Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

The Traveller

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A life lived in the  fast lane

Travelling far wandering

Gathering what feels sane

The traveller weary yet wondering

Of countless  learning’s and insights

As life’s lessons  are like a game  that’s playing ….


That  resilience could have new heights

That humility has no lows

That lowly anger is never necessary

That the need of patience can be a lifetime challenge

That courage comes in to challenge the fear

That to fear not the tears as they give way to loving smiles

That love is unconditional

That in unconditional acceptance there is true strength

That in the strength of truth, there is a hallmark of inner peace

That adapting in peace is an art of flowing with life

That life in trust is a lot about letting go

That always needs are less than wants….


That every life manifests for a purpose

That purpose is bigger than profits

That profits can never satisfy

That satisfaction comes from within

That within you is the solution to every question

That question comes from curiosity

That curiosity makes life interesting

That interests change to help us evolve

That evolution is a progressive movement

That movement can be unique

That uniqueness is a divine expression

That divinity is in the universality of consciousness


That conscious awareness happens in gratitude

That gratitude is a transformative way of being

That being conscious is about connecting intuitively

That intuition speaks when you are ready to listen

That listening with empathy is giving truly

That truth is eternal and peace is the way…


Savvy Raj

The Bridge

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There is no sight of the other end of the bridge you are on
But you believe there is another end
Heaven knows it may just be a begining
It is  bleak and blurry  from this side of sight

Given the bridge is aged and countlessly trodden
It hangs on a hair of hope
And yet makes up for a path
To the other side
A journey into the unknown
Taken only in faith and trust
Works to connect the missing link
Between the known to the unknown .

When and if life puts you on this bridge in time
As you stand staring at destiny in the eye
Take a breath to remember that it is not the bridge you need to put your faith on
But in the heart of the feet that takes the step .


 Dedicated to all those who dared to take the leap of faith

from the known to the unknown.

Dance lightly with life.

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We come alive and die a million times in our lifetimes

Why worry about what’s across the yet closed door

Wait not in fear or in blind eagerness for it to open

Live this now as your purpose here is yet to fulfil

Ignore the door… follow your heart!


Wisdom from souls who know

Say angels fly as they take themselves lightly

Of  being at ease … so that you will traverse far

Fly knowing ,the roots are steady on the ground

Soar in the sky   sensing the wind in your wings.

Stay on course… don’t succumb

Life is better the moment you realise

Its value in every now.


So when worry and despair imbalances your thoughts

When anguish and self doubts rocks your self esteem

Rest assured it shall all pass and time will get you over the brink

Just care to have faith and ease up your thoughts

And  choose to live dancing lightly with life .



One of my favourite quotes …that deeply influenced me is this one by  G.K. Chesterton  when he says “Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.”

Have often wondered about the quote and its meanings . This poem above is  dedicated to this thought of ‘Living in the lightness of being ‘.Savvy