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An Expression Of Manifestation.


Image credits: Fb Group Unique Trees

Saw this photo on a Fb group share and I couldn’t help pause and wonder about this expression in manifestation.

How beautifully it has orchestrated its creation

How artfully the artistry of photography has captured this brilliance of creation.

Every where we see nature emotes in magnificent awe-inspiring ways, the wonders of creation… in the trees, be it in a little leaf , a bud, in aging bark & trunk of trees , in the cloud paintings up above in the canvas of the sky or even in the dance of the waves in the sea…🙏


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “An Expression Of Manifestation.

  1. Spiraling Arms of Milky
    Way Trees Roots Touch
    Leafs Feed Tree Hold



    Tree in

    Leaf No Different

    Than Seed Leaf Feeds

    Falling to Soul Soils

    Feeding Birth

    Of Living


    Arms of

    Milky Way TreeS AGAiN
    SMiLes Savvy iNDeeD Art
    SPRinGS GoD iN LiViNG Trees

    A Reflection of All That Is We Create

    As Creator’s Eyes And Hands Yes Feet

    Dance And Song We BREaTHE Free NoW…:)


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