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Savvy is a fantastic teacher. She taught us the Jive and Twist and Cha cha as simply as possible. The steps taught with so much ease and at everyone’s comfort level. Beginners like myself learnt so many steps and now we feel confident that at least when a Jive, cha cha song plays we will be able to dance with the right steps and style.

All the best Savvy.

DR. DIMPLE PRAKASH Vancouver Canada


 A liberated Soul, down to earth, amazing honest, reliable, inventive, out of the box concepts in the space of training, dancing whatever the style . Savvy is superlative in her concepts, with very deep and detailed knowledge of her subject that of Dance and she can just get you to sway with her. Her tag line impressed me the 2 left feet on the dance floor the most ” ANY ONE with a Heart Beat can Dance”,,, God Bless and all the very best in your future endeavors ..

Savvy You Rock &Roll

Stephen N. Lawrence Moras
Life Coach & Human Resource Evangelist at INNOVATIVE MINDS



  “It’s been completely pleasurable experience learning at Dance Concepts.Their teaching style being very simple & easy to understand makes it more convenient for a student to learn. They understand that every physique takes its own time to adapt to any dance form & it works wonders for you as a student. Moreover they teach you to groove to original dance numbers as opposed to filmy. So feel free to go ahead & have fun with Dance Concepts.”

Ms. Anushree Shenoy

 Being non dancer you have fear and low confidence level for dancing. Best things about Dance concepts is that they give you comfort, time and space to dance which increases ones confidence and after few hours of dancing you feel that you know how to dance since decades. You will feel so comfortable while dancing and you can even dance with professionals without any hesitation. Thanking You

Mr .Satyen Trivedi

 After a long time I am doing something which I waited to do always. At Dance Concepts difficult steps are taught in a simplified manner. You get more comfortable and confident. You start using the muscles which were not used in your lifetime . you lose your inhibitions and become more interactive . Above all you start enjoying life .



 Just thought of starting something new, learning something new, so why not dancing different styles. I entered this class with a concept and eagerness to learn salsa, but we started with Jive. Sp after 2 to 3 classes of Jive I started enjoying myself so much that I ended up learning Jive for 2 to 3 MONTHS AND IS STILL CONTINUING TO DO so. It is such a lovely experience. I am enjoying it thoroughly.



 At DANCE CONCEPTS initially we enroll as simple dance students but gradually it brings contentment peace and pleasure from with in.We grow as better individuals as we go along each dance session with new dance styles and become more confident .When I had enrolled I was going through severe depression and frustration but unknowingly I grew more confident and positive and ready to face the ups and downs of life with better understanding and awareness.

I am not a person who can completely rid my mind of the backlogs and stress but here at Dance CONCEPTS I JUST LIVE FOR THE MOMENT AND FEEL MORE REFRESHED AND ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT LIFE . With the strength to face hurdles with better understanding. Isn’t yoga and meditation all about spirituality. Well I find my spirituality and mental peace through dancing with Dance Concepts’ Live this moment with DanceConcepts and you would not just learn dancing but etiquettes and good manner and evolve as a better person. My daughter has also benefited a lot through these class and now I am keen for my son to learn too…



 It was a wonderful experience learning from you. This is the first time I tried dancing was a great experience. If possible would like to learn more about social dances and Jive. Thanks for the inspiration.



  I met Savvy when I had lost touch with this amazing form of art and was dying to get back. The moment I met her I sensed that she would play the perfect mentor to help me start moving my feet again. Such was her friendliness, compassion, integrity and not to forget her amazing smile which put us at ease while learning different demanding dance forms. She has an amazing knack of understanding an individual’s strength and learning speed and then patiently work with them at their pace. She breaks down the difficult dance sequences into short stints and works with you to perfect them slowly and steadily until you are freaking amazed that you could eventually perform the whole dance number. However most of all its her behavior as a person which inspires everyone to put their burdens back and enjoy life.

I want to wish her all the best in all her future endeavors as she helps instill confidence and joy in even more lives in the days to come and liberate them from them inhibitions.

Cheers to life Manish
Assistant Vice President at Barclays Wealth

 Savvy gave us the confidence that even at our age we can be graceful dancers and feel comfortable in social dancing.. More than anything, she worked with us at our pace – giving me and wife a sense of our own abilities.

We first learnt Jive and then about 6 months later joined Salsa classes.. Savvy enabled us to make smooth transition between different dance styles – all the time ensuring that it is not just repetitive dance practice but a lovely mix of Toning, Strength building, Understanding the Perspectives and finally being inventive in our own way while performing… This really gave us a well-rounded learning experience..

Savvy also came across as a thinking individual who explores the nuances behind the art and relevance of these in our personal lives..its about infusing enriching one’s own lives from every simple thing that we encounter and learn.

I wish Savvy all the best as she spreads the good word, helps more feet tap to the rhythm, free people from their inhibitions, to enjoy the rhythmic connect with own partners and finally understand the way dance is a part of our lives.. God Bless…

Ajimon Francis
Brand Valuation Consultant at Brand Finance


I enjoyed the experience of dancing with my fiance at Dance Concepts. Ours was going to be an arranged marriage. Hence, dancing together brought us closer and helped us shed any inhibitions we may have had with each other. The team at Dance Concepts did a good job of selecting the song to whose tune my wife and I would dance as a married couple on the wedding grounds. My wife and I had two left feet before we joined this class. However, at the end of 8 sessions we were confident enough to dance in front of the 500+ crowd that we would have at our wedding.The trainers pushed us at every session and made us believe that we could manage all the steps and more. My wife and I have received a lot of wishes post our marriage for the way we danced as a couple. This would not have been possible without Dance Concepts. I have already updated my friends and well-wishers about the role of Dance Concepts in helping us dance that well. My wife wants us to dance to the same song and steps on our 25th wedding anniversary. This is how enjoyable Dance Concepts made this learning experience for us. Cheers – Cedric & Wilma Dias Cheers,

Cedric Dias
Information Engineer

We came here to learn the Waltz for our first dance at our wedding. The first day I thought what am I getting myself into? But Savvy, you made it so easy for beginners like us. Those 2 hours, I would feel my wedding stress melt away. Thanks a lot Savvy very few people know to dance and teach as well. Keep up the good work!




Came with a thought of how difficult it would be to dance as I have never done it, but after coming here and learning from you had given me a confidence. Thank you so much Savvy for being so patience and positive in your approach. Thanks again!




– by Keith Britto

attended Dance

posted on 16 Oct, 2016

“Savvy is just excellent at what she does. Had enrolled for a jive course, a long time dream. Savvy made sure that dream turned into reality. In just 8 sessions that we had with her the basics of jive were absolutely clear. If you happen to be as lucky as us, you have to witness the father daughter combo (Savvy and her dad). They are just brilliant together Strongly recommend Savvy to all those who are absolutely passionate about learning dance, whatever the form. Cheers Savvy, thank you once again and hope to bump into you on the dance floor somewhere, sometime. “



– by Mrs Sanjana

attended Latin American Dance

in Jan,2014

posted on 08 Jun, 2014

“I found Savvy Raj through friends and soon my husband, daughter, son & I started attended her Latin American & Ball dance. Savvy is a professional & renowned dancer. She has taught me a lot and I’m more connected to dance both spiritually and mentaly. I’m very proud of my daughter for what she is today after atending her dance class. I have learnt that in a life one has to be a leader and other has to be a follower. I have found a different meaning in life after I learn dance from Savvy. I strongly, strongly recommend Savvy Raj to other student on UrbanPro platform who are looking to learn any dance forms.”



– by Wilson Jacob

attended Jive Dance Classes

in Aug,2013

posted on 29 Aug, 2013

“Excellent teaching. I was a on a 9 days short trip to Mumbai, Had a great learning experience with savvy madam Excellent, had a personalised crash course in jive and Cha cha along with other students. She teaches not only dance forms, but explains everything about the dance forms. She is not only a fantastic dancer with a natural flair for all the dance forms but also a great trainer too. It’s really worth having trained under Savvy madam. Thanks to Savvy maam “

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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. It is a pleasant truth to meet Savvy in Pune and that too at a spiritual fair.
    After knowing each other’s work, profession, she expressed her interest to do some work for blind kids, where my team tell stories, spend time with kids allowing them to explore more about life. Savvy came up with an idea to teach those blind kids; a wonderful art form called DANCE taking them into trust and confidence. It took 2-3 months to stand tall for dance and to put our shoes into the steps taught by Savvy for kids and myself too 😉 She has been a perfect human being, mentor for kids and inspiration to all of us being part of this wonderful life.
    I wish for her all the best in the now and great success.

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