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On Assurance

Says it all…
Love the strength of assurance in these words đź‘Ś

Trust in Hope
Faith in belief
All are strengths
Of Assurance
Know all is well in time!



Thriving In The Winds of Change

In a world of kneejerk reactions

And sense gratifications

It is no wonder that most of us are lost

In finding our sense of being. 

In fact this very cluelessness 

Is what the media manipulates

As we grapple with trust, faith

And a whole lot of values and emotions

That seem to get all juggled around

As per the  conveniences of the moment.

We are living in the crosswinds of time 

Where we are unable to flow in trust

As the winds of change blow hot and cold.

Life takes on a different meaning 

Sometimes in path u cant identify your being.

In such moments of chaos and confusions 

Put Your inner compass to test in trust 

It will never lead you astray!



Be your own best friend!


As you heartfully accept and trust yourself

The intuitive in you, already knows your path

You will be guided to where you ought to be 

And you will awaken to what you ought to do.

So treat yourself lovingly…

Be an ally not an enemy to your self .

Care to be good to yourself

Cos in the sifting through this journey of life  

It truly helps to have a friend in you. 


There is more to loving the self than what meets the eye.  The heartfelt self centering in every step of the way of evolving, from within to the without is a deeper understanding that the world needs loving kindness even more.  And it needs to move from core consciousness outward and circulate in the flow. 

As you feel comfortable in connecting with who you are, as you are, you feel comfortable  connecting with the people around you.

Treat the self lovingly the best you can, no matter the circumstances and you will emanate the love that you sense from within, all  around you and into the world at large.

And life becomes easier and lighter to handle as you strengthen your inner spirit  you will move away from self sabotaging behaviours.

Believe in yourself to be all that you can be… you owe it to the life in you.  As you love your self, you start to believe in yourself, as you start to believe the self ,  you will  begin to value your life and as you value yourself you define the purpose of your being . 

A few tips to being your own best friend 

Believe you matter and never ever take yourself for granted.

Trust your inner spirit and remember you are unique and trust all is well. 

Keep choosing  positive and pleasant thoughts.And care to step out of your own way .

 Behave responsibly and  choose to live your life lovingly.

Respect  and take care of  your body mind and spirit.

Love yourself as you are but care to evolve for the better.

Savvy Raj 


The Journey

In the fragility
Between the dream and reality
Amidst the knowing of an impermanence of being.
In the vulnerability
Of life and living
The dancing souls inhale and exhale.
And the dance of life
Carries on taking a cue
From each moment lived…
Emerging with every now
In the freedom to be
Building the bridge of belief…
In hope and faith
Trusting the journey
To lead the way.
The seeker and the seeking
Merge into dimensions unknown
Only to transform…
With the spaces between the thoughts
Creating moments that matters
In the eternal infinite plan.
Dear reader
Every step of our ‘Journey’ through time in life and living makes way for shifts in our internal compass. This is an intuitive guide on our path to create evolve and inspire the world.
As we learn to honour the steps we take
A better world we can all care to make.
Savvy Raj
Image Credits: A Digital Art and Verses by Savvy Raj.

The Bridge

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There is no sight of the other end of the bridge you are on
But you believe there is another end
Heaven knows it may just be a begining
It is  bleak and blurry  from this side of sight

Given the bridge is aged and countlessly trodden
It hangs on a hair of hope
And yet makes up for a path
To the other side
A journey into the unknown
Taken only in faith and trust
Works to connect the missing link
Between the known to the unknown .

When and if life puts you on this bridge in time
As you stand staring at destiny in the eye
Take a breath to remember that it is not the bridge you need to put your faith on
But in the heart of the feet that takes the step .


 Dedicated to all those who dared to take the leap of faith

from the known to the unknown.