Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

World in your hands!

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Always remember you have the world in your hands
Your responsibility  extends beyond just your family  and friends
You are your own life’s master as long as you remember it is the same for all around you
They have all the rights to live just as you
Curtail not the freedom of one another, to be all that you are
As you are you more, when you value another to be their own
Relate to the wisdom of being the best you can
Remembering to live and let live …

Join hands to feel the worlds healing touch of togetherness
The strength is in bridging the gaps
And knowing that we can all together travel in shared lightness .
This beautiful  ball of blue  is a joy to behold
And it needs to stay so … for you and for me
Come lets carry this world
in our hands and our hearts with dignity and delight ….
Valuing the grace and beauty  that it upholds .
Yes you have the world in your hands

Savvy Raj

Flourish in forgiveness!

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Flourish in forgiveness and awaken to regeneration.

 In every step to forgive there is the silent contemplation.

The ability to see other perspectives and dimension.

An exercise in forgiveness is bountiful in expansion.


 One look at the stars above and the earth below

 Is all you need to know your place under the sun.

As the magnanimity of the universe knocks on you as times flow.

You reach the acknowledgement  that all is one.


Core is the source, in unity of consciousness.

  As every form follows an awakening of its being.

 Life manifests uniquely in all its profoundness.

To transcend beyond the limits of your understanding.

Savvy Raj

The Learning in the Sharing




A Sunday well spent sharing the magic of Dance with these endearing kids at the School for the Visually impaired children @ Pune .
Getting set to begin the Cha cha cha …





I went to teach these kids in my spare time
And came back with learnings for a lifetime .

I went there with a dance lesson to impart
And I came home with a gladdened  heart

I reached out to hold one hand today
And I was surrounded with tiny arms in sway

I shared with them some fun and glee
And I got in touch with the spirit of dance in me

I understand they may not see my face ever
But their memories are now my hearts  treasure forever.

These are a few children in the circle of love
Who cannot see but live happily in the now

For them time is in the sound they hear
Before you arrive they can sense you near

Life is a vision they imagine and sense
Their every movement is real without pretense

They have their insecurities loud and clear
But its  their spirit of resilience that makes them dear

Every step in their way is a test of skill
But they march on with steel in their will.

Yes I am grateful to interact with them upclose…
To sense the happiness that’s within us, if we chose!

Savvy Raj

Today I embark on a new journey . I wish me luck and hope to succeed in my endeavour . Am meeting the children of the blind school in Koregaon Pune and hope to introduce them to some Ballroom dancing. Technically knowing to dance well is not equivalent to knowing to teach dance well  and more so with the challenges in the making . I had promised  myself to visit and see if I can help bring any positive shift in my capacity . I have no clue as to how I am going to acheive this and yet trust to  simply  flow with the rhythm and beat of the moment.At the moment my entire being is tuned in to that moment of connection when I actually meet the children.(my reflections before the session )

 Excerpts from : Sharing the Magic of Dance …

I thank  Mr Uddhav a Compassionate Volunteer at the school  for introducing me to these endearing children. I look forward to seeing the children again .

Savvy Raj