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Poems & Emotions 

Poems & Emotions 

Is there a dividing line 

Where both can stand apart 

Poems are thoughts from feeling

In sensing is the emotion 

Poetry cannot be senseless 

For that would make it neaningless. 

Even a limerick puts a lot of heart out in rhyme.

To feel and sense the humour  in just fives lines.

Trust the verses to see you through life and living.

A rainy day or lazing with a book in the sun.

Writing is a pleasure reading is a joy. 

Emotions dance in reading through the verses.

And the feelings wonderfully embedded

In the thinking between the words and spaces. 

Yes like us, emotions and poems are inextricable   by far…

There is no one without the other. 

Savvy  Raj 



Celluloid Cowboys

Celluloid Cowboys

Image Credits Google Search


Not a figment of imagination

But a vivid recollection

Of yester years action heroes

Handsome cowboys, herding horses

Of tough terrains and tales of tall men

In rugged jeans and rumpled shirts

Grazing horses in wild pastures

Rising dust of the galloping hooves

Riding the vast open spaces

And the swagger of the  sheriffs

Anarchy and antognism

Of pride and passion.

Swiftness of the draw ,a shooter’s pride

So captured by celluloid

Stories of a bygone era

Swaying to country cha cha

Weaves a web of intrigue

Imprinted in hearts are these

Forever more, the evergreen memories …

Savvy Raj

‘A picture speaks a thousand words …. and movies leave lasting impressions… While  perhaps the reality may be different the impact of the  Wild West movies was quite a phenomenon.

This is a  photo inspired poem dedicated to all the Celluloid Cowboys’.


We will travel afar…

An Artwork by Savvy Raj ‘Spectrum of Stars’

We need to come to place of understanding where

We do not discriminate between man and nature

We are humans and we are part of nature.

Our nature makes us who we are as much as the nurture.

And  we are beautiful in our uniqueness.

We are breathtaking in our magnificience.

We are bound by the very same laws of nature.

We are challenged in its fervour

We are santified in its glory.

We are crucified in its destruction.

We are celebrated for cocreation.

We are complex in our ways of being.

But we are no different from nature.

We are born, we breath and we are perishable.

Although full of life we may be but we are totally accountable

As we are blessed with conscious choice

Free will and intention.

And that makes way for infinite potential.

We are our own wayfarers in the choices.

We make our own present and future

Like we made our past.

We are made of stars

And will travel afar…


Speaking Pictures 2

​She seems calm and composed and at complete ease .

A pretty picture of her face framed by her curly locks.

She seems to know more than she wants to tell

Her smile seems to sense much more as well

Her truth is hers alone, as her lips may seal

Oh! but what all a good capture can reveal.


Our personna is so transparent on the verge

Of Shadows thrown open to light

The  inner and outer may merge

And unmask thoughts that may be shut tight.

Shadows of past out in the open today

And capture thoughts  held at bay

All it takes to know is a shutters click

In perfect timing of  what to shoot & pick

This picture was shared on one of my networks in Social Media  and I felt compelled to take a second glance …. the picture spoke much and my pen had to flow to capture the thoughts on this pretty capture.

Light on the dark

Emotions unveiled

Of memories & musings 

A photo reveals it all!


Amazing Photo of a Beautiful Child 😊

Full credits to the brilliant photographer.


Life & living 

Life &living 

 Shapes and angles in the abstraction 

Dots to lines in the interconnection 

Lines to dots in the simplification

Dots to void of the core in sublimation.


# tetrastich# Micropoetry


All of you!

What does it take to accept everything that is happening in life as an unfolding mystery.

All of you!

And when that happens

No storm is unsurmountable

No pain  is unmanageble

No hurt is unforgivable.

Yes it takes all of you

To complete this circle  of life and living.

And in every step you take towards realisation

You are only another step closer home.

To decide not to stress and focus on things that you may not be in control of is a step in understanding the meaning of  true acceptance as not resigning the self to fate but to accept it as part of phase in the ebb and  flow of tides in life. 

A few reflections…

Acceptance is the key when life happens beyond your comprehension.

Action is the key when there is something you  sense you understand enough.

Acknowledgement is the key while sharing goodwill in trust and hope.

Appreciation is the key of manifesting abundance.

Accept life as a mystery that will dawn

All else is history that’s gone in the dusk.

All is well in time always.

 Savvy Raj

 This post has come as  an afterthought  when I came across a particularly poignant story  shared by a good friend caught in turmoils of time and yet being brave enough to ease into acceptance and appreciate the good happening around  by sending goodwill and hope to those around him in thoughts  words and deeds.

I know there are many  who put out ‘All of themselves ‘ to brave out the odds every single day …. My salute to such inspiring souls. Stay ever blessed!



Ease into Alignment

A life lived well…

Is more about being well and doing good

Than about doing much

& finding no time to be you

& all that you actually are.


Resonate with your own reserves

Reach out in the knowing

That you are enough for you 😊


Allign your posture let go tension.

Acknowledge your needs in this moment.

Sense the potential in this now


To alter the reality of this moment.

To make a positive difference in your ways.

To pursue your passions,

To love well to enjoy life


You need to create a balance between

What you can do and what you are doing.

Sometimes the tilts are unavoidable

And then life takes care of itself


But it always helps to not tilt the balance

By overdoing, overcontrolling, overindulging

Overstepping and overshadowing your own self.

Aim to balance the holding back & the letting go


With discretion and discerning

Of conscious intention in awareness.

Modern maladies are mostly self inflicted

Due to excess of thought action and deed.


With awareness, your own free will

Can be your best ally in the understanding

That freedom and responsibilty go hand in hand.

And soon you will reach a level


Where you  feel grounded

And yet light as a feather in flight.

Make sense of the choices you make in every now

Every now matters after all.


You have one life

Live it well

Because you can!