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Time to Care 















While we live at leisure in peace

Countless live in fear of war.

While we sleep safe, tucked in our bed

Countless are fleeing their homes

With rising terror and conflicts

There are countless deaths and destruction.

While we take our breath of air for granted

Countless gasp for a breath of air.

While we drink and make merry

Countless thirst for a gulp of water

While some children have pillow fights & pyjama parties.

Countless have no bed or clothes on them.

While we choose to waste the food on our


Countless starve, with no food to eat.

Many things we take for granted

Many things that we can help alter.

About time we cared in our sensing of the why.

As every one of those countless faces matter between the you and I.


Realization of  love, compassion and connection within and the ensuing actions in empathy is the beginning of  true wisdom.

Lets make way for a peaceful world.

Savvy Raj

Subtlety of Consciousness

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All matters


Every beat of the heart matters 

Every heartfelt intention makes a difference.

Every moment of time is precious.

Every blissful heart knows!

Savvy Raj



 Human Ethics & Money


There are somethings money cant buy like manners morals and integrity …. so goes the saying and I totally agree with it but I question how indifferent and complacent we are as human beings to how money has been ruling us and changing human ethics. And as the great Nobel Peace prize winner Eliezer Wiesel says  “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

Money talks and how…

Education to employment and even health care and all welfare services are about money first.Even a decent old age home come to retire gracefully comes at a price.

Without ability to pay a lumpsum as fees you cannot dream of going abroad to study. And the home scene is all about donations for a seat in many top institutions. Transperency in operations is still a long long way from home.

Yes money was invented by humans as they evolved and it has changed the way we evolved in time. The value we have for money as it can get  what we need is also understandable. But often humanity is forsaken for a few dollars more.

Feel like sharing a few musings by my mother on money…and changing times.

“All these great talks about money, that money can’t buy you happiness, health or money is not everything, or you can’t take a single coin with you when you die and so on…So many other such talks all must have perhaps preached or heard. Very very true meaningful advice indeed but all these are true when you have enough money, if not excess, with you.

Otherwise for all the unfortunate have nots, money is everything. Their thoughts revolves  24/7 around how to pay for the next meal, pending bills, rents, fees and other basic necessities, future security disturbing their sleep, relationships, health, happiness and above all mental peace.

Even so many spiritual leaders who live a lavish life style and advice the masses the transient nature of NATURE , do so only to those who can afford their hefty fees and donations for their charities  etc.

In today’s world nothing comes free… Love,affection, family values, respect in family and society, good health all are  turning to be money oriented.  Though death may come free the proceeding rituals need money, that too a lot…
Prayer is one thing that is so private between you and God. sadly you can’t even go near HIM without money. Take the case of certain holy shrines charging a fee for a darshan.

Fortunate are the few who realize that he resides in you and everywhere. You can have a prayer just as powerful wherever you are, as in the powerhouses of all divine places which have many a times been converted into commercial praying places where the divinity continue to have their positive vibes but are readily available up close only to those who can afford. Status quo everywhere seems to be decided by money potential.
In the present scenario money power, like air, is everywhere.

Gradually the whole society is becoming money centric. How has it happened? What brought this change in the attitude of the whole society and who is responsible? “

Any answers?


Music matters.

My friend Max the music lover  recently raised many pertinent questions on music on his interesting post most importantly whether music is still music.

 ‘Is music still about music?’  

Changing times reflect the changing music. The heart knows what it wants and guess we tune in to certain frequencies that resonate with our being.  But we also need to take into account our physiology and emotions playing a major role in our choice of what appeals, having said that I see music of today catering to quite a cross section of choices and customizing to varied segments in the genres .  Speaking of which  there are so many new genres today.  Mainstream music too is divided and the success and hits are truly about reaching out and making an impact through  clever marketing  gimmicks of social media, mega bucks and  the smart exposure through social branding and image building. Yes the world of music is getting more and more complicated indeed.

 Song and Sense vs Noise and Nonsense

 Are times gone  when songs were composed and enjoyed as an art purely for the sake of evoking and revelling in a certain feeling.   Such musicians now are a rarity  and maybe far and few, subdued and marginalized as a minority. Perhaps many are clueless how to survive by adapting to fast changing times and tastes.  It is truly getting more and more about fame and fortune and about selling gigs and minting money on the go. Majority of it is so much about daring innuendos in lyrics that leave nothing to imagination often senseless without any inspiring or impactful message.  It is often all noise and nonsensical words without anyone getting a hang of what it truly attempts to convey.  Perhaps this world is too busy running a rat race and has no time to appreciate the profound. Who knows,may be an app or two are already out there to help in doing so.

Role of Money vs the musician and his music.

Music is a creative endeavour that is born from a labour of love for the art and appreciation of the notes the beats the rhythm, tbe lyrics the melody etc   all coming together in the synchrony.  So every musician feels justified about his creativity as it is truly unique.  Yet countless singers songwriters composers  of all times often  may have experiences of choosing between creating songs for the audience and songs from their heart as for oft it is a compromise to create or perform to cater to the masses. So it is truly a wonderful  treat when the two come together in harmony.

In defense of the music and the musicians  

Music can be elusive yet effusive 

Explosive and yet an epitome of blissfulness.

You may choose to dance and flow it with it  

And know how  blessed are those

Who can create music to tune into

Yet you may not own it 

You simply owe it your joy!!

Ever green Music : Bonding boundlessly

 Speaking for an evolving world ….Sure these are changing times we are hearing more and more experimental sounds and the new generation is ready to break new grounds and shift perspectives. But the truth of the matter is some songs stay evergreen no matter the era or genre and all ages tune in to listen  and enjoy it and bond in the name of music. Now thats what I call music . 

Music is eternal and has no timeframe as we tune in we care to  listen and enjoy the sounds in the space between the notes. 
If you think likewise as well would you care to share one of your all time favourite songs that fill up your senses and makes for a great listening experience…

 I have a huge list and here are a few that come to mind now…
Unforgetable by  Nat king Cole 

What a wonderful world! Louis Armstrong

Imagine John Lennon

Stand by me  Ben King 

Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel

Blowing in the wind  Bob Dylan

Hotel  California Eagles 

Heal the world  MJ 

Dance me to the end of love Leonard Cohen

Sway Micheal Bubble 

My list will go on…   how about u?

Care to share your favourite song?



Breathe in Peace

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Breathe in ease breathe in peace and you will breathe out love. Our breathe is an energy in action that interconnects us all and even subtle positive changes can gradually cause profound vibrational impacts.

Breathe in peace breathe out love💙💙💙

Savvy Raj 

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Art is a Creative Expression, a passion at play with the power of profound manifestations,  limitless in awareness & boundless in self belief.

Savvy Raj

Precious Life


‘Precious life’ by Savvy Raj

Inhale life let your senses invigorate

Come fall in love

With the many charms of your precious life😍

Savvy Raj

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Wisdom of Changes 

Wisdom of Change . An Artwork by Savvy Raj 


The light of your being

Light within your being

Is often enveloped in darkness

Acknowlege this divine guide within

Recognise its strength of purpose

And allow it to surface in time.

Like night gives into day

Darkness gives way to light

Trust the light of your being

Let it lead your way!

Was watching this lamp in my above photograph,  hanging in the room, emitting a gentle glow all around and sensed how similar we are to this lamp…. we often switch off ourselves from sensing our own inner light of being and assume momentary chaos and confusion of darkness to be a permanent situation.  A lit lamp is truly a beautiful reminder to our self to sense the light of our own being.

 Savvy Raj


To Dance is to Celebrate Life!


A vision A verse.On Dancing the Art of Movement.

Combining my other two passions Painting and Poetry.


For the love of dancing1

Dance with joy and not with friction

 Dance with awareness not with caution

Dance with grace not with distraction

Dance with gratitude not with a contradiction

Dance to feel your soul move and not just as an action

Dance in response to an action, rather than just as a reaction!



Dance with the heart and mind in rapt attention

Dance with expansiveness accepting correction

Dance often, in prayer and dedication

Dance with a conscious acceptance of  the divine connection

Dance with elegance and the harmony of completion !

 Savvy Raj


 Image Credits  Savvy Raj

 Titled :  ‘Dancing Connects ‘   My paintings and artwork  Inspired by Dances from across the world.

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A way of life…

Love the life you have and sense the happiness in around  you that asks for nothing but your being there. Live life lovingly😊 Savvy 


Circle of Contentment 

Sense Contentment

A sense of both appreciation and contentment  are deeply inter-related as well as important in our life and living …. Savvy

Appreciation is sensing contentment for the gifts you receive.

Appreciation is sensing gratitude in giving.

And Contentment is sensing gratitude in receiving. 

Be generous in giving appreciation.

And grateful in appreciating  the receiving. 

Sense Contentment in the giving and receiving .

Savvy Raj