Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Keep Counting…


For the ability to sense the blessing in the moments.ūüôŹ


For the precious moments of life.



Two words

When you look up at the world with grateful eyes…
‘Thank you ‘ Two words are all the prayer you need to send!



Thirst is meant to be quenched

A thirst for knowledge .

Is a wonderful start of all learning

But is thirst simply enough to know?

Thirst for knowing must never be coerced…

To truly want to learn one needs

Focus and drive.

Passion and purpose

Patience and perseverance

Analysis and deduction

Attention and retention.

And most of all patience.

Knowledge is wonderful

But knowing is valuable…

For all knowledge does not mean knowing.

As there is always more to learn and unlearn.

Knowledge dances on the edges of true knowing.

And wisdom lies in every bit of knowing.


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On dedication.

As we continuously dedicate our time and energy towards improving what we do, our movements reach beyond passion and that’s when our creative possibilities spring forth boundlessly!


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Thoughts : A Pathway to Evolution.

Thoughts : A Pathway to Evolution

Our thoughts have a power of their own.
They arise and move through in a speed beyond imagination.

Yet being mindful of the present moment Awakens the conscious awareness within us.

Profoundly inspiring to think that we can communicate, alter and repair cells.

By simply tapping into their wisdom
Consciousness flows in our being.

So much more than what we realize
So much unlearning in the learning.

Our cells are wise more than we know
Wisdom imprints on every cell of being

Our thoughts have power of their own
They flow through dancing as they birth

Betwixt & between of conscious awareness
Choice of channelling the flow rests with us.

Every cell carries thought impressions
Every cell can be positively reinforced

The power of every cell of our being
Is yet undervalued and undermined

Our cells make us who we are
We are responsible to create better cells

Our thoughts intentions & deeds create us
Our energy is interrelated with our thoughts waves.

We are what we think
We are what we eat

We are totally vulnerable beings
And yet so very powerful as a life force.

We are meant to evolve ourselves.
Our thoughts are a pathway to our evolution .



Master or mastered

Why mind.
Who is the master?
Who is the mastered?

When mind masters you follow

When the mind is mastered you lead.

Want to lead or follow…
The choice rests with you.





I believe I can

A Few Steps Towards Self belief.

Practice Visualization.
Try to picture yourself as you want to be.

Take a Step Beyond
Try to do something that gets you out of your comfort zone.

Self Analyze .
It helps your inner critic.Brace yourself up for handling disappointments.

Self Care is not selfish Make time to care for yourself.

Think Positive.
Work towards success at whatever that you do.
Be Kind and go out of the way to help another individual.

Use Positive Affirmations.
Every day speak with an affirmation towards what you intend positively.

Gradually l you will start seeing your self beliefhelping you in your life journey.

I believe I can.

Believe You can!



On Self Belief

Life simply turns around when you believe in yourself.

Self belief is important for life living
To believe in others you begin by believing in yourself.

If the seed sown is not full of self belief
It cannot manifest its roots or grow upward to see the light of day.

Magnificence of creation is itself so full of faith.
Rooted in the belief of manifestations
Of potential possibilities.


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On Understanding

If you can understand the why

You can formulate the how

If you can relate to the reason

Your awareness is constantly altering

The resolution in resonance

You are responding not reacting.

Sometimes it is intuition that guides you.

At times it is the process of deductions

Or even conscious self-analysis

And adopting scientific temperament

Whatever the path if the why is clear

The how is easy.



Be nice in every now.

The moment at hand is the only thing We really own…
Why wait for Christmas to be nice ?
Express appreciation, encourage another.

Share the goodwill &cheer in every season.
Be grateful and gracious
Be kind and caring
Be nice in every now!


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Grace up your life.

Live your life with the grace of faith in your heart

Touch a heart, reach beyond knowledge

Speak with certainty and be assuring.

Yet be gracious. Be gentle. Be loving.

There is much going on in the in-between.

In the silence of the unsaid and unspeakable.

Delve deeper and reach the truth of the being.

In these ponderings are great insights.

Bringing forth the wisdom in the subtlety of being.

Life is fragile yet fascinating if you choose to see it so.

There is strength in the vulnerabilities of life.

For every life carries in it the wisdom of living many lifetimes.

The purpose of your life is much more than you can make sense of.

Live your life lovingly!



Solitude: A road to stillness?

An artist must make time for the long periods of solitude
Solitude is extremely important
Away from home
Away from the studio
Away from family
Away from friends
An artist should stay for long periods of time at waterfalls
An artist should stay for long periods of time at exploding volcanoes
An artist should stay for long periods of time looking at fast-running rivers
An artist should stay for long periods of time looking at the horizon where the ocean and sky meet
An artist should stay for long periods of time looking at the stars in the night sky

Marina Abramovic

I loved the poem enough to share it, yet felt there is something much deeper to reflect there.

Is solitude the road to stillness … afterall there is often stillness in the movements and movement in the stillness as well.

So I would like to ask an artist…

Do you really want solitude or stillness ?

Sometimes in deep solitude there is no stillness.

And that is perhaps the reason for the need of staying away from it all.

Staying away is not the answer but just a change to alter and arrange thoughts.

For thoughts run amuck sometimes and have a speed all their own

Perhaps the need of the moment is being still

To witness the tides as they rise and recede.

Stillness is amidst it all in your hearts

Not in some far away place.

Then anytime you are free to…

Walk in to your own special place.

Art happens out of nowhere

It has no specific time to arrive

In the busiest of moments

Arises an insight

To write to paint and draw

It tugs on your heart to create itself.

It sees no day or night

No reason to appear or disappear

In fact art is living in every moment

Waiting for us to manifest it.


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Little busy boy!

On my recent business trip to Shanghai¬† China¬† @ the International conference and exhibition centre, I couldn’t resist clicking a candid shot of this cute little boy so very glued to his game on the mobile.¬†
A few minutes earlier, while I was engrossed in a discussion with his mom. I had watched him how he cried copious tears for getting the mobile from her hand until his loving mother finally relented, albeit reluctantly and gave it away for him to play. And then he got all busy and was the most well-behaved boy!

Children will always be children¬† and truly children are no different  anywhere in the world.
East or West the craze for the mobile is the same every where.



All is well

Whenever life wears you  out
Whenever you forget your true self
Whenever life challenges  you
Whenever you need some guidance…

Remember the truth of your own being
Sense the light of your soul.
Remember you are a spark of divinity
And all is truly well.



What would you do?

So a dear friend from another city knowing my love for science intimates me about a lecture program on Astronomy that was scheduled to happen in my city.
Reading more about it got me looking forward to attending it.
It was expected to happen in a school auditorium. And the entry was open to all.
I called a day prior to the event to confirm and then decided to schedule my work for the day so that I would be free enough to attend and enjoy it.

The organizers had mentioned about arriving at a stipulated time, it took me an hour to reach there by car but I was on time. I found the venue completed the registration and walked up a flight of stairs to the auditorium.

As I entered I saw a couple of seats free as most were occupied and I was settled in.
There was a chair with a bag next to me. And there was a girl in the next chair. I sat there waiting for the program to start.

Many people walked past me searching for a chair but never thought of checking if the chair beside me was really occupied. The auditorium was soon getting filled up. And then a young boy came in and checked if the seat was empty. Because he asked he got the seat actually, as the bag turned out to be the young girl’s.

Just as we were are settling and waiting …within 10 minutes or so, there was such a sudden rush in the number of people entering the auditorium. Suddenly the hall seemed to be brimming over with people It was quite a sight as even the aisles were full of children and parents and elderly. And people were still pouring in. It soon turned almost unmanageable and overcrowded.

A lady came on the stage and requested people in the aisles to sit where they were standing but no one was ready. In fact, to be fair, it was getting difficult to even stand, let alone sit.
The lady then started off asking parents teachers to vacate their seats for the children, as the program was meant mainly for them. No one was ready to get up and give up their seats.

On hearing the heartfelt request, I instantly gave up my seat for a young boy standing next to me. I just couldn’t sit in my seat after that, but I noticed that except a few like me, most people sat glued to their seats. Perhaps they felt they had a right because they came in earlier than the children standing.

Perhaps we are all flummoxed what to do in situations like this and respond differently.
To my understanding, I discerned that the child of tomorrow stands to gain sitting there more than me for I went there only for my own interest in the subject but perhaps it would help impact or influence his future in a positive way.
So I willingly gave up my seat.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the place as it was filling in so much that it was turning claustrophobic to even stand anywhere. As I jostled my way out of the auditorium I had to squeeze through the crowd all through the flight of stairs and outside on the narrow road in the street to the venue as well. As people were still thronging in.

Although I sincerely missed the lecture I actually felt relieved to have moved out early on.
Clearly, the organizers had missed out on this that the venue was too small to accommodate this unexpected number of people. Looked like their good intentions of keeping the entry free resulted in this. Maybe they could have kept the entry fee for adults and kept it free only for children.

Anyway I had time in my hand and decided to explore a nearby mall and returned home.
A few interesting things happened there. But that is the subject of another post another time.

Just thinking…
Perhaps every moment of our life is predetermined.
Perhaps we are meant to be where we are.
I may have reached the venue on time got the seat but I never got to hear a lecture that I planned to. And since I gave up my seat on my own, I was solely responsible why.

Sometimes life challenges us
What you deeply desire
You may have to give up for another…
But there is always a reason why!

What are your thoughts? Would you have given up your seat or stayed on?
Would love to know…