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Wonder of You!

       Wonder of You! A Visual Verse By Savvy Raj

Have you ever wondered about the divinity of the Creator?

In the blade of grass as much as the man.

The atoms arranged to efficiency

With a difference of the sheath but with a life essentially.

Designer Magnifique! Beyond knowledge beyond wisdom.

Source code of life itself … Creator who created you?

Dawn to dusk…Desire to deliverance

Attribution to Retribution

Beyond time… beyond Eternal

Tireless and Relentless,

Of Passion at play!

Simple and Sublime, patience so humbling.

Ultimate Designer and Creator of Souls

Root to Pinnacle

Salutes of Gratitude!

Bows in Reverence,

Of the ubiquitous omnipresence!!!

                                                                                              – Savvy


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A Waltz with Nature


Image Courtesy Google Search

An invitation to dance
with nature in all its glory…
Connect to its abundance
And reveal its many a untold story!

Embrace its enchanting greenery
Relate to its healing ways
Regale in the beauty of the scenery
Rejoice in every swing and sway…

In these blissful  interconnects
Realising its infinite wealth
Acknowledging the pure energy that emnates
Through every conscious breath!

Savvy Raj

P.S The above picture speaks to me to treasure and respect  the beauty of nature  in all its glorious hues…

And in the crispness of  morning and the warmth of sun kissed light

In a garden so charming a dancing heart takes flight…’Savvy

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Energy in the Synergy!


A Sense of it all!

I am because you are & we are because they are ...

Let us  all care to value the strength of the interconnects in the interdependence.

Savvy Raj


Sense of Infinity


Image credits Google Search

I stand here amidst the stillness of trees

Gazing up at the enchanting evening sky

I watch the crimson sky fade into oblivion

Hail the twinkling stars sparkling like diamonds in array

Enshrouded in the misty cape of pink and blue sky.

Even as these autumn trees play their part

In bringing the vision closer home

Captured in their silhouettes

Is magic in the sky

And the mystic of the forest

Amidst it all there is delight that dumbfounds.

Of awe and amazement and of wonder in the whimsical

But most of all, is the connect to this now

In just sensing the beauty of this one moment in infinity.

Savvy Raj


 Simplicity Paradox

Are we  actually simplifying complexities or complicating simplicity?

Simplicity dwells in the complexity

And complexity is just tangled simplicity

In the designers intelligence

Both dance hand in hand

The meaning we choose to perceive

The connect we choose to establish

The intention we choose to deduce

At a point in time

Can make it irrefutably simple

Or irrefutably complex in the understanding

The Simple truth holds all the complex potential

In an untangled arrangement

The very arrangement is a fodder for imagination

For continuity in ingenuity

In the momentumn of thoughts

The complex gives birth

To new pathways in the patterns

Promoting in the propelling

A curiousity in exploration

Of simplifying the confounding complexities.

History is replete with stories

Of complicating the simple truth

Of the being …in the boggling for answers

In refuting and regelating

Our beautiful ball of blue

This Circle of nature was assumed

Once as square in shifting  perspectives

Meaning perceived in perspective dimensions 

Unfolding with the understanding of that era

Moving on in time to deconstruct the construction

Of breaking down codes of assumption

Of restructuring in the resurrection

Of recognition and the refuting

To understanding the circles of yin and yang

The dance of polarity

The duality of nature

The death and the birth

As part of the circle of oneness

Of life and living .

Simple resides in the complexities

Complex is just simplicity turned upside down

Perhaps as humankind increased in numbers

The simple was to profound

To answer the multitude of mulling thoughts

In different directions

Due to the innate nature of man

To wonder in awe

And thus the simple no longer seemed simple

To solve the emerging enigmas

Delving into the simple

Intelligent design was questioned

In Scientific temperment

In philosophical propositions

Until creativity creates connections

And new expressions in the exploration.

To deduce deduct and denote

Infinite patterns of potential

Making sense of of uniqueness in the self similarity

As the irrefutable simpliity of it all.

In the search for answers

To simplify the complex

Or to complicate the simple

Many paths present itself

Every path is infinite in possibilities

The question is are we ready to walk the path.

And what we evolve into while walking the path of choice?


In search for simple truths we encounter the magnitude of complexities underlying the simplicity . Simplicity elegantly serves itself but the paradox of simplicity is in the complexities of finding the meaning and accepting such simplicity  as the ultimate truth of the being. Savvy Raj

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Every time I dance 

I glanced at these words in the post I chanced upon this morning. I sensed that peculiar feeling of passion for dancing stirring within me. It has been a while since I conducted my last workshop and a few days since I last danced. Yet…every sentence meant a lot to me and I know if you share a passion or simply love to dance, you would perhaps resonate with these thoughts as well. So here goes…

I don’t just dance…I perform

Witnessing the world as my stage
I dance my part in this game of life…

I breathe 

Witness to the dance of my breath
In every breath inhaled,  a gratitude of the receiving.

In every aware moment of pauses between the inhale and exhale

Invoking the divinity in the connectedness

Between the silence of sounds and soundlessness.

Every gesture a conscious acknowledgement of this dance of the breath.

The gaps in the journey as pauses in the silence know its purpose of being.

Spaced out in rhythm divine all a part to greater awakenings in every moment of time.

I watch the world disappear

To sense the world fleeting by, just care to waltz

To embrace the souls longing to move and flow along in graceful time… just dance…

To sense the subtlety of change in every dance of your breath.

To dance is to witness the ebb and flow of the tides of life and pass it on.

To dance is to feel fulfilment and contentment in nothingness all in one breath.

To dance is to enjoy the being as much as accept its fleeting nature.

I release my feelings

Feelings come and go and change is the only constant.

In the strength of release of feelings exists the freedom to transcend beyond and acknowledge the life in our being.

To release the feelings and not succumb to it is an art of living well.

To unlock the self from the prison of thoughts.

To be not a slave to feelings but learn to master it, to let it flow its course naturally.

I lead with my heart

Dancing from the heart,

Being grateful for the conscious awareness of the divinity of motion.

To move from the heart in all that one endeavours.

Breathing in the intention of the eternal awareness

towards collective consciousness of oneness is what leading and sensing grace is all about.

I tear down my walls …

Dance has taught me to liberate myself from the confines of limited existence.

From learning to move in space through the art of dance

In releasing and revelling, while sensing the freedom of space within and around me.

I stop feeling sad

Yes indeed! Although I personally make it a point to balance my emotions before conducting any workshop or working on dance in any way, be it writing about it or sharing my skills or dancing any form… yet there have been circumstances beyond which have been helped by simply dancing it out.

I lose the pain 

The happy hormones released in the body has a lot to do to manage the release of pain and by changing our body’s perception and response to all kinds of existing pain.

To dance is to acknowledge the letting go…

Of pain and allow joy in great measures. Often a dull headache nagging back pain or  even a tightness in the body improves and disappears after dance class and we are left feeling  refreshed and rejuvenated.

I let go I smile 

I remember instances of students coming into the dance class forgetting a smile and walking out wearing it so beautifully.
Guess to smile from the heart one needs to just dance and let go.😊

I don’t just dance I do so much more …


Whatever I choose to do,  the way of dance is pure bliss of a bless in my path guiding and shining the light for me. 

I hope to always choose to dance with life  with all of me, grateful for its gifted presence in every moment of now.

 Savvy  Raj