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Empathy … A way of life!

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Empathy is living consciously, sensing and aligning, the union with the true nature of your soul which is pure unconditional love. In this understanding of Empathy, is the path toward a better world filled with peace and harmony. It is the need of the moment across the world to build a sense of unity .

A few reflections in the journey towards Cultivation of Empathy…..

Let there be collaboration and cooperation than competition.

Let the drive towards achievement of goals  move beyond the I  me & myself .

Let us care to remember  always that what affects the world effects each and every one of us.

Let us care to acknowledge how interdependent we actually are. As the profound saying goes- ‘We are not only a drop in the ocean but we are the entire ocean in each drop’. 

Let us  care to  trust believe and have the faith in being ourself, a simple step towards refinement of our consciousness towards empathic living .

Let us accept that although we may all be housed in different bodies and be distanced by space and time but we all breath the same air and are made up of energy from the same magnificient source.

In such a humane connect….  there is a truly beautiful feeling of evolving  with the awareness of the empathetic consciousness of our being!

 I am because you are….  we are because they are.

 Savvy Raj



Another Circle of Compassion

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My Artwork Titled :Cohesive Attraction A circle of life interlinked in cohesive attraction of Loving kindness .

The path of compassion knows not separateness 

Flowing  in love with  life in  lightness

 In  the sparks of  surging  intuition

to be tender and to move with compassion

  beyond mankind to all living being.

In the depths of compassion is an understanding

  of another soul  in recognition

 And owning of the joy and sorrows in  reflections

 So join in to  experience the embrace of compassion

Beyond intellect and reason and other illusory delusions

 Simply Connect with heartfelt expansion 

Join the Circle of Conscious Compassion

Savvy Raj


I would love to  hear your ideas if any so please care to reach out and share your ideas on  how  we can make a difference to someone somewhere and how we could collaborate  to make that come true … Savvy