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Learning from a free spirit

Today I write about my dear and very loving father…

Perhaps the most uncomplicated man.

A paragon of the free spiritedness of a child.

He has an uncanny ability to be happy like a child.

What he desires are little things like a child.

Yes, he knows how to get what he  desires

But the happiness he feels & expresses, in the most ordinary things

That is his blessing of simplicity.

Life can be an epitome of adventure and adaptability.

It can challenge you & test your resilience & reserves

But to be able to be in touch with the inner child in you.

No matter how  life takes its toll on you

Is the strength in the vulnerability.

I dedicate these musings today to my eternally ‘young at heart’ father.

For from him, I have imbibed many beautiful learnings
Will share three, especially relevant here…

  • To be able to find happiness in the ordinary things.
  • To be able to stay hopeful, light & positive, no matter the density in the moment.
  • To think well of all and make way for happy thoughts and share goodwill.

  • God Bless You Dad!




    Grasp nothing
    That you cannot reflect
    Take nothing
    That you cannot  give
    Covet nothing
    That you cannot share.

    Expect nothing
    That you cannot let go
    Become like a mirror
    Reflect the light!
    Shine your truth!


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    The Way We See The World

    All of creation has a purpose to its being.

    It charts its course towards it.

    If we are able to understand  the reason for life is to be…

    As it is meant to be
    We will be more tolerant and inclusive
    We will think before we speak
    We will choose to see the good and nurture the good.
    What we choose to notice presents itself in many ways
    As  the way we choose to see the world
    The world mirrors itself to us.

    See the world with wonder and awe
    Choose to respect and be responsible
    Cultivate a sense of respect gratitude.
    For the infinite abundance called life!


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    Dance baby dance…

    Dance Baby Dance…

    As simple as that!

    Delight the soul

    Lighten the heart.

    When you move freely

    Beyond fear and apprehensions

    Beyond self doubts & restrictions

    Beyond assumptions & judgements

    You are in tune with the spirit within.

    Stay tuned in & keep dancing!



    Life & Living

    All one needs to do

    Is experience the journey

    Cos the destination

    Takes care of itself!


    Creativity then and now.

    It is amazing how creativity is enhanced by leaps and bounds in the age of the internet . Especially with an app ready for every possibility.

    Before the internet, drawing was a skill that was an innate gift or had to be honed by years of practical training. Back then artistry was challenging and time-consuming and most of all needed patience and dedication.

    Having developed a bit of interest in artistic pursuits I remember enrolling in courses to learn the art of embossing and decorating pots, learning the intricate art of henna on the hand as well as joining a fabric designing course at a very famous and leading fashion institute of those times which I truly enjoyed and excelled in. And I remember using the understanding to create and sell my artworks and being rewarded not only monetarily but also emotionally through the contentment of creativity becoming tangible. The course of learning and experiencing it all was truly very fascinating indeed.

    Today I draw a parallel on how one has to know how at the touch of a phone, the apps take you through the course at the speed you want, you can erase the art you create and redo at will, as often as you fancy. And most of all your drawings get texture, special effects and animation and you can even create a live 3d model for you to touch and sense!

    Technology can charm the living daylights of you indeed!

    Yet there are certain senses that are not touched upon…

    The feel of holding a brush of colour, it flowing on the paper, and at times may be in error and you working around it creatively.

    The sense of proportion in actually mixing medium and paints and getting the right shade.

    The touch of canvas or other mediums and the way it feels after the painting.

    The simple satisfaction of being able to feel connected to your artwork right through it all. It creates an intimate relationship between the art and the artist.

    To be fair Art today has evolved along the way, there is computer precision and ease of use through applications that take artmaking to infinite possibilities.

    The potential of an artist can increase leaps and bounds and endless pieces and options of colour choices can be churned out at the touch of a few keys. Everything is customisable giving the advantage to both the artist as much as the customer.

    The scope and reach of creativity through Art is definitely increasing and that is a development worth noting. Everyone can create amazing art now unlike before. And that is quite an interesting phenomenon. Knowledge is openly accessible for the user.

    In spite of the amazing advantages of technology, human emotional and creative connect is yet a challenge.

    But nevertheless, I have chanced upon apps that give a great sense & feel of creating art.

    Sharing a few of my earlier artworks.

    Savvy Raj


    We can…

    There is always something we can learn to do…

    We can learn to be more understanding and empathetic.

    We can learn to be caring and not controlling.

    We can learn to love than be lackadaisical of another’s needs.

    We can learn to be trustful.

    We can learn to believe in evolving together.

    We can learn to see the wisdom in the challenges.

    We can learn to trade our fears for faith.

    We can learn to stop those bullying another into submission.

    We can learn to live and let live.

    No one owns us and we certainly do not own another.



    Silence Speaks

    What is Silence?

    Silence is poetry in unspoken prose

    Silence is a dance in stillness to soundless music.

    Silence is a hush beyond the din.

    Silence is a projection of inner bliss.

    Silence is a prayer in its loudest form

    Silence leads and the path appears.

    Trust the lessons learned in silence.



    The Magic Circle

    “My mom smiled at me. Her smile kind of hugged me.”
    Palacio, Wonder

    Power to the Magic Circle….

    The hug is a magic circle

    All it needs are willing arms

    And a heart full of love…



    Slipping sands of time

    Interesting set of reflections , I just had to share…

    Hardly the day started and … it is already six o’clock in the evening.
    Barely arrived on Monday and it’s already Friday.
    … and the month is already over.
    … and the year is almost up.
    … and already 40, 50 … years of our lives have passed.
    … and we realize that we lost our parents, friends.
    and we realize that it is too late to go back …

    So … Let’s try, however, to take full advantage of the time we have left …
    Let’s not stop looking for activities that we like …
    Let’s put color in our greyness …
    Let’s smile at the little things in life that put balm in our hearts.
    And yet, we must continue to enjoy serenely the time that remains.

    Let’s try to eliminate the “after” …
    I do it after …
    I will say after …
    I will think about it after …
    We leave everything for ‘later’ as if “after” was ours.
    Because what we do not understand is that:
    after, the coffee cools …
    after, priorities change …
    after, the charm is broken …
    after, health passes …
    after, the children grow up …
    after, the parents get older …
    after, the promises are forgotten …
    after, the day becomes the night …
    after, life ends …
    And after that it’s often too late ….
    So … leave nothing for ‘later’ …
    Because always waiting for later, we can lose the best moments,
    the best experiences,
    the best friends,
    the best family …
    The day is today … The moment is now …

    The above post is replete with the wisdom of Now. It resonates so much, especially with two of my earlier share of verses… one penned by my mother…This moment!

    And the second my own verses called The Potent Now.



    Truths of life

    As Above So Below

    As Within So without

    As the Universe So the Soul…

    Artwork by Savvy Raj

    Truths of life.

    Life manifests itself the way you see it.

    Your words thoughts and attitudes

    Are powerful beyond your understanding.

    As you intend, you co-create the path

    The truth of life is within around and beyond you .

    Your choice in free will matters

    Your integrity of spirit and soul evolves along the way.

    Action creates reaction which needs to turn to response in awareness.

    Hurry or worry is simply a state of the mind and emotions which needs understanding to let go.

    All is a work in progress

    A continuation in the evolution.




    Love is a gift of life
    Our life is full of love
    We are born of love
    Love brings meaning to living

    True Love is a beyond words and action
    It is in the sensing of hearts and soul
    The spirit of love shines through us
    Whenever Love finds its way in us.

    When Love speaks listen well
    As it is meant to bring harmony
    And peace to your being
    For without love there is discord.

    Love is powerful
    It changes the course of destiny
    Love makes the world go around.
    Be faithful to love.

    A lack of love creates disease
    When love flows between hearts
    There is abundance and joy
    And true sense of well being

    Be in love with the world
    Beyond Around and within
    For love is the answer
    To every human problem


    Puzzles are meant to fit

    We may not know how or when
    We may often question why
    We may feel ousted by fate
    Our sense of destiny is at play

    But if only we could give
    trust a little chance ..
    For when the time is right
    Every piece of puzzle fits in perfectly.

    For puzzles are meant to fit.



    Creativity & Appreciation

    Creativity is propelled
    In every appreciation of what is…
    For creativity feeds on creative thoughts.
    Every life is creative in its own way.

    Unique is the human mind
    It takes strength of the interconnects
    And creates expression of its own being.

    To acknowledge and appreciate another
    Is to open the channels of creativity
    In accommodation as much acceptance
    Of the infinite potential of possibilities
    That arises in the moment.
    It gives wings to create & explore more
    It widens the gamut of ones horizon
    But most of all it creates a balance
    Between action and inaction
    Between creation to pause in gratitude.

    To honour the beauty that abounds
    Lifting off clouds of self absorbtion.
    To witness in wonder of sheer awe
    And joys of nature and nurture.
    A much needed act so share
    That nourishes creative instincts
    To create some more.


    Writing is an art. Steering and shaping thoughts to create and inspire is an exploratory journey. In learning to write, and widening the scope of creativity, the experience of reading others work, and sharing reflections of and with others is a expansive phenomena for any writer to improve their work.

    Appreciation is an evolved response that is a double ended tool to instill & invoke creative flow in the self and others.


    Every artistic endeavour flourishes in exploration and discovery of the creative abundance. In understanding the nuances of the interconnects that manifest, greater perspective is revealed.

    Every artist inspired or is propelled to create by many facets of artistic energies and it’s interplay.

    What is truly wonderful is in the depth of creativity lies utter humility in the realms of the learnings yet unravelled.


    Learning : A dance of symbiosis

    Every learning is a two-way process. There is the imparter of knowledge, skill & wisdom of truth who could be called a guru, teacher or a facilitator. Then there is the one who receives, assimilates, processes synthesizes & is then convinced about his or her interpretation of assimilation of truth enough to be called the student, shishya or disciple.

    Now as learning is a never-ending process of growth and realization all the seekers of knowledge should have the channels of thoughts, words & deeds open for correction, improvement to be able to retain & sustain the available information to the best of their abilities.

    The interpretation of knowledge may happen with respect to the personal state of mind and matter of the receiver, no matter whether he is the student or a teacher. Both are only human and are bound to the vagaries of human nature.

    Poise & Composure

    The sheer physical or mental magnetism a teacher or student exudes or otherwise must not undermine the purpose. So certain restraint in conduct, both in the physical emotional & mental sense must be in place for a mutually symbiotic relationship to take place. It’s very important for this realization to be clear and apparent enough between both of them before they can begin a journey of refinement that knowledge brings forth. In a situation of misplaced judgement, it is important for the other to coach and coax the unwilling and astray mule in the mind of the erring person, back on to the road, whoever they are, student or teacher. As learning is a two-way street. The learning will at times make the student a teacher and the teacher a student in the journey of realization.

    Channelling the learning

    Many times the temptation of thoughts will bring even the most dedicated of students or teachers to testing the real purpose of their efforts and practice. At this juncture, the control of mind and body actions must be exercised. This, if left unchecked could leave room for unnecessary situations which could harm the beautiful synthesis and symbiotic nature of the student-teacher relationship. The boundaries of mind are easily even more difficult to fathom and clarify.

    It is simple and wise to let the mind be grounded, focused and steadfast in its purpose enough to be clear about the distinction and discernment while the learning relationship is taking place. As a single stray thought, or action could cause confusion enough to completely toss the relationship boundaries to levels which may be difficult to tilt back to states of equilibrium that needs to be maintained.

    Steering the learning

    The teacher must make it clear to himself or herself and to the students that he is there for the purpose of teaching and sharing the knowledge that he has been privy to, probably because of his own levels of ability, understanding, karma, dedication or steadfastness and discipline in acquiring the related skill. This act itself clears the ground for proper acceptance of a teacher’s education.

    The thought and senses need to be checked before every movement such that there is respect enough for the student towards the teachers’ knowledge and in doing so the teacher manages to gain the required acceptance from the student and learning resumes.


    But this is only one side of the coin the student too, has certain modes of conduct which needs to be observed and never crossed.

    It is very important to understand first of all that neither a teachers time must not be taken for granted nor his teachings. They will be there for you as you need it and thus trust enough to understand that you cannot learn more or less of anything than what is required for you at that time.

    Secondly, it is important that both accept and follow the principles of conduct in which learning is taking place which is ideally laid down by the form or subject to ensure that both do not stray beyond the boundaries and go off track.

    The purpose of learning is absolutely free flowing & spills over to life and its situations and circumstances so this association of thought must not be confused with favoritism and partiality of any kind between both of them.

    In some learning, the personal space both physical and mental greatly narrows down between the teacher and student putting them in a quandary especially if both are seeing a reflection of thoughts and actions in each other. This is definitely a situation to exercise caution enough to circumvent the spillover of knowledge beyond the cup of the mind.

    Finally, there is the need to assimilate and interpret an information and only then act upon it, not get taken by impulse so much that you don’t give the other side the benefit of doubt.

    The realization that experiences necessary for your learning and growth come to you will be clear but at the same time, you must keep in mind that no student or teacher can exercise and influence you to the degree that you do not want to be.

    You learn what you can imbibe.. Not more not less!


    I wrote this article years ago but I was reminded of it today as in India it is Guru Poornima a day dedicated to the Teacher or Guru in and around us.

    It is a day of celebration in respect & reverence for the exchange of knowledge and wisdom.

    I addressed here the interplay of that which needs a mutual definition in understanding between both the students and the teacher as learnings begin to happen. It is always a work in progress for I believe learning is never ending and a continuous path of life and living.

    Yet it is beautiful to pause & be grateful for the understanding that comes our way. Thus through the trials & tribulations of being a student & a teacher, life abounds in deep gratitude.

    Happy Guru Poornima!