Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Becons of Hope

Your choice to be who you are

Rests with you.

You choose the way you behave

Your attitude to life is your own.

Your behavior is yours to own.

Show up for yourself

Choose to be the best you can!

Choose to leave a heart print of hope

Whenever you can

Wherever you are.

The world will thank your being.

For thats what the world needs most.



Other side of Darknesss is Light

Darkness and Light are part of the same universe.
They come and go as if on contract
Light appears when the night unveils itself
Night appears when the light is overshadowed by the dark.

But in utter darkness comes the necessity of light
In burning light of the sun arises the need for cooling shade.
Both are cyclical in nature
Each a playing their part in the circle of life.



Learning from a free spirit

Today I write about my dear and very loving father…

Perhaps the most uncomplicated man.

A paragon of the free spiritedness of a child.

He has an uncanny ability to be happy like a child.

What he desires are little things like a child.

Yes, he knows how to get what he  desires

But the happiness he feels & expresses, in the most ordinary things

That is his blessing of simplicity.

Life can be an epitome of adventure and adaptability.

It can challenge you & test your resilience & reserves

But to be able to be in touch with the inner child in you.

No matter how  life takes its toll on you

Is the strength in the vulnerability.

I dedicate these musings today to my eternally ‘young at heart’ father.

For from him, I have imbibed many beautiful learnings
Will share three, especially relevant here…

  • To be able to find happiness in the ordinary things.
  • To be able to stay hopeful, light & positive, no matter the density in the moment.
  • To think well of all and make way for happy thoughts and share goodwill.

  • God Bless You Dad!



    Nature fascinates

    We explore it in unique ways
    Some of us lookup at the sky
    Admiring the infinite vastness
    Of spaces above and beyond

    Some of us look down  at the ground
    Preferring  to  dig deep into nature
    To witness the foundation  of living
    Exploring the very roots of the life

    Some choose to dream and envision
    What might be, in  hope for the morrow
    Some sit in stillness  witnessing their breath
    Knowing all the truths of life is within.

    Some prefer to dance with life
    In this now as it unfolds
    Accepting nature as it appears
    Preferring  to make best of its moments.



    A Gentle Reminder

    A Gentle  Reminder…

    As you go through daily life just care to remind yourself that you are being watched over and cared for… this will bring you immense peace and transmit universal love!



    Horizon Of Hope

    Every horizon once reached

    It reveals another

    Beckoning at a distance…

    Horizon is born of hope

    Of the beyond in this now.

    Horizon are meant to hope

    To aspire to reach beyond

    In the yonder across the horizon

    Where the sky converges…

    Is a matter of knowing

    There is always more

    Of natures grace.

    Such is the abundance

    Of unending hope.



    Wonder of life!

    Life is born
    Thoughts arise
    Creativity spurts
    Dreams envisioned
    Passions pursued
    In hope of dawn.
    Yet night falls
    Beween the dawns
    Some dreams shatter
    In the darkness unknown
    While some see
    The light of day!
    And Life is bettered
    Such is the circle of life
    Flowing in a rhythm
    Of its own making!
    Every Life chalks it’s path in time
    Arrives its meaning for itself
    The journey is unparalleled
    And uniquely carved.
    Such is the very nature of life
    And at every moment
    One can’t help
    But wonder…
    Such is the wonder of life!



    Do more

    Reach a  little  beyond
    Extend a little  more
    Move a little  more
    Add one more step

    As you reach a bit more
    Your vision expands
    Your understanding improves
    Looking back, notice lessons learned

    Step up and walk some more
    Reach out to help someone
    Do more than you think possible
    Be generous & grateful,without regrets.

    Touch a life,leave a kind word.
    Reach out a helping hand,
    Extend a heartfelt prayer for another
    Share a smile & go make someone’s day!


    Purpose of being

    A few reflections…

    Your life is not just your own, thinking so is an illusion.
    You are meant to be all that you can be.
    You have a purpose that is larger than your self.
    You are meant to live & reach out and be expansive
    You are meant to merge and emerge in the new circles of connection.

    The choice of being true to yourself is yours to make
    The patterns you create help expand the universe.
    The connections you make in your lifetime leave a pattern in the grid for another to sense and evolve in time.
    No two patterns are alike as the patterns are unique to your being.
    Your purpose then is to live your life to the best of yourself.

    Reach out to make a connection and experience the realms and yet staying true to your centre.
    As you learn your way back home, more will find their way back home in time and space continuum.
    To be Continued.



    Verses in flow… Day 1

    I am starting an experimental journey and would like to invite you to be a part of it.

    Everyday for the next seven days I will be writing and sharing a few verses in flow that you can choose to continue as well. Would love to explore the connection in what evolves through the week and see the interweaves in the interconnects.

    Day 1 Truth

    Everything has a beginning
    Nothing can materialize
    Out of nowhere.
    The beginning holds the truths

    Acceptance is the key
    To the entire journey.
    Make peace with it, make amends
    It helps smoothen the ends.


    On Infinite Potential

    Why do we believe this is it and this is all?

    There is so much more…

    We are so much more capable!

    Reach out…

    Explore the infinite potential of the moments at hand.

    Envision the infite possibilities in the horizon and embark upon them.



    On Goodwill & Gratitude

    Our life is simple or complex
    As we care to think of it
    For no matter, the state of life
    We can care to see beyond ourselves
    There is a world that survives
    On the fringes of existence
    The stark truths deliver us
    A reality bite of how privileged we are.

    Wherever we are in this world
    If we are alive and well
    If we have a roof on our head
    And sustenance to be nourished
    We should consider ourselves blessed
    And choose to care from our heart
    As life can be lonely & feel a little lost.

    There is much going on around
    That we cannot solve
    But often enough
    There is much one can do…

    All it takes is a few words
    To make another’s day
    Giving and sharing goodwill
    A kind word, a genuine smile
    In hope and trust.
    To leave the world in a better place.

    The truth of life is that it challenges
    Every minute of our now
    In one way or the other
    But then instead of seeking more
    What if we began living with gratitude
    Learning to enjoy this now as it is
    Living beyond simply existing.
    Then perhaps we can truly say
    We are alive to the life in us.
    Experiencing life in all dimensions.



    A Beautiful Blessed Day!

    Every morning is a proof
    Of another shift in her axis
    By our mother earth.

    We are wiser by a day
    After each and every night
    To emerge anew at dawn.

    Let our dawn spring forth in freshness
    Of our spirit for living life well.
    Let us discard the spurious.

    Let us work with empathy for nature
    Respectful of their presence in our lives.
    For we are made of the very elements of nature.

    Nature is in each of us.
    Earth wind fire and water and space…
    We are a force of nature.

    Let us move with care
    Let us proceed with dignity
    And never take ourselves for granted.

    Let us recognize the infinite intelligence
    Bestowed in our being by nature
    Let us be the best expression of our being.

    As we move closer to our authenticity.
    We will resonate to the truth of our life .
    We will move closer to the purpose of being.

    A beautiful blessed day to you all!



    Tall trees…

    A photograph by Savvy Raj @France

    Umpteen number of years gone by
    Though I lost the count,
    Nature got it etched on my trunk.
    I can’t remember when I was a seed or sapling.
    Today I stand tall being a witness to the passing seasons.
    I wither and flourish,
    With each passing year
    My branches multiply tall and wide.
    Though my hands try to reach the passing clouds…

    My roots stand firmly grounded on the earth.
    My secret of longevity
    I adapt to Nature
    Withering in Autumn
    Clad in the snow in Winter
    Rising to be alive with Rains
    Flourishing in Spring.
    Though I may look barren at times
    My creeper friends cloth me in green
    Till my canopy is filled with greens.
    To nurture and nourish withstanding Time.


    I am truly happy to share the above verses for this is one of my mother’s impromptu poems written in a flow, just a while ago, after I shared the above photo of a tree that I was drawn to capture with her.

    Tall trees that seem to touch the sky …
    devoid of leaves and blue skies with silver puffs of clouds floating by…

    I am currently in France and while sitting in a bus stand admiring a tree at a distance, I decided to take this photo as I found myself drawn to capturing the vision of the sky from the ground below through the branches as a canopy of sorts.

    Every manifestation of life is beautiful and significant in its own way. We often assume that a tree devoid of leaves is barren and ignore it. Yet there is so much to see and learn, respect & reflect from it.

    I loved the above poem by her for many reasons one of which is because, it reflects the wisdom of nature, that flows through us all maintaining balance and sustaining us in life and living.


    Rise Again

    A few musings from my mother’s heart that I feel like sharing here today!

    When we walk along the path of roses, thorns are unavoidable.
    It doesn’t mean we stop walking. Remove the thorns from our way and proceed further
    It may hurt. But It won’t last. Let’s keep going.

    Life is like a seesaw
    It keeps going and down.
    The fall and climb are parts of the life. Fret not if our efforts don’t yield results.
    The seed needs its own time
    To grow into a tree,
    The buds to blossom as fragrant flowers,
    The fruits and grains, to ripe to nourish
    Yet till then they need all the care and nurture
    So do our dreams, take its own time n
    our continuous effort to become reality.

    Waves fall to rise again
    Leaves fall to bring
    spring again
    Day falls to bring a new dawn again

    Arere we not a part of Nature?
    We may fall, be sure we will rise again
    Our dreams are the seed.
    Our patience is the time
    Our hard work is the nurture
    Our Faith and Hope, the nourishment.

    Success is waiting to be reaped.