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Circles of Compassion

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A Painting by Savvy Raj Titled: Transcendence

Compassion is a  gentle inclusive yet so very powered by its infinite expansiveness. Surrounding the self with compassion circles is a duty to your own soul rather than a selfish act. In a world that is apparently getting overly self-obsessed, conscious compassionate thoughts within will become gradually entrenched in the core structure of the being and what is powered from a strong core radiates outwards with the magnitude of faith and strength … therein lies the success of steering towards peace and humanity through positively uplifting thoughts.

  Every compassionate thought that is then spread out will have the strength of its own circles of trust in the boundless infinity of love. Our world needs this in every moment more than we can even imagine. Harness the energies of  Compassion that hugs, heals and helps humanise humans.


We are equipped by nature to give and share more than what we perceive we have, just like the abundance of nature our being is infinite in its potential.And in every compassionate share,  there is greater regeneration and replenishment. With a deeper integration of compassionate reflections there occurs a transcendence towards universal empathy.

Connect yourself in this chain of compassionate circles and care to reach out from your core outward. .Trust enough to let go care to remember that we are all dancing beings in an exquisite circle of love and light beyond matter. All is well in the lightness of being. Let the connectedness in compassion dance from and through you !

Shine on …

Savvy Raj

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Build  bridges not walls ! 


From the architect of time, the source creator  came a space of  nothingness (akash)from space came matter  (energy) from matter came  movement (wind, air) from movement came fluidity (flow, water) from fluidity came existence from existence emanated the spirit of life (the breath of life, fire passion).

The elements  existence are a guide in an acknowledgement of interdependence. An awareness of the interconnections is an acceptance  that everything exists  in the subtlety of balance .  The spirit of life and living is the bridge to our calling and purpose of being  and the journey to the  being.   The path is and will be ours and yet not just ours.

 Every move in time  is interlinked in the bridge of time that we were, are and will be on. The bridge of time is in eternal cycle of motion. All matter constitutes one or more of  the elements  in different proportions . While the mind of the matter  perceives  it in thoughts , the heart of the matter senses … The  mindful thoughts and heartfelt  feeling  are both  real and unreal  all at the same time. The consciousness is the bridge of awareness between the  extrinsic and the intrinsic  between the learning  and the knowing . And in this understanding  is the realization  whole and complete of all as it is .

Savvy Raj