Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!




Lover of life with a deep respect for grace, poise and composure. Personally using Arts as an interactive therapeutic medium of bringing out the Humane connect,.I am exploring art in a variety of creative mediums and integrating them into the varied life skills training programs that I facilitate.

Creativity stems from the acceptance of your authentic self. It is a never-ending journey of endless possibilities that is much beyond the pursuit of a hobby or craft and is a habit of a lifetime. So besides being a Dance Educator as a Wellness coach, I offer a variety of Personal Effectiveness Programs for Self-development Being a Writer and a Designer creating art gives me immense satisfaction with the infinite ways of expressing myself as I believe in enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

During the creating process, I don’t limit myself to a specific style or medium, therefore, my artworks also represents mixed media. Have completed commissioned projects from embossed artworks to textile designing to wall murals. I believe my art is earnestly infused with a deep sense of positivity and contentment I choose to carry while creating art.

Care to paint, write, draw, dance, sing and smile and simply let yourself be your authentic self and you will find the extraordinary in every moment.

Savvy Raj

International Dance Council



26 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Thank you so much Savvy Raj. I do agree with what you write. Have a nice day. Antoinette Virginie HINGRE

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  2. Mrs. Savvy can write and communicate your thoughts to the great dance intelligence. In Mrs. Savvy it is always the highest level.
    Best Regards 🙂

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  15. Wonderful blog and well inspiring!!

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  16. Hello and nice to meet you! Thanks for the follow, too. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts in my feed. Happy blogging!

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  17. “Creativity stems from the acceptance of your authentic self. ”

    Yup. Very well said.

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  18. I really like multi-talented creative and intelligent people that are spending their quality time in making unique and various works, like you, Savvy Raj 🙂 …

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