Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



A journey so unique

Magnitude of creation.

Whole and complete.

When luck favours

Path of choice

Changes destiny

Opportunities galore.

When luck runs out

Opressive and intolerable

Insecurities abound

Trying times drying out resources.

And yet…

Times moves on it’s course…

Coffers empty to be filled again.

Luck charms it’s way back.

Such is the way

Of the cycle of life

Circle of life and living


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Time to Care 















While we live at leisure in peace

Countless live in fear of war.

While we sleep safe, tucked in our bed

Countless are fleeing their homes

With rising terror and conflicts

There are countless deaths and destruction.

While we take our breath of air for granted

Countless gasp for a breath of air.

While we drink and make merry

Countless thirst for a gulp of water

While some children have pillow fights & pyjama parties.

Countless have no bed or clothes on them.

While we choose to waste the food on our


Countless starve, with no food to eat.

Many things we take for granted

Many things that we can help alter.

About time we cared in our sensing of the why.

As every one of those countless faces matter between the you and I.


Realization of  love, compassion and connection within and the ensuing actions in empathy is the beginning of  true wisdom.

Lets make way for a peaceful world.

Savvy Raj


 The Infinite Being

 Infinite is the truth of our being. And Life is to live …beyond just the existing! 


An Artwork by Savvy Raj 

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Circle of thoughts: 6

Circle of thoughts6

A vision a verse by Savvy 



​In expanding circles & connecting with the world

Increasing awareness increasing understanding

The energy in the synergy, calling to action

Collectively changing,  a conscious expansion.

Savvy Raj

This above artwork  Titled ‘Circles of thoughts: 6’ is a creative interpretation of encircling thoughts, The verses that follow is the sixth part of my series of micro poems on interconnecting thoughts.    Savvy 

To be contd … 

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Artwork by Savvy Raj

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Circle of thoughts: 4

Circle of thoughts4

A vision A verse


If thinking is a process of thoughts

In leading or following our thoughts

Are we leading thoughts?

Are we following thoughts?

Savvy Raj

This above artwork  Titled ‘Circles of thoughts:4’ is a creative interpretation of encircling thoughts, The verses that follow is the fourth part of my series of micro poems on interconnecting thoughts.    Savvy 

To be contd … 


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#Micropoetry 1#tetrastich #visual verses

Circleoflife #wisdom of change#A sense of it all#subtlety of consciousness #inside outside

Artwork by Savvy Raj

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Circle of Life 

 My artwork Title : CIRCLE OF LIFE

# Unending Hope in Humanity 


Life gives unto itself

Such is the eternal circle of life

Humanity is the eternal truth in art

Deeds of compassion are matters of the heart

Touched by gratitude in the living

Appeased by simple love in the sensing

Moved beyond the self in the feeling

Humanity thrives on in the being

Art moves the heart of man

Like an artist who creates with a elan

Marking his life dedicated to artistry

Life flows through another creativity…

Regenerating in every stroke

Reviving in every florish

Patterns form in the shaping

Poetry emotes in the flowing

Such is the circle of life

Drawing us to hope beyond the strife

It matters not if ..

Art propels the healing through the hope of humanity

And life draws the meaning delving in the sheer artistry.

Circle moves on …

And life replenishes the soul of the artistry

And art bequeathes hope in humanity.

Savvy Raj 

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The Search

One of the greatest philosophers of India, Adi Shankaracharya founded the Advaita Vedanta, which is one of the sub-schools of Vedanta. Shankara travelled across the Indian subcontinent to propagate his philosophy through discourses and debates with other thinkers.

Sharing a lovely story which will give you valuable insight into the life of this great poet and philosopher and the wisdom of Adi Shankaracharya.

One night Sri Adi Shankaracharya, the great Advaita master, was desperately searching for something on the street outside his small hut. When his pupil returned from his errand, he saw this and curiously asked the Master, “Acharya, what are you looking for here on the street at this hour?”

Shankaracharya replied, “I lost my needle, I am looking for it.”

The pupil joined him in the search, but after searching for a while, he asked, “Can you try and recollect where you might have dropped it?”

Shankaracharya said, “Of course, I remember. I dropped it near the bed in the hut.”

The pupil, utterly astonished at the strange answer, said, “Acharya, you say you lost it inside the house, then why are we looking for it outside?”

Shankaracharya innocently replied, “There is no oil left in the lamp, so it is pitch dark inside the house. Hence I thought of searching for it outside since there is enough street light here.”

While holding back his laugh, the pupil said, “If you lost your needle inside the house, how could you even expect to find it outside?”

Shankaracharya simply smiled back at the pupil and the pupil got the message behind the acharya’s puzzling act.

Isn’t that what we do? We run to far away, temples and walk up mountains to search for what we have lost inside ourselves. We are all seeking outside what we have lost inside us. Why? Just because it is pitch dark Inside.

Silly, aren’t we?!

Light the lamp inside you and find your lost treasure right therein.

Speaking of, ego,fear,sadness,pain, pleasure, doubt, procrastination, craving, desire, ambition, wants, needs, accumulation…. all create mental clutter and stressful reactions.

Happiness, hope, way .courage, bravery, belief, faith, trust, confidence, perseverance, positivity, a sense of purpose and cultivating the ability to let go in understanding all create a sense of balance in the responses.

All is within us and so is the choice of what we wish to bring to light.

Simplify the process to make it work in tandem with your being.

Ask the question to the self and your thoughts will find the way.

We are wired to find solutions within us ….scientifically neuroplasticity speaks of the ability of our cells to stretch and acknowledge new awareness into our being.

Seek the answer in ways that are holistic and in tandem with universal truths of being.

Life is a cycle and this circle of life will manifest solutions in time.

Savvy Raj

My Artwork Title:  Wheel of Life.

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Circles of bliss!

My  Artwork Title: Circles of Bliss:  Positive Intention for our World.

Come help make this world blissful

Envelop the world with your own goodwill

Connect into  these circles of  bliss at your pace

Care to uplift life with your light of grace

Choose to believe in a better future

Embrace nature even just to simply nurture

Every intent invokes in the aspiring

To fulfil the path of its own making!

Savvy Raj

About me:

“Art is a creative intention arising from deep rooted emotion that connects the inner and outer world and bridges the gaps in the  conscious awareness.” Savvy Raj

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Wisdom in the Challenges

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Title :Circle of Life  Artwork by Savvy Raj


Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …

The challenge is to float when you feel you will drown
The wisdom is to sense a challenge coming
The challenge is to tide through the tough times
And wisdom is knowing this too shall pass
The challenge is to choose between the options at hand
The wisdom to know  the difference
The challenge is to seek new ways of  overcoming
The wisdom is to know there is always a  solution
The challenge is bring balance
The wisdom to sense the balance
The challenge seeks to fulfill itself
The wisdom seeks nothing for itself
The challenge pushes forth seeking new horizons
The wisdom stills itself in the knowing
The challenge searches the heaven and the earth
The wisdom delves deep within
The challenge draws a blank line
The wisdom draws a full circle
The challenge questions the issue at hand
The wisdom answers the question .
The challenge  seeks to resolve for peace
The wisdom is in the path of peace
The challenge  competes  to win the war
The wisdom  collaborates and creates peace.
The  challenge is a test of the spirit
The wisdom is a way of the soul
The challenge seeks new way of seeing
The wisdom knows the way of being.
The challenge  is keeping the spirit alive
The wisdom is knowing it is not the end
The challenge seeks
The wisdom knows
In seeking there arises the knowing
There is no one without the other.
Savvy Raj