands feet and weapons, but vases, benches, tables etc… Later in his action movies, the dance was expanded to helicopters, cars, boats, roller skates and what not! In each movie, he would come up with something new. And there was no computer animation then. They really did their stunts. In the old movies, I especially enjoyed the training sequences. They inspired me for my own training. With some friends, we also tried to pick up some moves we saw in his movies – they became little challenges for us: would we be able to do it? I also liked the positive vibe about his characters: usually a nice guy, getting himself into trouble without really looking for it. I thought a lot about why I liked his movies so much. For me they symbolize the cosmic dance. Action in every direction. And at the center? Jackie Chan, the open space. The humor in his fight scenes gives a spacious quality to his choreographies. You see life unfolding. You see his creativity manifesting in the middle of all this action to get him out of his predicament. I also like Jet Li a lot. But his choreographies are more like perfectly executed partitions of classical music. It is a different beauty. On a deep level I prefer Jackie Chan’s. Drunken Master was one of my favourite Jackie Chan movies. The first movie I saw of Jackie Chan was The Young Master – so it has a special relevance for me. A beautiful and very meaningful martial arts movie for me is Hero with Jet Li. There are many aspects in this movie. For me, it is especially a movie that captures the spirit of the sword. I saw it when I learned my first sword forms in China. The movie is beautiful. It shares many layers of depth of martial arts and of their philosophy and the visuals convey the purity and sharpness of the sword.


Savvy:   Finally what should I have asked and didn’t?

Christoph : We already talked too much! “He who speaks does not know. He who knows does not speak.”

Silence and Dialogue:

Yes indeed!  And these very words say it all about this inspiring man and his path. Do join me as I wish him good luck in all his future endeavours towards world peace and well being.




Savvy Raj & Christoph Eberhard

@ Raasta Cafe Pune India


For more information on Christoph do visit his You Tube Channel Dialogues for Change

here :

About the Author:



Ms Savvy Raj is a Dance Educator and Corporate Wellness Trainer she conducts workshop in Social Dances, Holistic Well Being as well as Personal Effectiveness.  She is a Member of the International Dance Council UNESCO the official world wide organization for all forms of dance. As She is a certified adult trainer who uses the creative medium of dance towards bringing empathetic consciousness in her students. Using International Social dance forms and a variety of improvisational techniques as well as creative movement exercises she brings forth the human connect in it all. Working towards the development of an individual through dance applications and nurturing in the learners an enthusiasm to see and live life lovingly.

Savvy is also Certified Graphologist who pursues this as a hobby in her spare time along with a passion for writing, painting, poetry, drawing, sketching and designing.

It is often the steps we choose to take consistently that makes the dream a reality.

And the choice rests with us.

Savvy Raj


The Mystique of You!

You are not your mask which you so carefully wear everyday   …it falls apart.

You are not your wealth or riches, it comes and goes.

You are not your best behaviour it is superficial.

You are not your skills , your success or failure , there is more to that.

You are not a name that you are called as, it doesnt define your light.

You are not your place of birth or family or relationships… it is too limited.

You are not your own body, it wears off.

You are truly you in your spirit of being.

You are you in the depth of your dreams,in the acknowledging.

You are you in your deepest  intentions in acceptance.

You are you in the choices you make in the learning.

You are cosmic dust and therein you return unbound.

You are a free will manifestation, unravelled in time and space.

You are weightless in lightness of spirit.

You are strength of infinite consciousness.

Unbound Unravel the mystical in you !


Artwork by Savvy Raj  Title: Dimensions


Body shaming has to stop!

Yesterday I happened to revisit this very strong yet contemplative piece of writing by my dear mother.  And I knew I just had to request her to share this because of its significance as much as the sensitivity of content which I felt is very relevant to the times we live in.

My mother writes a lot on and off  and I want to share this as I feel she should put out her writings in a blog but she simply hasn’t done so yet for reasons best known to her. So while I try convincing her to write and share more, here is this post from her that touched my heart💙💚💙


Love All!  

Making someone feel badly about the way they look is the worst thing that one can do to another individual. It has the power to make someone feel unlovable. It creates so many insecurities and unwanted feelings. That is something we shouldn’t do or inflict upon anyone.
Body shaming has to stop. We have to stop tearing people down just because they don’t fit to  the standards created by another in the first place. We also have to stop judging people based on their appearances. There is no meaner phase of being than hating oneself for the looks and it is not fair that we are pushing people to that point. We need to be accepting of all body types.

We need to encircle each other rather than bring each other down and we have to understand that every one is different, both physically and mentally. Anjana

We are created to be different, and we need to learn to love those differences.

Body shaming, a term that has become all too popular recently because humans are obsessed with appearances. We criticize the way that others judge us yet never hesitate to pass comments on others in a sarcastic friendly manner. We have separated ourselves into categories based on the way we look and it is wrong.

Effects of body shaming

What people don’t understand is what body shaming really does to an individual. It gradually breaks their confidence. Instead of holding their head high — they scan the floor because they don’t want people to notice them. Instead of feeling beautiful, their self worth decreases and feel like an alien in their  own skin.

Body-shaming is a serious issue that’s secretly and silently ruining the lives of many out there. It’s high time we addressed it. And equally so for both women and men and children.
Those who are born fit or beautiful or intelligent didn’t do anything great to achieve it . It is the way they  are born genetically.

What use is physical beauty if the mind is ugly? Let’s learn  to value individuals for the values  they hold,  their character, their goodness and compassion, their talent and in general as a fellow human being who are all equal to one another.
As it is the society has created large gaps based on caste, creed, status and richness.  On one side as educated and civilized people we are trying to eradicate them and on the other side creating new dividers between individuals.

Respect and value individuals for what they really are.
Instead if seeing others as

Being short or tall,

Being fair or dusky,

Being fit or fat,

Being beautiful or ugly

Being rich or poor

Being modern or simple

Let’s learn to see others as

Being kind or cruel,

Being adaptive or adamant,

Being compassionate or egoistic

Being selfless or selfish,

And above all

Are they humane enough ?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Nature need not have to create so many different species to co exist, it could have  easily made an assembly line of similar looking robots.

Value the differences.

That is where beauty is hidden.
Love all.



You are not alone…

It is not necessarily age that makes one lonely, it is the apparent disconnect with the self. And it can catch one off guard at any point of life and living.

Here is a share of my thoughts on this…

For anyone feeling a tad bit lonely in this now.

Loneliness is a difficult road to travel.

If it makes it any easier, remember

You are never truly alone 

Neither in your grief or your glory.

Every beat of your heart is the work of the divine will…

Sense the divine presence reflecting in every beat that keeps you alive to the rhythms of life and living.  Savvy 

A few practical tips to beat the blues if you ever find yourself on the lonely road…

1. Get moving…  engage in any activity that involves all of you. Or simply take a walk!

2.Share some kindness, speak kindly, think better of yourself and others, focus on positive reflections.

3. Join a group activity or start one on your own. There are always some ways to find yourself  a hobby that you may enjoy.

For example if you enjoy reading books out aloud…You can offer to start a weekend story reading session for young children in your area. That way you will find yourself looking forward to spending some fun filled weekends of laughter.

4.Start seeing the world with wonder, than merely looking with lack. Often the feeling of loneliness comes tied along in a bundle with strings of sadness. Bouts of loneliness is best tackled one step in time by learning to shift perspectives of how we envision the world around us .

Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone. Paul Tillich

So convert your pangs of loneliness to the sensation of solitude. Start out by observing the good in the world . Learn to unconfine your thoughts of seclusion and be inclusive and expansive.  Accept your vulnerabilities. Cultivate a sense of belonging to the world and steer clear of feeling unwanted or indifferent.  If you see nature surrounding you, at different times of the day you can sense how it changes, and yet balances itself,  quite likewise to human nature with its many phases.

5. If you still find yourself a little lost,  then care to consciously shift your attention from the self  to the bigger picture. Think of how you can contribute yourself to the cause of  improving your community to begin with in your free time.

Personally speaking  I have always found that whenever pangs of loneliness strikes, writing,  walking or working out either by dancing to some favourite songs or even listening to some happy upbeat tunes are wonderful ways to get back to balance.

As a dance trainer  I have conducted and  facilitated dance workshops for the marginalised sections of society as well as for senior citizens to spread joy and well being in their hearts through movements.  What motivated me? Well! The biggest takebacks were the goodwill of shared laughter and a love loaded heart I would reach home with.😍

Read the full story here of one such experience here…. Magic of movements 

This is one of those moments when writing and sharing stories from our lives bring us a deep sense of connection… with our readers and ourselves in gratitude for the learnings. And there is that sense of magic through words.
This is an old story but to me, but sharing it evokes the same poignant feeling of fond memories of the people that are attached to it. 

 It is interactions such as these that leave us touched beyond words in the circle of life and living and propels us to do more. Savvy 

So go ahead and build your life in every moment.  Start now, let go loneliness & load in love.💚💙💚

Savvy Raj

About me 


 I wish!


I wish 😊

To hold the mighty sun in a curl of my fingers 

To bask in the warmth of the early morning sun

 To delightfully witness the dancing rays of dawn😍

To sense the beauty of a brand new day!



Many paths lead us home…

Many paths that us lead home...

All the questions come in living

All the answers are in the living

And life is happening to you as you strive

And you are sifted in the sieve of life

While you flow or reverse the flow

In every now and then, moving fast or slow

To gain a grounding in the sun.

Are you ready for the race you wish to run?

Care to pause and reflect on these…

Whose choice is it the way you are?

What chances do you have, to have it your way?

Who should make the change to what can be?

When can it be so the way you want?

Where you want to be in this now?

And how you can reach there?

And step out your own way….

To sense the unfolding of other paths

To see the effects before the cause

To choose to smile at destinys face

And that makes all the difference

In finding it all!

One fine day in your own sweet way!



​Explore your being!

Artwork by Savvy Raj

Dare to explore the magnitude of your being
Unlock the infinite wisdom you hold within without knowing
You have the answers you are seeking
You have to just try to be, all that you choose to being
Ignore the pitfalls… Ignore the naysayers
Increase the threshold to one that bears
Increase the ability and be the one who perseveres
You are in the right place at the right time that adheres
To make the so called trivial in you valuable.
So make every moment  preciously accountable
Strengthen your being
Know you are sufficient and self  sustaining
Just remember
You are enough for you!

Savvy Raj


Celluloid Cowboys

Celluloid Cowboys

Image Credits Google Search


Not a figment of imagination

But a vivid recollection

Of yester years action heroes

Handsome cowboys, herding horses

Of tough terrains and tales of tall men

In rugged jeans and rumpled shirts

Grazing horses in wild pastures

Rising dust of the galloping hooves

Riding the vast open spaces

And the swagger of the  sheriffs

Anarchy and antognism

Of pride and passion.

Swiftness of the draw ,a shooter’s pride

So captured by celluloid

Stories of a bygone era

Swaying to country cha cha

Weaves a web of intrigue

Imprinted in hearts are these

Forever more, the evergreen memories …

Savvy Raj

‘A picture speaks a thousand words …. and movies leave lasting impressions… While  perhaps the reality may be different the impact of the  Wild West movies was quite a phenomenon.

This is a  photo inspired poem dedicated to all the Celluloid Cowboys’.


We will travel afar…

An Artwork by Savvy Raj ‘Spectrum of Stars’

We need to come to place of understanding where

We do not discriminate between man and nature

We are humans and we are part of nature.

Our nature makes us who we are as much as the nurture.

And  we are beautiful in our uniqueness.

We are breathtaking in our magnificience.

We are bound by the very same laws of nature.

We are challenged in its fervour

We are santified in its glory.

We are crucified in its destruction.

We are celebrated for cocreation.

We are complex in our ways of being.

But we are no different from nature.

We are born, we breath and we are perishable.

Although full of life we may be but we are totally accountable

As we are blessed with conscious choice

Free will and intention.

And that makes way for infinite potential.

We are our own wayfarers in the choices.

We make our own present and future

Like we made our past.

We are made of stars

And will travel afar…


Speaking Pictures 2

​She seems calm and composed and at complete ease .

A pretty picture of her face framed by her curly locks.

She seems to know more than she wants to tell

Her smile seems to sense much more as well

Her truth is hers alone, as her lips may seal

Oh! but what all a good capture can reveal.


Our personna is so transparent on the verge

Of Shadows thrown open to light

The  inner and outer may merge

And unmask thoughts that may be shut tight.

Shadows of past out in the open today

And capture thoughts  held at bay

All it takes to know is a shutters click

In perfect timing of  what to shoot & pick

This picture was shared on one of my networks in Social Media  and I felt compelled to take a second glance …. the picture spoke much and my pen had to flow to capture the thoughts on this pretty capture.

Light on the dark

Emotions unveiled

Of memories & musings 

A photo reveals it all!


Amazing Photo of a Beautiful Child 😊

Full credits to the brilliant photographer.


Life & living 

Life &living 

 Shapes and angles in the abstraction 

Dots to lines in the interconnection 

Lines to dots in the simplification

Dots to void of the core in sublimation.


# tetrastich# Micropoetry


All of you!

What does it take to accept everything that is happening in life as an unfolding mystery.

All of you!

And when that happens

No storm is unsurmountable

No pain  is unmanageble

No hurt is unforgivable.

Yes it takes all of you

To complete this circle  of life and living.

And in every step you take towards realisation

You are only another step closer home.

To decide not to stress and focus on things that you may not be in control of is a step in understanding the meaning of  true acceptance as not resigning the self to fate but to accept it as part of phase in the ebb and  flow of tides in life. 

A few reflections…

Acceptance is the key when life happens beyond your comprehension.

Action is the key when there is something you  sense you understand enough.

Acknowledgement is the key while sharing goodwill in trust and hope.

Appreciation is the key of manifesting abundance.

Accept life as a mystery that will dawn

All else is history that’s gone in the dusk.

All is well in time always.

 Savvy Raj

 This post has come as  an afterthought  when I came across a particularly poignant story  shared by a good friend caught in turmoils of time and yet being brave enough to ease into acceptance and appreciate the good happening around  by sending goodwill and hope to those around him in thoughts  words and deeds.

I know there are many  who put out ‘All of themselves ‘ to brave out the odds every single day …. My salute to such inspiring souls. Stay ever blessed!



Ease into Alignment

A life lived well…

Is more about being well and doing good

Than about doing much

& finding no time to be you

& all that you actually are.


Resonate with your own reserves

Reach out in the knowing

That you are enough for you 😊


Allign your posture let go tension.

Acknowledge your needs in this moment.

Sense the potential in this now


To alter the reality of this moment.

To make a positive difference in your ways.

To pursue your passions,

To love well to enjoy life


You need to create a balance between

What you can do and what you are doing.

Sometimes the tilts are unavoidable

And then life takes care of itself


But it always helps to not tilt the balance

By overdoing, overcontrolling, overindulging

Overstepping and overshadowing your own self.

Aim to balance the holding back & the letting go


With discretion and discerning

Of conscious intention in awareness.

Modern maladies are mostly self inflicted

Due to excess of thought action and deed.


With awareness, your own free will

Can be your best ally in the understanding

That freedom and responsibilty go hand in hand.

And soon you will reach a level


Where you  feel grounded

And yet light as a feather in flight.

Make sense of the choices you make in every now

Every now matters after all.


You have one life

Live it well

Because you can!





Power of Positivity 


​Nothing more nothing less.

Nothing more nothing less.

In  a world of assumptions and perceptions

In a world of make believe and gratifications.

In a world of  false notions and proclamations.

In a world of judgments and contradictions.
It helps ever so often

To invest in our precious time.

To center our wavering thoughts

To balance our movements

To still our restless spirit

To calm our frayed nerves

To choose our own words.

If only to realise we are

Nothing more nothing less.
As we are truly in it all together.

Connected cells as different entities.

We are all made of the same matter

And all is a matter of  energy.

Nothing more nothing less.
In seeing beyond the sheaths of skin.

In peeling of the layers of conditioning.

Moving flowing blending converging.

Sense it if you will, with a subtlety of being.

Nothing more nothing less.
What we speak can become our truth.

What we project can be our destiny.

What we assume become our realities.

What we think is perhaps who we are.

Nothing more nothing less.

Savvy Raj


A heartfelt share!

Celebrating the little things matter so today this 200 posts here on wordpress certainly feels wonderful to know😊

Yes this small but a sure step ahead on wordpress feels encouraging  in my foray into the world of writing….

A heartfelt share of my thoughts at this moment in time…

Well! Looking back…. two hundred posts is a body of work indeed for someone like me who just expressed without any self inflicted pressure of time or gain.Although it is just another number actually, I  guess I must also remember to pat myself on my back for caring to invest my time in writing these posts and enjoying every bit of it. Right from sensing  and cueing in on the invoked  need to write , creating an article, learning to edit in trial and error and ultimately publishing and of course to answering with deep gratitude, all your kind comments and feedbacks that egged me on my journey some more.So much learning in the sharing.

Thank you to all my readers😊

 To someone starting to publish  articles here on WordPress in or any place else ,  besides the technicalities involved  of which I am still a learner,  I would just say follow your heart to express authentically and hit the publish button to share your uniqueness to the world. There is always a reason why we do so… there is always a wealth of learning in the sharing and every blog post will take you through to where you want to go .

 When I started writing my first few posts I had no clue as to what it meant, where I was heading or even the fact that I would be writing these many posts  here at all.  All I knew was that every time I would be inspired by a share or a photograph,an inner message of immense meaning would somehow start inducing me to write as on an outpour . At times I would be surprised afterwards of that depth of conviction that occurred to me at that moment to reflect and write on … So as if to test myself I revisited my own articles and verses and tried to check if they meant something on the same lines once again in time . And not surprisingly … I had not only the same feelings but some new meanings to add on as well . So yes some of my work I enjoyed  updating as well in time. Feel free to try this open ended approach on your own art and creative works and evolve as you go .  There is always more than what meets the eye .

Another passion I always loved to indulge was to draw and paint ….As I tinkered a bit with colours and brushes in real life I also wanted to see if could express my love for colours and movement in symmetry  and that’s how the Circle Art Expressions was born . The more I drew circles the more closer home I felt … It was as if all of what I was feeling could be expressed in those many dimensions and the multitude of colours that my emotions evoked in me.I have felt one with it and positively inspired for days and perhaps more

My love for the art of movement is so much a part of whatever I do and for that  I am deeply grateful to have been able to connect with it and expressing  through words,  art as well as training people through dance education . Every step in these directions feels like homecoming and so very thankful for every opportunity that has come my way .

Yes as I understand all this simply as the start of something new now,  the  journey that began with you  all …and as I hope to continue with it  my heartfelt gratitude goes  to you all my readers, many of whom  have turned into dear friends along the way in the  journey  we have travelled together. I thank each and all of you  for your supportive and enriching insights discussions messages, feedbacks  and  creative collaborations  which have made their mark in time .

To all those who have started writing here like me … trust your spirit and write with all of your soul . Support comes when you least expect and the outpouring encouragements can light up your life’s dull moments. 

 Often felt very  grateful for all the good words love and blessings and inspirations received along the way. My request to you is to remember to share something positive and make the world smile a little more as you & care about life and living a little more . 

 Savvy Raj

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Circle of Thoughts:11



A vision a verse by Savvy Raj






Steering of thoughts is a conscious movement

To choose the thoughts we wish to focus

Is discarding a lot of thoughts in deliberation 

And finding the ones to concentrate upon. 


Savvy Raj

 This above  digital artwork  Titled ‘Circles of thoughts:9 is a creative interpretation of encircling thoughts, The verses that follow is the ninth  part of my series of micro poems on interconnecting thoughts.  

 Although written in different time and context ,the above verses somewhere connect strongly with my recent poem  Do check if you sense the link. 


To be contd … 

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Step out of your own way!

Often we question our being 

 Often we wrangle with our past

 Often we wonder about our future 

 It is human nature to think and question why 


Thoughts have a way 

At times to get the better of us

To stall the imminent possibilities 

To create unwanted confusion and chaos. 


Allow yourself then 

To step out of your own way 

Allow your purpose to unravel 

To unfold its path.

Steer yourself away from doubts and despair.

Arm yourself  with hope in the trusting.

Arm yourself with assurance and appreciation.

Steer yourself away from false notions.

Arm yourself with power of positive actions.

Arm yourself with tools for a new direction.

And only then the purpose of your being 

Will  begin to manifest in your way 

As you learn to continue to…

Step out of your own way!

Savvy Raj 

The title of this post comes from reading  a  contemplative article by my friend Deb Helfrich where she mentions the need to step out of our own way at times to allow and sense the appreciation of what is . So thank you Deb for inspiring me to pen a few verses on a parallel hought.😍

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A Celebration of Silence

​Welcome Enchantment

A Celebration of Silence

In the sensing of an ethereal presence.
As it further blends into the dusk of misty blue.
Let go and dare to loose your self in the magnetic  sense enchantment
As the scent of the woody flowers work their magical sense entrapment.
Let the soft bed of flowers and falling leaves lead the way…
And fear not of the unknown at bay.

The vibrant orange hues of the winding path may tease and beguile you…

Step in to explore life’s colors in all shades and hues 
Sense the myriad colors that makes you and me.

Hear the sounds of silence that speaks of eternal time of many a lifeline.

Simply learn from the falling autumn leaves…that drop only to enliven another tree another time.


Savvy Raj


Wisdom in the Challenges: 6

Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …

War and Peace 







The challenge seeks to resolve for peace.
The wisdom is in the path of peace.

The challenge competes to win the war.
The wisdom collaborates and creates peace.

Savvy Raj

#Micropoetry :6


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Razor’s Edge 

On the razors edge , there is poignant elegance.

Beautiful poise, precariously in balance.

Amidst the fury of the fire raging beneath.

She stand resolute in her calmth.

Not helpless but in knowing nature’s ways.

That in time, all is well back to base.

Beauty on the outside burns off into the ember,

Leaving an ashen pile of dust to remember.

Yet deluding the fury in being uprooted,

In the strength of the grounding firmly rooted,

Leaving an evergreen picture of poise,

She has that stoic stance of grace.

A pose of composure on destiny’s face.

In spite of a life abruptly denied,

She is the beauty of grace personified !

Savvy Raj

My above verses are my  humble dedication to all those life’s living and lived in inspiring ways inspite of calamity despair pain and loss. Inspite of unsurrmountable odds stacked against them,  those without hope who project unending verve and ebullience to live life in every moment.

  A heartfelt offering of respect and salute  to  the undying spirits of those who even in the knowing the evening is near still retain and  emanate the light of dawn in their hearts.   

Savvy Raj

The stunning capture of the Cherry blossom Tree on Mount Fuji in Japan

Image credits


Wisdom in the Challenges :5

Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …

The challenge draws a blank line.
The wisdom draws a full circle.

The challenge questions the issue at hand. 
The wisdom answers the question.

Savvy Raj



Art of Creativity: The Journey

The Mystic of this mistress is magnetic

Almost hovering on the hypnotic

And yet…

In the unforgiving toughness

Is the challenge to continue

In her demands to deliver

Is the discipline of approach

In the chiding of the critiques

Is the attempt to evolve

Beyond the punishing schedules.


And in that trusting knowing

Actors act, sculptors sculpt

Writers write, painters paint

Singers sing, dancers dance

Finding purpose in the passion

In the artistry of creativity.

And as art empowers in the connectivity

Life carries on…!
Savvy Raj


Behind the Scenes

Feel like sharing a blast from the past. 

I wrote this as a self reflective piece, on what it is to be a teacher, trainer or educator and its varied perspectives in life and living. 

There is always more than what meets the eye…

# Behind the scenes

When I say I am a Ballroom and Latin dance form trainer… there is this natural association with everything glamorous, high heels, fancy bare all clothes, svelte tanned bodies , hairdos and glitter, there is youth, shows and events galore, a fancy personal life filled with parties and a fabulous nightlife life may be .

 Far from it is the truth, actually it’s so much more than just that, it’s about raising your conscious awareness in harmony and balance of the mind and body .

It’s about empowering your mind and heart with care and understanding of the relative nonverbal communication  sensed through the medium of movement as patterns. 

It’s about taking time to internalize at times complicated moves yet being able to be at ease with your own self so much that the strain of practice never shows.

 It’s about making friends with your mental physical and spiritual body and creating a dimension of composure and gratitude for another to be inspired enough to want to learn from you.


It’s a huge responsibility, to make a connection with a human being and sustain it gratefully whether it is for a class a, a dance or a lifetime. Savvy Raj 

It’s a huge juggling act more so, if you have other interests as well, professionally and even personally, being a mother, a wife, a daughter and most of all a free spirit. Its about understanding the perspective of the space in between all that you are and all that you want to be and managing your creative resources the best you can.

As one fine tunes the self to understand and accept the value of the pauses between our moves we reach to our potential heights gradually and learn to be at peace within and around us. 

In the truest realm when we focus on any art form it’s about bringing discipline and dedication in every aspect of one‘s life , learning and growing all the way .In the journey that‘s ever enriching,  with experiences that must be savored along the way.

Savvy Raj

Member International Dance Council 

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Wisdom in the Challenges : 4

Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …


The challenge pushes forth seeking new horizons 
The wisdom stills itself in the knowing

The challenge searches heaven and earth 
The wisdom delves deep within.

Savvy Raj

Micropoetry : 4


Wisdom in the Challenges : 3

Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …

The challenge is to bring balance
The wisdom is to sense the balance.

The challenge seeks to fulfill itself.
The wisdom seeks nothing for itself.

Savvy Raj

Micropetry :3


Wisdom in the Challenges: 2

Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …

The challenge is to choose between the options. 
The wisdom to know the difference.

The challenge is to seek new ways of overcoming. 
The wisdom is to know there is always a solution.

Savvy Raj

Micropoetry 2


And life is a dance!


The light of your being

Light within your being

Is often enveloped in darkness

Acknowlege this divine guide within

Recognise its strength of purpose

And allow it to surface in time.

Like night gives into day

Darkness gives way to light

Trust the light of your being

Let it lead your way!

Was watching this lamp in my above photograph,  hanging in the room, emitting a gentle glow all around and sensed how similar we are to this lamp…. we often switch off ourselves from sensing our own inner light of being and assume momentary chaos and confusion of darkness to be a permanent situation.  A lit lamp is truly a beautiful reminder to our self to sense the light of our own being.

 Savvy Raj


To Dance is to Celebrate Life!


A vision A verse.On Dancing the Art of Movement.

Combining my other two passions Painting and Poetry.


For the love of dancing1

Dance with joy and not with friction

 Dance with awareness not with caution

Dance with grace not with distraction

Dance with gratitude not with a contradiction

Dance to feel your soul move and not just as an action

Dance in response to an action, rather than just as a reaction!



Dance with the heart and mind in rapt attention

Dance with expansiveness accepting correction

Dance often, in prayer and dedication

Dance with a conscious acceptance of  the divine connection

Dance with elegance and the harmony of completion !

 Savvy Raj


 Image Credits  Savvy Raj

 Titled :  ‘Dancing Connects ‘   My paintings and artwork  Inspired by Dances from across the world.

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Strike a pose

Stir swirl and swivel your passionate self. 

Just dance your heart out!


#dancelove #heartspeaks #dancingsouls 


On Compassion 


On Beauty


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On Nurturing  2

Parenting: The learnings in the nurturing.

Parenting is a long term learning process. With the first born every parent is going through a variety of emotions and various stages of parenting. It is true as an infant it is entirely on the parents-  be its safety, its cleanliness, understanding its cries for various needs-  all done with so much love and care without prior experience.  As the child grows  so does its mode of expression, tantrums, seeking attention, and the parents learn to cope up with all of it  like experts. Cherubic angels with devilish moods. It’s a 24/ 7 job with full focus. The teacher in the child starts teaching valuable lessons, you may have not come across so far in any university.

You have to constantly learn new techniques with every child. One lesson will not work with the other as they are different individuals teaching you to handle the same issues with various means.

You will be learning new lessons with every stage of their growing up. Infants to toddlers to kids, youngsters to teen agers, Young adults to grown up,men and women, each stage teaches you different lessons.
You will be learning new lessons on changing generations, their changing values,  how to maintain the balance and be a bridge to keep up the tranquility and peace at home. Though every phase has its testing period, it is challenging period when they are in their teens with their  need to balance their inner and outer worlds.  Once you cross that successfully you can enjoy a momentary peace till the next one starts.

Coping up with the the new relations that springs up in their lives, and the need to understand their changing priorities, to accept gracefully  and take the back seat in their life though they remain as ur priority , without regrets. Ability to know the strength of the bond though invisible still remains strong and intact. The list of life lessons the child teaches goes on till the end.

That is the way life has to go on.

And all the while we pride ourselves as parents and that we teach and guide our children!
Who is the real teacher here?

These are a few reflections from my mothers perspectives on Parenting.

There may be many styles of parenting and the nurturing they instill  may be relative to  what they received. There is no foolproof way to successful parenting as success is itself subjective. However the idea of nurturing  abilities and giving space for evolving  helps the  holistic development of individual.On Nurturing

In a nutshell …can think of  5 A’s of Nurturing as parents… but the list never ends .

Acknowledge abilities as uniquely significant.

Appreciate the good qualities & its application.

Allow the potential of  personal expression.

Accept the challenges as part of life

Adapt to changing nature.

What are your views on Parenting and nurturing? Do share.


Life is as you make it!

Life meets life

Life loves life

Life trusts life

Life births life

Life greets life

Life touches life

Life appreciates life

Life helps life

Life flows with life

Life inspires life

Life connects life!

Life hurts life

Life fears life

Life owns life

Life negates life

Life fights life

Life fools life

Life cheats life

Life hates life

Life fails life

Life takes life.

Life grieves life.

Life cherishes life

Life values life

Life nurtures life

Life goes on … such is the circle of life!



  Wheel of life.Artwork by Savvy 


On Giving & Receiving : 2

In the giving we find ourself
In the receiving we understand ourself.

In learning to give and  receive well we learn about our own nature.  How we feel in accepting a gift or compliment or reward or title… For many it is a task that is confusing to say the least especially how to accept a gift in a graceful dignified way.
Even more so however is how we learn to reciprocate what we receive and how to do so.
It truly is about reflecting gratitude . A gift well received is a gift in the truest sense or else it can be perceived in many other ways . How do you receive the gift you are given and how you care to express it back  can make all the difference. Although subjective to the giver and the occasion the way you acknowledge it is very important to the giver.

I remember this incident from my childhood…
Many years ago as a young kid at school,  I used to carefully collect and save my pocket money so as to be able to buy small gifts for my family and friends on their birthdays. I would forgo my little sweet treats at lunch break and put it all in a little purse.

Once it was one of my dear relatives birthday and I managed to joyfully search and  buy a beautiful bracelet, a trinket actually from the saved money and happily gifted it to her. But to my dismay …in a few days she went and exchanged my gift for something else  and I felt a little disappointed  for a while , when she told me casually about it only much later.  But then gradually I let it go and  accepted it as every person is entitled to their own taste of things. And I also felt,  what may appeal to one may not suit the other. To each his or her own ! 

All is a matter of a shift in perspectives. 

 As soon as you adjust the way you see things the so called issues that irk disappear on their own… but the question is are we ready to see beyond the niggling bits.

Lessons in life and living indeed!
A few more reflections on Giving and Receiving

Give with all of your heart 

 whenever and wherever you can 

Because you truly can .

Receive by expressing value 

In  heartfelt appreciation

 of what you have got 

Because it truly matters.

 For then in the giving and receiving 

 Is established a full circle 

of a contented connection.

And that will pave the path of grace

For more to follow along.

Give generously without any expectaion 

Receive generously in true appreciation.

Both are core of human nature in action.

And all is well in the circle of  interconnection.

When you give heartfully forget about it.

When you receive gratefully, remember it 


Tell me have you ever had a similar experience  
What do you think about it ?  How would you feel if your gift was exchanged… or have you exchanged a gift for another?

Would love to hear from you, do share your thoughts…






On giving and receiving.


When one shares from the heart, the result is always a regeneration of trust confidence and love in abundance.

With increasing love there is a decrease of needs and with that there is greater contentment and fulfillment!   

 A few things to keep in mind are… share without motive, share without ego, share with gratitude! 

The ones who share with acceptance writ  in their hearts are the ones who know the value of letting go enough to reaps its rewards.

Rewards that cannot be measured by time or days, as they abound in the infinite wisdom of conscious connections!

In the spirit of the Season you can join the dance of life in this now with all your heart and soul. And partake the pleasures of being there in both the receiving and the giving.

Savvy Raj