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Circle of thoughts. 



Circle of Thoughts1

A vision & verse




A thought is a full circle 

From synapse to the sensing 

It travels beyond spaces and back 

Symbol of life in the buzzing.

Savvy Raj 
The above artwork  Titled ‘Circles of thoughts’ is a creative interpretation of encircling thoughts, it is also the first in a series of micro poems on interconnecting thoughts.    Savvy 

To be contd …

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Artwork by Savvy Raj

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5 Tips for Cultivating Self-Confidence 


yes you can

Sense Confidence… It matters! Savvy Raj




Change is the only constant. Highs and lows are part of life and living but very often when they are internalised subconsciously they get projected outward by your behavioural traits. They are then one of the parameters of how you are perceived in the world.

Developing an attitude to grow and evolve is a commitment to the self and valuing the importance of awareness.  In an extremely competitive and complex world that we live in today, our attitudes and behaviour can make or mar our personal growth. Often we are witness to dwindling self-confidence and self-worth and self-esteem issues in life.

Realising personal strengths and working with them by cultivating a great attitude is the key to imbibing self-confidence. 

And Yes You Can!

1:  List your strengths: 

Yes make an effort right now and make a  list of your strengths. If you feel there is none that you can see on your own then ask your close friends and family to mention it to you. CREATE THE LIST.

2: Stop comparing & believe in yourself:

Realise that you are different and that is often your best strength. Comparing oneself to another is travelling on a hopeless road to destruction. Latch on to your best self and believe in your authentic nature. Notice, nurture and know your good points. You are not in competition with anyone but yourself.

 3: Learn to say no:

There is no room for emotional blackmail and self-sabotaging behaviour by agreeing to everything and everyone in order to keep them in a happy space all the time. Your life matters and your happiness counts. Remember always you are important for you.

4: Approve of yourself and stop self-criticism: 

Take steps to care for your well being. Indulge in some free time just for yourself and choose the way you wish to spend it. Being assertive about your needs gives you an edge of certainty.


 Self-empowerment  is the key 

Take care of your body mind and spirit.  Trust yourself more. Choose to celebrate your accomplishments But keep that head of yours firmly on your shoulder and walk knowing you are in touch with the ground.  Be balanced and learn to be assertive whenever needed, it empowers you with confidence. And you will soon be projecting it.

5: Adopt a positive body language:

Accept yourself with your shortcomings remember no one is perfect. Then decide to avoid negative self-talks and choose to self-motivate yourself every day! Spend time with positive-minded people.  Avoid sentimental bullies. Do not mull in loneliness.


Live every moment the best you can. Because You Can!

You have but one life … make it your best!

 Savvy Raj 

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Wellness Mentor, Dance Educator & Trainer Motivational Speaker, Freelance Designer

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Bliss of Blessing!


Mother… Evolving in the learning About the preciousness of being. And of the wisdom emulating…. Providing and perfecting




Evolving  in the learning

About the preciousness of being.

And of the wisdom emulating….

Providing and perfecting


Sharing and smiling

Soulfully nourishing

The art of practising

A lifetime of unconditional loving


Caring and Comforting

Selfless and Sacrificing

Eternally Hope giving

Healing and Hugs unending



Divinity in action ever so  touching


Bliss of blessing.

Savvy Raj

PS: This post is dedicated to my  dear mother ‘Anjana’

Happy Mother’s Day  Mom  and to all  the  Mothers the world over…. :))


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A tap into Gratitude.

A mail to me this morning made me stop and smile and tap into gratitude with all my heart.

It was from my reader and friend now over the years, Robert Mason, who has been extremely supportive of my journey through the visions and verses.

A share of kindness and appreciation can be the spring well of creativity. 

A few lines in dedication to this kind and caring soul…

My dear patron,

Your compliments inspire me on my path

Your words encourage & your belief supports

Recently you asked about my art, vision and verse …

You asked me, where I create from

You asked me how long it takes to form.

You asked me from where warmth and positivity spring forth in my words.

Life they say, is the best teacher guide and mentor

Perhaps in the siftings of life and living

The colours of my art emerge.

Perhaps the sounds of words felt deep within

I sense again, in the verses I write

Perhaps the blow of incessant hot and cold winds of changes

Mellow my words with moderation.

Words are powerful I deeply believe

As I had written somewhere earlier too

In faith hope and trust

I care to send out my thoughts

That they may shift the perspectives

Of another’s thought to turn to the positive.

That they may bring the very same contentment

in the reading and sensing

to awaken the spirit and let their souls shine

With love and gratitude

In the realization of all that is.

That I feel deep within.

Beauty of it all is

That life continues

To be a great impactor

In the winds of changes.

There is much to understand and know

New learnings, new knowings

That teach as they are happening now.

The trick is to be open

And allow it all in the flow

To assimilate and acknowledge

This wealth of wisdom between you & me.

So I thank your questions here to me

As it awakens my spirit now 

To brave new frontiers of creativity

But with deep responsibility.

Thank you for the pause in my thoughts

You invoke with your caring query.


Significance of creative endeavors

Arise first from curiosity and care

And that propels new paths and purpose…

In this journey of life and living.

Savvy Raj

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The Paradox of Beauty


It is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…. as beauty can be a very subjective and a personal choice and experience of life.  This attraction or admiration, after all, is an interpretation of harmony, of proportion in the features attributed to a culture for beauty.

Is beauty measurable to a certain standard? Well according to the Golden Ratio, the ideal result for an attractive face would be 1.6.  Greeks believed a beautiful face is 1.6 times longer than its width. But then it has been refuted by attributing it simply to the ability of pattern recognition by humans. After all cultural differences have strange ideas of what is beautiful and they seem poles apart from each other. Such is the paradox of beauty!

From smooth skin devoid of wrinkles, a long neck and flowing hair, to face tattoos and body scars, long earlobes, shaved heads, pale skins to small feet, to full figures different countries and culture have different standards of beauty.

Take the case of some Eastern countries where straightened hair is considered beautiful and many are turning to chemical hair straighteners and flat ironing for holding up to standards of beauty. Girls in Mauritania,  West Africa when shown an article about liposuction, laugh so hard in disbelief as it shocks their concepts of what is beautiful. In fact, this goes to extreme measures like ‘Leblouh’ the practice of force feeding girls to have heavy figures and stretch marks like in Mauritania, to the overwhelming numbers of rhinoplasty in Iran and where women wearing post-surgical bandages consider it as a badge of honour and wealth.

The human capacity to appreciate beauty has perhaps radically evolved with the species and men and woman see and process beauty differently. Humans are complex beings and if beauty were a language, its expression would be unique to every individual with respect to their nature and nurture.

 So in the quest towards understanding the beauty and the ideals of beauty, there are many questions …

Is there a possibility of greater survival of what is considered beautiful.?

Or is the reverse true?

History is replete with numerous wars on account or on behalf of desire to possess own nurture, save and protect beautiful people animals or things.And beauty becomes a victim of situations and often is the cause of chaos and destruction.

The very beauty that emits an utter of exclamation of awe in the admiration of the exquisite creation can extract emotional outbursts and create and spread hate and malice, upheavals that can mar the course of peace in history and cause wars.

Beauty can thus become a two-edged sword.

Is there more to the reason there exists for the quality of beauty and its perception.The genetic codes that determine beauty can be there for the purpose of an evolution of the species and refinement in the subtlety of consciousness….

There is beauty in a soul that is kind without prejudice

There is beauty in choosing to transform to a better person inside out.

There is beauty in words spoken and deeds of generosity

There is beauty in making people feel valuable

As after all beauty is in the way you make another feel.


 Image Credits:  An Artwork by Savvy Raj  from a series Titled: ‘Faces’

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The Journey

In the fragility
Between the dream and reality
Amidst the knowing of an impermanence of being.
In the vulnerability
Of life and living
The dancing souls inhale and exhale.
And the dance of life
Carries on taking a cue
From each moment lived…
Emerging with every now
In the freedom to be
Building the bridge of belief…
In hope and faith
Trusting the journey
To lead the way.
The seeker and the seeking
Merge into dimensions unknown
Only to transform…
With the spaces between the thoughts
Creating moments that matters
In the eternal infinite plan.
Dear reader
Every step of our ‘Journey’ through time in life and living makes way for shifts in our internal compass. This is an intuitive guide on our path to create evolve and inspire the world.
As we learn to honour the steps we take
A better world we can all care to make.
Savvy Raj
Image Credits: A Digital Art and Verses by Savvy Raj.


A sense of it all…

Presenting my artwork:

Titled: ‘Transcendence– Clarity amidst the chaos in the Interconnects ‘.

From circles in the spheres

And shapes unknown

Of thought to imagination

You to me is a continuum

Of expression in life and living.

As you and I see it

In unique ways.

Every perspective

Every interpretation

Creates shifts in space

To accommodate every emergence

And all matters

In the infinity of being

Beyond scale or count

And boundless beyond measure.

Every single flicker in participation

Every bit of intention

Every action is your contribution.

Impacting the world for you and for me.

Leaving imprints in time,  altering the energy

Such is your value in the synergy.

Care to sense the responsibility

In making sense of it all!

Savvy Raj

All our insights and shares in understanding and the uncertainity, in clarity amidst the chaos, create the shape of things to come and therein is the reason to continue on the path of shaping ourselves by chiselling at a transformation towards transcendence. Savvy

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