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Subtlety of Consciousness


The mystic of the Universe

Is in the shaping of creations

Squares circle spheres….

Countless dimensions

Of perspectives and propositions

Of proclamations and possibilities

On the profoundness of potentialities

Drawing from parallel to the ultraparallel

Blending and meeting to correlate

Adapting to create new visions and postulate

In the precision of near perfection

In the enigmatic theories to pragmatic practicalities.


Bending in space time

Converging massive energy

Colliding to create in the synergy

Shapes and angles in the abstraction

Dots to lines in the interconnection

Lines to dots in the simplification

Dots to the void of the core in the sublimation.


Nature jostles to witness the wonder

Composition unparalleled

Captivating in the conjectures

Riveting in the awe and rapture

Inspirations in the aspirations.

Subtlety hides the majesty of action

In the dimensions of correlation

Subtlety speaks through the intuitive connection

Subtlety projects nothing to distraction

Subtlety seeks nothing in impression

As all is without so it is within

And this bridge of balance from inner to outer

Is the evolution in the Subtlety Conscious.


Image Credits:  Title : ‘Subtlety of Consciousness’

 Artwork Vision & Verse by Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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