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Creative Journey


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Creativity thrves in an open minded approach with an ability to trust and try.

To take a chance is to take a step into the unexplored unknown dimensions of potential possibilities.

The creative spirit is replenished in such an atmosphere.The forays into the unknown can be a pure game of chance.

A dare unto beyond that may or may not pay rich dividends. But in those trials and tribulations a creative soul is nurtured. And new paths are created to journey on!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Creative Journey

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Their Was Once Was A Very Important

    ‘Church Official’ Who Sent in ‘A Letter of Complaint’

    That The Stars Were Randomly Placed Without

    Any Order mY FRiEnD Yet of Course the

    Person Making the Complaint

    Had Not Yet Integrated

    Their Mind Body Soul

    Whole in Open HeARTED

    SPiRiTED Ways to Feel And Sense

    Yes Intuit the Entire Milky Way Spiraling

    Within Free As The Dance of All That is So

    Beautiful in Holistic View Creating All the Vibrations

    Frequencies and Synergies of Energies of THE Entire

    Symphony of the MuSiC of Existence Playing Beyond

    All Distance Space Time and A Matter of Things As

    We Get to Hold Hands With all That is to Become

    Part and Whole of the Orchestra Us That is

    Conductor too Ever Lasting Master

    Peace We All Continue to

    Compose if We Stop

    Trying to Hold

    Wind in A Jar

    Prisoner Under

    Instructions on How to BREaTHE Free God YeS

    FLoWeR UNFoLDinG With New Colors of ReaLiTY
    SPRinGiNG Newly Now With No Division of Winter

    Leaves Creating Spring Green FLoWeRinG Summer Falling

    Leaves to Spring Again With SMiLes As the

    Night is Day and the LiGHT iS DarK

    The Separation is the ILLuSiON

    All Along Yet The FLoWeR

    oF All Continues

    To Unfold as

    Free As Wind

    Not Trapped in Jars

    Which of Course iS Only
    An Opposite and Failing
    Endeavor iN iLLuSioN From
    Holding Hands With All That is Free iN Unity For All

    Sadly Our Western Civilizations That Materially Reduce
    Reality So Often Forget to Put The Parts Back Together Whole

    Unwittingly of Course As Parts That Have Forgotten the Whole..:)

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