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Inside Outside


inside outside

Bridging the patterns of consciousness

In every quest towards our being, the exploration at some point delves deeper into our own self. The inner self, speaks to us all the time at times complementing and other times contrasting with our outer self  This can lead to altering states of awareness. Like our outer persona that is projected in this world our inner self is capable of wide range and facets of expression and although it is not defined by our disposition attitude or culture, it can express itself whenever it chooses.Our so-called subconscious other self and  destruction amongst may other things can be an intuitive support, the forbearing friend from within our being.

Human beings are not one-dimensional in nature. To the inner self  ‘the concepts of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ as usually interpreted are not defined by society’s  culture and belief and destruction are the universal life truths evident in every decision we make , it arises from an inanate natural instinct for survival.The outer projections of the self is through an intricately  webbed network of  a balancing act  between the emotional and mental states and  its physical manifestations. So while the inner and outer self can be completely at odds with each other yet they  feed each other and perhaps are evolving as they learn from one another.

Likewise every life exists on a physical plane as well as in a metphysical plane and perhaps amongst many other dimensions yet unknown, where the interconnects run deeper than we can fathom. Although life in every living being can seem an extremely individualistic in effort and  approach and  may seem justified as unique to its being, life thrives in the connectedness. This  understanding is amplified whenever there is emergence of equanimity in thoughts and deeds  in action and response than reaction. The arising patterns is seen then as a dance in every clarity in the consciousness. The ultimate truth is, we’re all one and interconnected in everything in sublimity .

Savvy Raj

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