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Beyond Labels

Bringing to application her sense of positive attitude and aesthetics,  Savvy Raj aspires to inspire individuals to achieve their personal best through her initiative ‘Beyond Labels’, her array of consultancy services from Personality Development assistance to grooming needs for a positive presence. It is the perfect platform that helps to reach out to make an authentic statement.

Savvy focusses on making a positive difference in her clients to help them holistically through Personal Consulting, which includes putting together a whole new look, feel and positive perspective to life and living, and is there to motivate them every step of the way. Each of Beyond Labels  unique services is designed to bring the clients maximum success and achieve their personal best by supporting them in finding a deep sense of truth in knowing who they are, and overcoming their self sabotaging behaviors and working with them  to achieve vision, purpose, freedom, flexibility and authenticity of their being .

Savvy is a dedicated Dance Educator, an Artist and Creative Designer besides being  a Member of the International Dance Council UNESCO. She is also a Personal Effectiveness Trainer  who chanced upon the idea of helping transform lives with her personal experiences as a Mentor and Positivity Impactor first  for her students on request and then their connections. Over the years  she has envisioned  building the foundation for her  Consultancy services  progressively and methodically, as always by focussing on the “bigger picture” !

 In addition to facilitating and sharing her dance skills through Dance workshops, she also writes passionately about dance and philosophy.  She works periodically for the local community taking up volunteering initiatives towards encouraging and motivating marginalised youth, senior citizens &  empowering women and to lead an active lifestyle by conducting special workshops for them.

Savvy currently offers the following  uniquely holistic services:@ ‘Beyond Labels’  

– Confidence Building    

– Positive Presence 

 -Self Empowerment  

_Creative Expression

If you are looking for a  positive impact or simply an improvement in your wardrobe, attitude for life, contact now.

To make an appointment or contact please email :

Also, check out Savvy’s blogs & Creative Inspirations & and follow her on social media.


2 thoughts on “Beyond Labels

  1. Savvy has been my dance teacher and a good friend for years. When I approached her a few years before I was feeling very low owing to lot of physical and mental abuses that I was taking from my husband. In a way I was going through depression. Then through dancing and her mindful sessions and yoga she helped me be very positive and taught me to look forward to a better tomorrow. I am really grateful to her for changing my outlook towards my life. I have now realized that if I would be happy and more contended with my life I would be able to help my family and friends better. She can do wonders with one’s perspective and behaviour,
    I had also accompanied her for dance sessions for the senior citizens. I am glad that she brought life into their lives and made them happier and more confident. With great patience she taught them and she is the best and the most passionate teacher I know of.
    Keep going, Savvy. God bless you, dear.

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    • Thank you dear Sanjana for your generous heartfelt wishes as well as for your trust and participation in those social initiatives as well. Stay Blessed always.


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