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Irony of Balance


On Balance & Imbalances


Enables evenness

In distribution

Ensures equality in varied elements

Or even propelling proportionality.

Empowers a sense of steadiness.

Without lose of control

Balance is grace in movement

Balance is grace in stillness too

Balance is also about being in equipoise

In envisioning or even in the sensing

A state of equanimity in the being.

Where all is well.

Yet the irony of balance

Is the equilibrium is subjective

To the opposition to balance

In a state of unrest and uncertainties

Doubts and fear creep in unexpected

Creating imbalances in its own path

Little knowing the state of balance

Are the very reason for wellbeing.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Irony of Balance

  1. Ah Yes, Dear Savvy So Wise
    Indeed DarK Versus
    LiGHT NoW

    One Without
    The Other



    Loses Balance
    Too Much of the
    Other Still Lose

    Yet Perhaps Just
    Enough If We Increase

    Light to Offset DarK So Deep

    For True THeRE iS An Ark in Plain
    Site in DarK That Many Folks Fear

    Who Do Not See The Potentials DarK
    BRinGS As We Balance DarK With LiGHT

    of Human


    More Indeed

    When We Marry

    The Night This Way

    We Color Our Days More

    Merry my FRiEnD Other than

    That Science Shows Most All

    Of Existence Makes Greater

    Leaps and Strides of

    Potential Still

    To Come

    MaKinG iT Through
    All Of Existence Struggles

    Rather Than Going Stale

    And Stagnant with

    No Spice


    For Colors
    Still To Come
    to Our DaYLiGHT NoW..:)


  2. Balance is everything, yet so hard to maintain. I couldn’t agree more, Savvy.

    Liked by 1 person

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