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Seeing Beyond The Looking



Artwork Savvy Raj  Title: Intersection

The Art of Science & the Science of Art.


There is more science in art than we ever will know and there is more art in science than we can ever sense.Yes, everyone is entitled to a difference of opinion and that at times may prove to be a costly mistake. However we are not into mistakes at the moment but about the art of science that acknowledges the metaphysical aspects of being seeing, knowing and sensing in the living among others.

Yes, science is evidence and proof based. It is logical and conclusive which makes it irrefutable but that is where it is stumped in reflectivity of the limitations that does not acknowledge the potential of infinite possibilities. Inroads in science although has travelled much in time has yet to prove a great many things about life and existence.



Although it is known to be a fact that the University of Bern did reject Einstein’s initial application for a doctorate in 1907, the above letter may have been verified for authenticity and questioned on many accounts after it became viral on social media. The letter for Einstein may have had its moments of the disappointment of how the world has perceived his vision at that moment. But time and space dimensions changed the entire picture for him and the world at large and what he said became relevant for its theory for those interested in the subject, its impact opened up new dimensions of thought.

Art takes a holistic view of the nature of life and is inclusive and expansive in nature. And this fundamental difference becomes the point of distinction which makes a huge difference in the art of seeing beyond the looking.

The acceptance of the manifold possibility that art brings could be the very reason for its expansive potential in world affairs and resolutions whether it is a matter of peace or war. Having said so, solutions are not in either art or science alone but is in the emergence of a stream of consciousness in awareness of a meeting point of art and science, the melting pot in convergence to transcendence. A space that is inclusive of the ‘ Artistically scientific’ in temperament and ‘Scientifically artful’ in structure. And we have travelled on far, as we stand today from the looks of it, the realisation is knocking already. It is just a matter of speculative probability on what swings the door open and how aesthetically we do it.


Savvy Raj

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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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