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On Trees

Location : Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California, USA.
The General Sherman Tree is the world’s largest tree, measured by volume. It stands 275 feet (83 m) tall, and is over 36 feet (11 m) in diameter at the base. Sequoia trunks remain wide high up. Sixty feet above the base, the Sherman Tree is 17.5 feet (5.3 m) in diameter.

Was wondering of the lifetime experiences that this tree must have been through.

Of how many seasons it must have seen

Of how it must have survived through the storms

As well as enjoyed the beauty of springtines

Of the countless lives it must have generously sheltered

And continues to do so….

Strengthened by nature

Thriving in the surviving

A Salute to the tree.



On Life Management.

Wisdom truly lies in the art of  management of two principles in life : one of never giving up and the other of letting go.

On one side is a dedication, discipline  and determination  and on  the other is the  dispassionate discernment and in learning to surrender to balance the ego within.  Every attempt at achieving such a state of balance can be a great tool for learning to evolve with the wisdom.
For life is to evolve and not simply dissolve

For life is to live and not simply exist.

Take the path of purpose in faith trust and belief

Flow along with the path of light in passion and dedication .

And allow life to manifest its infinite abundance.


There is an exemplary account of life lived in such a path of evolution and enlightenment

Sharing the great visionary  of India Swami Vivekananda’s  account of  life story in his  own words here  ….

 “When you travel on this path of shraddha, (faith) veerya, (courage ) smiriti, (that which is remembered) you have to go through three phases.  The first phase is Haasya (laughter/humour). People will make fun of you. Face them. Accept them. When you are taunted, reply in the same tone of haasya. Then slowly the inner consciousness starts evolving. Then comes the second stage ‘Virodha’.(opposition/ hostility) The same people will start opposing your stance – Accept all the opposition. Don’t fight with anybody. Don’t argue. The moment you get into the argument, then you are going to suffer. If you argue while you are going through lot of internal turmoil’s, conflicts and confusions, you will not be able to convince anybody. So, during the second part of sadhana, (dedicated practice)don’t argue with anybody. Convert the negativity into a positive fragrance and give this in return. Then comes the third stage of ‘Svekaara'(acceptance). The same people who laughed at you, the same people who threw stones, will do pranams ( respectful salutation)& accept you.

In my own life, I have experienced this but I had to pay heavily. Those who taught me became my students but only after I did tapas for 10 years continuously and silently. Understand one thing. Inner sadhana is not a revolution but an evolution. Revolution requires force, vengeance. Evolution requires love, humility and a great feeling of universal love. The consciousness has to evolve. This is an evolutionary process where the bud flowers. We have to allow time for the bud to flower. It will not flower in one day. It takes time. It has to receive proteins, vitamins and the necessary energy for all petals to open out. You have to have a great patience. You have to create an environment for the petals to bloom silently. This is Sadhana. “Swami Vivekananda


Any path of passionate dedication and discipline evolves you along in the strength of persevarance

To honor your path and vision is a task of a lifetime.

To steer clear of slack and sloth, lethargy and languidity  takes a  consistent mastering of the senses. 

To stay true to your chosen way and vision is a commitment  driven by your belief  and faith in your life’s purpose of being.

To know is to reach beyond the sensing of the  eternal truth of ones being . 

And  all the challenges happening along in the journey, will resolve in time on its own  as the intent and  focus remains unwavered.

 For life itself  is a spark of the divine consciousness.

Savvy Raj 


On Seeing beyond the looking!


“Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find the right road.”  Dag Hammarskjold

Swedish Political Leader, Secretary General Of The United Nations

   These  above words may spell success or  be a recipe for disaster depending on the ability to keep the focus on that which you see!

  The acceptance of the manifold possibilities  of seeing beyond looking  could be the very reason for expansive outreach of potential in world affairs and resolutions whether it is a matter of peace or war. Having said so, solutions are in the emergence of a stream of consciousness in awareness of a meeting point in the melting pot from convergence to transcendence. An approach that is inclusive in temperament and expansive in the envisioning.

  Truth be told , we have travelled on far in time  and space and as we stand today, the realisation of the infinity  of consciousness beyond the horizons is well set already.  It is just a matter of  probability on where our sights are, as we envision our path beyond  and how it resonates in our awareness as it takes flight. 

   Speaking of flight unto beyond there is much going on before from take off  between the spreading of wings  and the flapping in flight. Would a bird be able to fly if its sight is fixated on the ground. Would the ship be able to sail  of to distant lands  and explore if it keeps itself safe harboured along the shores…. Its no wonder indeed that to fly  and explore the unknown you must first be ready to let go of the ground beneath your feet.

   In the same breath the awareness of when to take the flight  and where and how to land back  and find the balance on the high ground  is a task of a lifetime to master.

  So between the focussed planner of details and the far sighted idealist visionary…there are many paths  to envision, where do you see yourself ?

  Who are you? Are you  more of the visionary kind?

  Or are you the more cautious realist who weighs your options before every step?

  What are your views on this? Do care to share…

   Savvy Raj 


Between Friends

Hey this one’s for you…


To all my dear lovely ‘ Friends from all around this beautiful world’!


Between friends…not for us the bondage’s of time, space  and superficiality or distance… thoughts are words unspoken but heard joyously without distraction.

The simple presence of a friend is always welcome, never intrusive; thereby an answer to our unspoken needs without questions.

It’s at times a validation of all that we stand for and often enough maybe just a forethought thrown in wisely in our direction which would be wise to be paid a heed to.

A confidence builder, a care giver, a mutual thought processor, a symbiotic thinker, a common goal sharer, a wisdom enhancer, a mood up lifter an energy booster, a health facilitator, a friend is so much and so much more… endless conversations completely whimsical, utterly important, at times all that is the simple need of the moment .

In all, having the privilege of a good friend is a conscious movement towards light and all that’s bright.

Cheers to the good friend who manifests in our life and makes our living fine!

 Savvy Raj



Unlock Gratitude Unlock Creativity !!!

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Authenticity and Creativity!

The illusion of pressure a takes a toll on most of the originality before it even begins to take shape… At such times it is important to distinguish between what truly matters …. trust the source to come up with ingenious perspectives, which are simply an extension of the you -ness in you…. !!

We truly are unique and magnificent beings. Our modes of expressions of ourselves can be carriers of the magnificent and unique creativity that abides in us all….

Value Inspiration Value Creativity

Some simple thoughts on developing abilities to retain and revel in the authentic you …

Ability to listen to the sounds of silence as much as make sense of the apparent mayhem that may surround us at times.

Ability to appreciate the differences as much as the similarities.

Ability to connect with the most mundane as much as the most volatile thought exercising equanimity.

Ability to move beyond the complexity to embrace the simplicity of thoughts
Ability to value the necessity of the moment for itself without pitting in for a stake.

Creativity is a game of the choices you make of the resources within that gets out the authentic artistic in you ….a challenge by itself, in itself and for itself.Not a rehearsal show for a public adulation!

Ability to move beyond the need to prove is thus an important aspect in the creative flow…

Ability to be in this moment in the spirit of joy and celebrate the little developments in assurance and confidence that it is a precursor of the brilliance taking shape …!

And so much more ….But most of all the ability to be grateful and gracious in acknowledging all the inspirations that come your way to help you be you! They are your angels … and guides in the path of releasing the authenticity of you … thankfulness and gratitude unlock the uniqueness in you !.

Gratitude Rocks !!!

Savvy Raj