Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



Make your purpose

Resonate magnanimity

Make it make a difference

To the world at large

May every cell in you

Sense its vibrations

Let the purpose speak

From the heart in deeds



The journey…

Our souls are infinite
Spiralling in the sensing
Mystical are its ways
Of the beginnings & the end.

Like spirals shaping itself
Into patterns in the illusions
Transforming in the evolving
The journey continues…



On Relationships

A poignant tale…

Are we waiting for some opportunity to meet someone dear to us?

The Age Of Relationships

The story of four close friends from school, who studied in the same school up to SSC.

At that time, there was only one luxury hotel in the city.

After the SSC exam, they decided that they should go to that hotel and have some tea and breakfast. The four of them could hardly collect forty rupees. It was a Sunday and all four of them reached the hotel by bicycle at ten-thirty.

Dinesh, Santosh, Manish, and Praveen started talking while having breakfast and tea. All four of them decided unanimously, that they would meet again after 40 years in the same hotel on 1st April.

“Till then we all should work very hard. It will be interesting to see how much progress has been made after 40 years,” they discussed.

It was also decided that the last one to reach the hotel then, would have to pay the bill for that day.

Kalu, the waiter who served them tea and snacks, was listening to all this. He said, “If I stay here till then, I’ll be waiting for you all.”

All four separated for further education.

Dinesh had left the city after his father got relocated, Santosh went to his uncle for further studies, and Manish and Praveen got admission to different colleges in the city.

Eventually, Manish also left the city.

Days, months, and years passed.

In forty years, the city underwent a radical change. The population of the city increased, and roads, flyovers, and malls changed the appearance of the city.

Now that hotel had become a five-star hotel, the waiter Kalu had now become Mr. Kalu, the owner of this hotel.

Forty years later, on the scheduled date, April 1st, at noon, a luxury car came to the door of the hotel.

Dinesh got out of the car and started walking towards the porch. He now had three jewellery showrooms.

Dinesh reached the hotel owner Mr. Kalu, and both of them kept looking at each other. Mr. Kalu said, “Praveen sir had booked a table for you a month back.”

Dinesh was heartily happy that he was the first of the four, so he wouldn’t have to pay the bill that day and would make fun of his friends for it.

After a while, Santosh arrived. Santosh had become a big builder of the city. For his age, he now looked like an old senior citizen.

Now, they both were talking and waiting for the other friends. The third friend, Manish also came in half an hour. On talking to him, both of them came to know that Manish was now a businessman.

The three friends kept looking towards the door again and again, wondering when Praveen would come.

Soon, Mr. Kalu came to them and said, “A message has come from Praveen sir. He’s asked you all to start with snacks, and he’ll join you.”

All three were happy to meet each other after forty years, laughing and joking for hours, but Praveen did not come.

Mr. Kalu said, “Praveen sir has sent another message, you three should order your favourites from the menu and start eating.”

The food was ordered, but even after they had finished eating, Praveen did not show up. When the three asked for the bill, they were told that the bill has been paid online.

At eight o’clock in the evening, a young man got down from the car and with a heavy heart reached the three friends preparing to leave the hotel. The three couldn’t take their eyes off the man.

The young man said, “I am your friend’s son Ravi, my father’s name is Praveen. Dad had told me about your get together today, he was waiting for this day, but he passed away last month due to a serious illness…

He had asked me to come late because if I had come early, it would have made you all sad. Dad had said, “My friends will not laugh if they come to know that I am not in this world, then they would lose the joy of meeting each other… I don’t want that.”

That’s why he ordered me to come late. He also asked me to hug you on his behalf.” Ravi spread both his hands with watery eyes.

Everyone around was eagerly watching this scene, they thought they had seen this young man somewhere.

Ravi said, “My father became a teacher and gave me a good education to become the collector. Today, I am the collector of this city…”

Everyone was amazed, Mr. Kalu said, “Now, it won’t be after forty years, but we will meet in our hotel every month, and each time there will be a grand party from my side….”

Friends, keep meeting your loved ones, don’t wait for any opportunity to meet someone, we never know when it’s time to get separated and we may never get to meet again…

The journey of life is also like a train journey. When someone’s station comes, they will have to be dropped at that moment. Only a few blurry memories would remain!

Stay with family, feel the joy of being alive..

Keep meeting your loved ones, not only on special days but also on other occasions, and sometimes without any reason too. May the tree of our relationships be nourished by the water of love, for whom we do not have to wait for any reason or opportunity to meet.

Dear friends, when you are reading this story, if someone comes to your mind, do talk to them for two minutes. We have all the facilities! ♾️

“We must take time for the people around us and enjoy the beauty of life.”




The company we keep

I am sharing three quotes on the same lines…do share your thoughts.

A man is known by the company he keeps” Aesop

Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.”Esmeralda Santiago

On Association

A beautiful explanation by Swami Vivekananda.

Today I take this opportunity to thank my fellow writers and readers who have been there supporting me in this journey 🙏



Power of Hands

Hands can create nurture

Construct and destruct

Such is the power of Hands

And the choice is our hands

Hands that care to nurture life

Is a blessing for nature. 🙌

The Caring Hand – Sculpture in Glarus, Switzerland by Eva Oertli and Beat Huber. Photos and about:


Infinite Possibilities

Take a moment to acknowledge

Your energy is where your attention is

Tune in to abundance that is in and around you

Sense the possibilities in the potential

Worries become negligible

In the immensity of possibilities

That you actually are.

Tune in to your infinite self


In between & betwixt



Caption this capture?

Taken while walking along the shopping streets somewhere in Europe when it caught my attention….

The first three words that came to me was, interesting, intriguing, ingenious.

There was also a certain simplicity that was striking.

Would are your thoughts when you see this photo?

I caption this ‘Cupclock’

Care to caption this capture ?



Creative flow…

Travelling in Creativity

Travelling light
Flowing free
Musings in the mulling
Limitless abundance
Unparalleled potential

Beyond bars, timeless
Harmony in syñchromy
Unassuming uniqueness
Unrelated ubiquitous



Body intelligence

Art of life

Is about living

With care and consideration

Being aware of moderation

Everything is best in balance

For excess is wastage

Of precious resources

When body mind and soul

Choose in consciousness

Tap into your body intelligence



On Worship & Flowers

Couldn’t resist sharing it.

Divine gratitude to the sender


Every morning I saw an elderly gentlemen 👴 picking up flowers 🌸💐 fallen under the tree 🌳and neatly keep in a basket 🧺, meant for temple 🛕 visits. His activity was making me curious

One fine morning 🌄 I saw him again, and decided to quench my curiosity.

I asked him, Uncle, I always see you picking up these freshly fallen flowers 🌸🌺 from the ground. What do you do with them?

I use it to worship deities and gods in my house 🏠, he replied calmly.

Now this was new. Haven’t heard anything like this before. So, I asked him again, “Why will you put fallen flowers 🌸🌹, when there are plenty on the plant itself?”.

I am helping the flowers 🌸🌻 fulfil their purpose, to be with the God in their last days. They also have life, they also want to be with God like you and me in our last days, isn’t it, he asked me. I just nodded and he continued.

People pluck the buds 🌷 which have not even bloomed, and some only pluck the one’s which has just bloomed, not even letting them release their fragrance. Everyone takes what’s beautiful and leaves the plant stripped off its beauty. See, how these plants look like, stripped and deserted.

He continued, every flower 💐 has a purpose, to be with the God. While everyone takes away what’s there on the plant, I choose to pick them up. It’s not their fault that they fell down. They also deserve to be with God.

You also try it, you will find peace and happiness in doing it. I find it, that’s why I did it. I am too old support anyone, but I can help these flowers 🌻🌻 meet their destiny.

I could just nod and smile 😊

With this new inspiration and thought, I decided that let me also try picking up fallen flowers 💐 for worshipping.

I crossed a hibiscus 🌺 tree and saw few flowers fallen under the tree. As I bent down to pick up, I heard a voice

“You don’t put fallen flowers to God”, it was my Mom speaking to in my head, and then I stopped for a second.

“God is only looking for your emotion & devotion towards him, so go ahead and pick up”, it was again my Mom speaking to me in my head

After much deliberation and looking at both sides, I picked the flowers 🌸🌻 and put it in my palms. I could feel goose bumps and my heart 💖 started racing. It was a very different kind of love I was feeling inside my body for these flowers 🌹🌸.

I got them home 🏡, washed them and placed them where they deserved, at the feet of God.

This entire experience was overwhelming. I felt good and nice about myself. I felt as if I have saved someone’s life or helped someone come out of misery. I had never felt this level of contentment before with flowers atleast. And I feel, I will continue to do this. Pick up who has fallen down.

In life, we always want to be around nice and beautiful people. We want to see ourselves with people who belong to our stature, and look down on people below our status

But, the real satisfaction comes when we help someone and make their life better. Be it a human, animal, bird or any other form of life.

So, why not flowers 🌸💐

Have a Great Day and God Bless Us All👌👍😊🙏👍


Yes You can.

Sharing my artwork today …

Yes You Can

If you only see

The myriad patterns

And colours of life

You will live to create

If you could only believe

In the vividly of the moments

If you could only sense

The magic life is meant to be

You will

Paint your life with joy in the flow

Unwrap this gift of life lovingly!

Just believe you can

And yes you can.



What if?

Nature Photography by Savvy Raj

What if ?

Flowers were green and leaves blue

All that you believe, flipped the script

Reality turns an illusion

And illusions a reality

Random thoughts turn specific

And what you focus on gets out of control.

Truth is…

Life is so much more than what you see

So different from your expectations

So many possibilities in this now

Trust life to unravel the pathway.

Hold on to hope in your heart.

And keep the wonder in you alive…




Heart of the tree

A vision that made me happy today

Cheer fills the air

Sun kissed leaves shining bright

The ground feels delightfully cool

Under the giant canopy

Fresh breeze and heady fragrance wafting through

Life is truly fine and well

Under this giant tree….