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Wisdom of Moderation

FB_IMG_1438056131689‘My first intentional practice of Tai Chi began years ago on a rainy day in the month of June. The sweet cadence of the rain in all it’s rhythmic glory, the cleansing nature of the rain was just as wonderfully comforting as much as the experience of Tai chi, with its movement in stillness and the stillness of its movements.

As I tried to move in unison with breathe and learned to direct the momentum for the movements from the central core of the body to the outward, I could draw the parallels of the simple yet profound principles of Tai Chi giving a lifetime’s guidance.

A life lived in the middle path gives one equanimity to see beyond the obvious. To envision the duality of existence enough to understand joy and sorrow, are not something eternal. Life becomes simple and just as easy to live as we make it , letting go of excesses of any kind, which ultimately works towards healing oneself from within.

It only adds to the fact that this moderation makes you want to work at building progressively, instead of  pushing the boundaries and stretching beyond your abilities to the point of probably injuring yourself and giving up altogether.leaf-654121_640

The rain’s rhythmic tapping on my open window sill, the occasional bursts of cool breeze surrounding me now and then was in tune with my learning to release and melt away the accumulated stresses through conscious gentle outward movements I felt a few varied sensations coming to me vying for attention, but as soon as my focus returned to movements in silent contemplation of the flow of breath the very same sensations completely vanished.

It was so peaceful to end the practice with breath awareness and mindful movements that I must add that like everything else in life, Tai Chi is to be taken in measured doses just as much as it’s required and must be ideally learned under the guidance of a good teacher to experience the gamut of life enriching experiences it surely has to offer.

As I completed my  practice for  the moment , suddenly there was thunder and lightning  signifying the release of feel good endorphins and hopefully opening up of some of the blockages within me. This is after all the essence of Tai chi , to be one with Nature and learn to nurture it .  A humble dedication to Tai Chi form and the powers of the supreme in and around us!

Savvy Raj

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Rootedness !

                                              A segment from  Warli Art by Savvy Raj.

A  tree is a fine example of rootedness, let us explore what is this rootedness all about …

To root is a sense of steadiness than belonging
To value the depth of where you came from
Than to cling to your past in desperation and fear of exploration.

The very word rootedness is about groundedness .A bonding without feeling bound!                         Rootedness is integrity of spirit in recognition of the soul.

Rootedness  brings up lessons  in humility tolerance and most of all acceptance.                                 Rootedness is not about the pride of being, position, prestige or past achievements and privileges.

Being rooted is a knowing of support in the grounding.

Being rooted is an acknowledgement  of the past in awareness of things as they were without allowing it to cloud the now .

Being rooted is a conectedness  in equanimity  and a learning to evolve along the journey of life in balance .

The Strength in the Grounding :

A true measure of the strength in the grounding is in the process of creating transformations in and around  us towards a sustainable future .
Being rooted in one’s ideologies is not about sticking to the principles without taking stock of the situation or the need of this moment  .
But of finding the strength from the grounding and evolve by being able to discover and develop through symbiotic and synergistic  ways, the means for the better of all .

A tree is a fine example of this rootedness in life ….
Take strength from it , adopt its values  nourish it,  nurture it ….in the knowing that  all your needs and necessities are met as you cultivate within you this tree of grounding in the rootedness .

Savvy Raj


Divinity in Motion !

                                                                                   Title : Divinity in Motion By Savvy Raj

Subtlety and Grace of Transpersonal Love

When one reaches a realm where every thought trangresses the personal self and senses are transmuted to infinity ….

Where there are no boundaries of feeling bound, where every connection is a give and the sharing extends much beyond the taking with unconditional love and grace in every action…

Where being in touch with one’s most conscious self, there are no disappointments,failures, stress or pressure of approvals or disapproval…

Where the body mind and spirit feels alive to every moment that life has to offer…in a nonjudgmental space that is acknowledging of one another as they are…..

There is an acknowledgement of Subtlety and Grace of Transpersonal Love.

Universally this stream of unconditional love is flowing in all beings and its just a matter of time and energy to bring this to conscious awareness .

Savvy Raj

Image Credits A painting by Savvy Raj