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Power of Positivity 


​Nothing more nothing less.

Nothing more nothing less.

In  a world of assumptions and perceptions

In a world of make believe and gratifications.

In a world of  false notions and proclamations.

In a world of judgments and contradictions.

It helps ever so often

To invest in our precious time.

To center our wavering thoughts

To balance our movements

To still our restless spirit

To calm our frayed nerves

To choose our own words.

If only to realise we are

Nothing more nothing less.

As we are truly in it all together.

Connected cells as different entities.

We are all made of the same matter

And all is a matter of  energy.

Nothing more nothing less.

In seeing beyond the sheaths of skin.

In peeling of the layers of conditioning.

Moving flowing blending converging.

Sense it if you will, with a subtlety of being.

Nothing more nothing less.

What we speak can become our truth.

What we project can be our destiny.

What we assume become our realities.

What we think is perhaps who we are.

Nothing more nothing less.

Savvy Raj

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A share for a friend


This post is simply an announcement of  Workshops on Mindfulness, Neuroscience , Introspection that may  interest you or anyone in your network. for a good friend  who mentioned about it to me this morning …..

‘There is book written by its founder Chaade Meng Tan, titled Search Inside Yourself. Actually I found the book interesting and thought, it could possibly seed some good intentions.’

It is scheduled for October 4_6th, at BSE hall Mumbai.

So for anyone interested here is the link and more details .

Do share if you can .






A heartfelt share!

Celebrating the little things matter so today this 200 posts here on wordpress certainly feels wonderful to know😊

Yes this small but a sure step ahead on wordpress feels encouraging  in my foray into the world of writing….

A heartfelt share of my thoughts at this moment in time…

Well! Looking back…. two hundred posts is a body of work indeed for someone like me who just expressed without any self inflicted pressure of time or gain.Although it is just another number actually, I  guess I must also remember to pat myself on my back for caring to invest my time in writing these posts and enjoying every bit of it. Right from sensing  and cueing in on the invoked  need to write , creating an article, learning to edit in trial and error and ultimately publishing and of course to answering with deep gratitude, all your kind comments and feedbacks that egged me on my journey some more.So much learning in the sharing.

Thank you to all my readers😊

 To someone starting to publish  articles here on WordPress in or any place else ,  besides the technicalities involved  of which I am still a learner,  I would just say follow your heart to express authentically and hit the publish button to share your uniqueness to the world. There is always a reason why we do so… there is always a wealth of learning in the sharing and every blog post will take you through to where you want to go .

 When I started writing my first few posts I had no clue as to what it meant, where I was heading or even the fact that I would be writing these many posts  here at all.  All I knew was that every time I would be inspired by a share or a photograph,an inner message of immense meaning would somehow start inducing me to write as on an outpour . At times I would be surprised afterwards of that depth of conviction that occurred to me at that moment to reflect and write on … So as if to test myself I revisited my own articles and verses and tried to check if they meant something on the same lines once again in time . And not surprisingly … I had not only the same feelings but some new meanings to add on as well . So yes some of my work I enjoyed  updating as well in time. Feel free to try this open ended approach on your own art and creative works and evolve as you go .  There is always more than what meets the eye .

Another passion I always loved to indulge was to draw and paint ….As I tinkered a bit with colours and brushes in real life I also wanted to see if could express my love for colours and movement in symmetry  and that’s how the Circle Art Expressions was born . The more I drew circles the more closer home I felt … It was as if all of what I was feeling could be expressed in those many dimensions and the multitude of colours that my emotions evoked in me.I have felt one with it and positively inspired for days and perhaps more

My love for the art of movement is so much a part of whatever I do and for that  I am deeply grateful to have been able to connect with it and expressing  through words,  art as well as training people through dance education . Every step in these directions feels like homecoming and so very thankful for every opportunity that has come my way .

Yes as I understand all this simply as the start of something new now,  the  journey that began with you  all …and as I hope to continue with it  my heartfelt gratitude goes  to you all my readers, many of whom  have turned into dear friends along the way in the  journey  we have travelled together. I thank each and all of you  for your supportive and enriching insights discussions messages, feedbacks  and  creative collaborations  which have made their mark in time .

To all those who have started writing here like me … trust your spirit and write with all of your soul . Support comes when you least expect and the outpouring encouragements can light up your life’s dull moments. 

 Often felt very  grateful for all the good words love and blessings and inspirations received along the way. My request to you is to remember to share something positive and make the world smile a little more as you & care about life and living a little more . 

 Savvy Raj

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Circle of Thoughts:11



A vision a verse by Savvy Raj






Steering of thoughts is a conscious movement

To choose the thoughts we wish to focus

Is discarding a lot of thoughts in deliberation 

And finding the ones to concentrate upon. 


Savvy Raj

 This above  digital artwork  Titled ‘Circles of thoughts:9 is a creative interpretation of encircling thoughts, The verses that follow is the ninth  part of my series of micro poems on interconnecting thoughts.  

 Although written in different time and context ,the above verses somewhere connect strongly with my recent poem  Do check if you sense the link. 


To be contd … 

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Step out of your own way!

Often we question our being 

 Often we wrangle with our past

 Often we wonder about our future 

 It is human nature to think and question why 


Thoughts have a way 

At times to get the better of us

To stall the imminent possibilities 

To create unwanted confusion and chaos. 


Allow yourself then 

To step out of your own way 

Allow your purpose to unravel 

To unfold its path.

Steer yourself away from doubts and despair.

Arm yourself  with hope in the trusting.

Arm yourself with assurance and appreciation.

Steer yourself away from false notions.

Arm yourself with power of positive actions.

Arm yourself with tools for a new direction.

And only then the purpose of your being 

Will  begin to manifest in your way 

As you learn to continue to…

Step out of your own way!

Savvy Raj 

The title of this post comes from reading  a  contemplative article by my friend Deb Helfrich where she mentions the need to step out of our own way at times to allow and sense the appreciation of what is . So thank you Deb for inspiring me to pen a few verses on a parallel hought.😍

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A Celebration of Silence

​Welcome Enchantment

A Celebration of Silence

In the sensing of an ethereal presence.
As it further blends into the dusk of misty blue.
Let go and dare to loose your self in the magnetic  sense enchantment
As the scent of the woody flowers work their magical sense entrapment.
Let the soft bed of flowers and falling leaves lead the way…
And fear not of the unknown at bay.

The vibrant orange hues of the winding path may tease and beguile you…

Step in to explore life’s colors in all shades and hues 
Sense the myriad colors that makes you and me.

Hear the sounds of silence that speaks of eternal time of many a lifeline.

Simply learn from the falling autumn leaves…that drop only to enliven another tree another time.


Savvy Raj