Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


On Grounding



A connectedness in the centering,  valuing equanimity and a learning to evolve along the journey of life sensing the need for balance between the rest and movement.

It is an acknowledgement of the past in awareness of things as they were without allowing it to cloud the now. Grounding is also about taking the time to understand the self  and the basic foundations and inspirations to build ones dreams and aspirations.

 Grounding is valuing this now … for the past is a place of reference and not residence and the future is unknown as it is yet to unfold. Focus on building the virtues of integrity courage , truth,  perseverance and honour  the very foundation of grounding. Stand your ground and root yourself in trust and knowing  … for it is truly sacred.

The Strength in the Grounding:

Grounding is a process of discovery of the strength within. A true measure of the strength in the grounding is in the process of creating transformations in & around us towards a sustainable future.

Savvy Raj



On Truth 

​In a world where the lines get blurred

To chalk out the differences

Of what constitutes real and virtual world

Our projections become our ultimate truth

Our truth become a pawn in the hands

Of those adept at carving out…

A world of make believe!
All… a matter of optical illusions

And to sift the truth from the facades

Is it  mockery of  minds

And the intelligence of senses

Such is the state of affairs

The games people play

Churns out the insides

Like an avalanche on its way.


With  widespread body of lies

And failings everywhere

Truth takes beating

From one and all

In the circle of life and living.
And then…

When truth dares

To be voiced out

The hearts that dare

Know the consequence

Yet they brave out

Unperturbed by naysayers

And the wrongdoers

For truth adheres to itself

Like no other steadfast

It stands on its own support


And in all fairness truth

Journeys on through time

Awaiting patiently,

hesitating  perhaps awhile

& finally emboldening itself

To open up fair & square

And thus evolving along

Through the winding paths

Of the many states of truth.

Savvy Raj

This poem is a dedication to all things forthright and in respect for all those who speak their mind & who stay true to their hearts in words and deeds. For truth prevails… ultimately!  




On Seeing beyond the looking!


“Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find the right road.”  Dag Hammarskjold

Swedish Political Leader, Secretary General Of The United Nations

   These  above words may spell success or  be a recipe for disaster depending on the ability to keep the focus on that which you see!

  The acceptance of the manifold possibilities  of seeing beyond looking  could be the very reason for expansive outreach of potential in world affairs and resolutions whether it is a matter of peace or war. Having said so, solutions are in the emergence of a stream of consciousness in awareness of a meeting point in the melting pot from convergence to transcendence. An approach that is inclusive in temperament and expansive in the envisioning.

  Truth be told , we have travelled on far in time  and space and as we stand today, the realisation of the infinity  of consciousness beyond the horizons is well set already.  It is just a matter of  probability on where our sights are, as we envision our path beyond  and how it resonates in our awareness as it takes flight. 

   Speaking of flight unto beyond there is much going on before from take off  between the spreading of wings  and the flapping in flight. Would a bird be able to fly if its sight is fixated on the ground. Would the ship be able to sail  of to distant lands  and explore if it keeps itself safe harboured along the shores…. Its no wonder indeed that to fly  and explore the unknown you must first be ready to let go of the ground beneath your feet.

   In the same breath the awareness of when to take the flight  and where and how to land back  and find the balance on the high ground  is a task of a lifetime to master.

  So between the focussed planner of details and the far sighted idealist visionary…there are many paths  to envision, where do you see yourself ?

  Who are you? Are you  more of the visionary kind?

  Or are you the more cautious realist who weighs your options before every step?

  What are your views on this? Do care to share…

   Savvy Raj 


Ride the waves…

Ride the wave of passion 

Ride the waves in perseverance 

Ride the waves of purpose 

Ride the waves in patience 

Ride the waves in equanimity 

Ride the waves in understanding 

Ride the waves of peace 

Ride the waves of love 

Ride the waves of joy 

Ride the waves of contentment 

And success will tide in your way 

Strive not just the pinnacle but progression 

As the next step is a downfall  in one but 

evolution in other!
The tipping point is on the top of things 

But life is a game of choices in the making 

Whether uphill and downhill the trick 

Is in tiding and riding through the waves.

Savvy Raj 


Live life lovingly!

Life to me is a lot like dancing…  a spontaneous movement that’s free and continuous.

Experience every moment in all its dimensions.

 If you cling to just one moment you can’t experience it all

 And if you are not living with awareness you would not be living it at all.

Live Life Lovingly!



​Notions in Nostalgia 

Black and white photography 

An art form for a connoisseur

Aesthetics  of understanding

Of  the clarity of line

That plays hide and seek 

So much resemblance

 To the wisdom of time.

In seeking is the blending 

Of reflections dissolving 

Ever so hard to pin down 

Faded visions  blurred memories 

Reminding of colour through our senses

Perspectives differ in the past recalled 

Comparisions translucent in the semi presence.


An important feature 

Are the shades of grey 

Areas masked and marked,

Blurring to focus 

Uncaliberated and undeliberated 

Between the lines  

Adding enigma 

Surreal feelings 

A take back in time

Of notions in nostalgia.

Savvy Raj 



Just walk with me.



Not before, not after, just walk with me.
Says time…
If you have ever felt too overwhelmed
If you have felt down hill
If you have felt a bit off key
If you have felt life to be unfair

I have just the answer to help you
And it is very simple too
As only time can tell to you
Not before, not after, just walk with me.

All of our misery and mistunderstandings,
Stem from our lack of time management.
The solution is no secret at all.
The answer is in walking with this very now.

Chase not time of the past
Its gone for a reason now
And stop wondering and living in the future
For happiness is in this now that you nurture.

Walk in this now in time
Tune into its current frequency
Listen to it gratefully
And live it well and wholeheartedly.

Allow the worries to fade into the past
As you cannot worry for what is gone
Allow the future to manifest in course
As you cannot hurry time by force.

All is fine as it truly is
All is well as its meant to be
In the realm of times
Between the you and the me.

So as only time can truly tell
Walk with me
Not before and not after
Walk with me in this now.

Savvy Raj