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Live Life Lovingly!

I like…


I like ….

The old world charm of an elegant  Foxtrot 

The  magic in gliding  to a whirling  Waltz

The  tantalising  passion of a Tango

The sizzling chemistry  in a  Rumba

The gay abandon of a Samba

The freedom and gaiety of a Jive 

The  spiritedness and fun of Swing

The stylish charms of the Cha Cha cha  

The sensuality and speed of Salsa

The teasing hips moving to a Bachata

The synergy of a march in a Merengue

The flamboyant  frills of a Flamenco.

I like it all and more 

And yet most of all I like the simple joy of dancing naturally. 

I like…

The touch of pen to paper

The flow of colour on canvas

The smell of a brand new book

The joy of reading  and writing

The rhythm of rhyming stanzas

The soulfulness of a profound poem

I like …

The smiling eyes of a happy child 

In the joy of holding a present unopened 

The caring ways of friends so dear

The warmth of a genuine  smile.

I like…

The peace in every mindful moment acknowledged…

The morning walk on a sandy beach

The  gentle waves embracing my feet

The smell of the first rain invigorating a patch of earth

The fragrance of jasmine  flowers 

The whiff of warm enchanting  woods

The chirping of birds in the trees nearby

The caress of a  breeze so cool

The  chill of winters day

The twinkling of the stars on  a clear night sky 

The passion play of a full moons day 

The dancing lights of twilight  

The shimmering moonlight on a tranquil  lake

The magic of morning break at dawn 

The enthralling evening shadows playing at dusk

The enchantment  and rapture of a saxophone 

The twang and elan of a accoustic guitar

 I like…

The smell of fresh ground coffee waiting to be sipped 

The aroma of baked goodies out  from a hot oven

The melt in the mouth bite of a dutch truffle cake

The steaming cup of tea on a cold winters day 

The tinge of a touch of warmth of ginger 

The  spice n flavour of aromatic cinnamon

The  chewy goodness of a oats and raisin cookie

The crispiness of a chocolate chip cookie 

The quench of thirst from a pure glass of  water 

I like  it all and so much more…

Yes there is so much in life to like and love

The list is endless! And I am pretty sure  it is the same with you  :))


 ‘This is a mindful and gratefulness practise that I do every once in a while …. What we like may be very unique and may change with time, but that is not as important as acknowledging it . Gradually we learn to see the bliss in the blessings. To acknowledge the simple pleasures of life and living is to know its worth .Try to make your own list … adding as you go along and you will soon have so much to be thankful for that you learn to live like this moment is completely worth it and never take a moment of life for granted.’ Savvy

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Spirit of Resilience

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The calm’th of the sea terrifies me

As I walk in the waters engulfing my knee,

Not a single wave does ride

Just as if no flicker of hope is left for me to pride


There is the memory of all that is conceded

Of all that is seemingly  receded.

But I will not have me capitulating

In  despair however frustrating

Even though the future may look bleary

never for once my trust and hope will vary.


Though I thought my spirit had reached the point of going berserk

My muddled mind prefers  fortitude even in momentary oblivion than to it havoc wreck.

My abode once a cynosure of a loving hearts, is now wrecked in the debacle.

To what heights can resilience tackle?

Of troubles that seem to reach the welkin ,

Of travail through fathomless depths yet in the making?

Yet  I do not seethe! I do not seethe!

Savvy Raj


Artwork by Savvy Raj  Title : ‘Spirit Of Resilience ‘

The above artwork titled  ‘Spirit of Resilience ‘   is about arising with your inner strength amidst the chaos  and finding  and building strength in the each other to bloom again . The Spirit of Resilience ‘   has been  has been in my thoughts after hearing the news of the earthquake in Nepal  and India  and so many other areas. . My heart goes out to the lives lost, stuck under the rubble or engulfed by the water,  and to the hapless vicitims of  war  atrocities  or flooding or droughts  across the world .

My heartelt  homage to the spirit of resilience in the people that overcome all odds ….  all the disasters and calamities whether it may be the earthquake which shook Japan, Nepal  earlier , or the recent  Chennai Deluge closer home .

We are one soul in many bodies , the spirit of tenacity carries us through beyond the unsumountable odds !With deep belief in the power of positive heartfields I request my readers to please join me from where you are  in  heartfelt  prayers  for restoring hope and faith to those in the affected zones  .

Spirit of Resilience by Savvy Raj




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Leave footprints if you must .
On the sands of time in trust
Just remember ….
No footprint is totally foolproof
to be washproof

All is a game
like the tides that tame
Even the strongest surfer …
Eternal to all is time and nothing else
And sparking in the cosmos we are all just wayfarers

Tread softly
Love authentically
Live lovingly
Behave empathically
Speak truthfully
Move consciously
Grow gratefully !


Wisdom in the Challenges

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Title :Circle of Life  Artwork by Savvy Raj


Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …

The challenge is to float when you feel you will drown
The wisdom is to sense a challenge coming
The challenge is to tide through the tough times
And wisdom is knowing this too shall pass
The challenge is to choose between the options at hand
The wisdom to know  the difference
The challenge is to seek new ways of  overcoming
The wisdom is to know there is always a  solution
The challenge is bring balance
The wisdom to sense the balance
The challenge seeks to fulfill itself
The wisdom seeks nothing for itself
The challenge pushes forth seeking new horizons
The wisdom stills itself in the knowing
The challenge searches the heaven and the earth
The wisdom delves deep within
The challenge draws a blank line
The wisdom draws a full circle
The challenge questions the issue at hand
The wisdom answers the question .
The challenge  seeks to resolve for peace
The wisdom is in the path of peace
The challenge  competes  to win the war
The wisdom  collaborates and creates peace.
The  challenge is a test of the spirit
The wisdom is a way of the soul
The challenge seeks new way of seeing
The wisdom knows the way of being.
The challenge  is keeping the spirit alive
The wisdom is knowing it is not the end
The challenge seeks
The wisdom knows
In seeking there arises the knowing
There is no one without the other.
Savvy Raj

Core of the Vortex



Aura Corona Energy unto itself

Artworks  By Savvy  Titled:  Aura Corona : Energy Unto Itself



Monumental energy created at source

Creating designs across the space

Encoding the patterns in the flow of force

Spreading beyond planes of existence at it’s mystical pace

Core is never static yet centered

Strength of the vortex emanates from the core

Spiraling across the boundaries of space, undettered

Propelling the matters dancing in between to explore

To reach beyond knowing

Arise from the depth of intention

And deep rooted conviction, simply know the flowing

Without any bones of contention.

With perfect centre never guaranteed

All is meant to be in every form it is taking

With perfect transition never implied

Know in time the vortex blends in its own making.

Savvy Raj