kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

kindness in giving creates love


Profound  words of wisdom  from the great master! Always believe that when you share some kindness the well of kindness springs up some more , whether in your thoughts , in your deeds or in stillness too. Whenever you give with a compassionate heart and the receiver accepts with gratitude and appreciation  , you have both  made a foray knowingly or  unknowingly into the dimension of empathetic living .

There is great abundance of learning to be shared , as learning is never limited, it is endless and ever regenerating in itself … what I perceive to understand enough to confidently boundlessly and gratefully share  with the world  in my own unique way will itself become a transformed  knowledge in the hearts of the ones I shared it with the power of positive change in itself .As their interpretation of that knowledge will be according to their creative inputs in understanding that learning in their own unique way … which they will eventually share in their lifetime in their own creative way .

Then the incredible happens! With every sharing there will be depth and dimensions a new, which in turn will pave the path for greater clarity and wisdom . However the choice of walking the path is one’s own! When one shares from the heart, the result is always a regeneration of trust, confidence and love in abundance ….With increasing love there is a decrease of needs and with that there is greater contentment and fulfillment!

A few things to keep in mind are, share without motive, share without ego, share with gratitude! The ones who share with acceptance writ  in their hearts are the ones who know the value of letting go  enough to reaps its rewards. Rewards that cannot be measured by time or days, as they abound in the infinite wisdom of  a Circle of  conscious connections …

Savvy Raj


My Artwork Titled :Cohesive Attraction

A circle of life  interlinked in cohesive attraction of Loving kindness .

Sharing the loving kindness in these words by the Albert Schweitzer ..”.until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things , man will not himself find peace ”.