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Live Life Lovingly!

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Reflections in Faith!

Having the faith , keeping the faith …

A matter of tuning in to the Cosmos.

One is imbibed learning handed over to you and the other takes continous practice
One may not practice everything perfectly but it is a valuable effort nevertheless to think in that direction.To know that all is answered, anwerable in the course of time is to trust and rever the intelligence of being, that is also what faith is about !
When you have faith …
You will seek
But in that seeking will be the calmth of knowing all is in providence
You will want
But a want never exceeding what is necessary
You will love
But with a love that bonds but never bounds
You will cry
But a cry of letting out what has served its purpose
You will wish
But wish for one and all beyond yourself
You will bend
But bend to bow like a reed only to rise again
You will flow
But in the learning that you are not in the flow but you are the flow !

In the bending is the mending of your spirit
In the tears are the release of your fears
In the happiness and joy there is the restoring of the being

In living life by, keeping the faith flowing …

Savvy Raj

My painting Titled : Cosmic Tuning

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Power of thoughts stirs a creative force

Of patterns formed in the dynamics of fluidity .

As they move towards a vortex in space

Still malleable in their pliability.

Random impression in the expression

until the next emanating thoughts give a shape unto itself .

Suspended in the Vortex in time, in their own circles of conviction.

The vortex is a whirl, never static, an energy unto itself !

In the vortex of life … care to witness the patterns that emanate

from that great artist consummate

Creations so unique … in no cell is design that’s a duplicate

The simplicity of the creative flow that is so hard to emulate….. :))


Image Credits : Vortex …A Painting by Savvy Raj

In Loving Gratitude

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A spread of Cheer!

Today and every day, in just this moment …

Let me start the day by counting my blessings instead of time

Let me remember to send out at least one small gesture of kindness

Let me remember to express my appreciation of someone’s skill

Let me respect the power within to envision a larger good

Let me seek thoughts that bring peace and contentment

Let me love with hope and trust the knowing

Let me give a hand in lifting another up

Let me remember to truly give a listening to an elder in my life

Let me realize the joy of sharing positivity around me with my words

Let me stretch my thoughts to being accepting of another’s vision

Let me sense the beauty of this world I live in and around me

Let me be grateful to the knowledge I have and will receive

Let me acknowledge with humility the supreme that manifests creatively

Let me revel in the wonder of innocence and bow in reverence of divine energy

Let me see the divine in you enough to fathom because You are… I am!

Let me remember to end the day by counting my blessings instead of sheep:)


Are you here ?

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Mindfulness is about paying attention to the movement at hand without judging it . When we understand that everything in life is constantly changing. this understanding and acceptance is liberating in itself as then we don’t lose energy in stressing ourselves about things which are changing .Thus in the variability aspect of life itself , we learn to nourish our selves with awareness of the moment .

The concept of aligning ourselves in mind , body and spirit may seem theoretically simple but is practically difficult and needs dedicated practice.But a simple effort of coordination of our breath and some gentle easy to do movements could be a start towards an integration of our mind body connect .

Extensive research studies in the west have only reiterated what was practiced and known in the eastern philosophies that mindful awareness develops our mental faculties with higher concentration abilities, improves coordination skills and brings clarity in our movements in our lives ..

Mindfulness helps us to spot out our unhelpful thought patterns and is able to make us break free from destructive and defeatist attitude and behavior thus developing us for the better and healthier us .

Mindfulness sessions makes one calm, relaxed while improving our blood circulation and energy in the body We realize then, that wellness quotient need not be about spending time slogging through tiresome gym workouts ,or even about extreme starvation diets but it could simply be about using our mind to optimize our health with gentle moves for body mind integration, thus adopting subtle shifts of movements for the better .

As we build on these small steps we pave the way for an attitudinal shift towards good health and optimism. … Simple positive changes to our thoughts thus can change our lives !

Points to ponder…Where attention is …. energy is .
Our life’s memorable experiences are based on that which we have payed attention to.
We can shift attention by leading from the movement and thereby changing the thoughts ….
By simply caring to observe that which we may have gone unnoticed, we can learn to look at Life itself as a Gift
Care to connect with your breath and infuse positivism and exhale the unnecessary.
As we connect with others around us in a positive way we build empathetic awareness in ourselves and our surroundings.

No one is too small to make a difference …..


If You Want Change…Change Yourself!Take A Step!

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0b0ed75 Change is inevitable … matter changes as it is the very nature of matter to change …but channelizing the change into manifesting creatively is a result of the positive intention of the in tender ! For example, we all grow and are growing this very minute.Older, wiser , but how we grow and how we use this moment to grow and change, is in our hands ! Whether we choose a life of mediocrity or creativity depends on us and our intentions and actions . Every moment that we value and appreciate ,life can be creative and enriching an experience as we gradually evolve to understand to enjoy both the stillness and the movement in the moment… Like the Upanishads states … ‘You are what your deepest desires are , as is your desire so is your intention . as is your intention so is your will , as is your will so is your deed ,as is your deed so is your destiny …. What at times may take years or a lifetime to accomplish, may take is just a single step or expression to bring it on ! But remember there are always those subtle signs that guide us towards whatever we wish for .

To intend to change for the better is the first step then to fulfill our deepest aspirations. A focused approach of where to go and what to accomplish , and persevering with a determined effort at it, is reason enough to make life respond rapidly almost as if there is an invisible ray of power in and around us to make it happen. Simply put , whenever there is a deep aspiration to make a difference , to change something , there always is a corresponding response accordingly !
So it Is important to make a move even if you are a nervous and afraid, eventually you gain enough confidence to make bigger, bolder moves and that is truly liberating, as it is full of true confidence in acknowledging what all you are truly capable of. Bring out the success that you ACTUALLY are !!!
Savvy Raj
‘ Art of Wellbeing begins with a Positive Intention’  Savvy Raj

Seeing beyond looking!

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Seeing something involves all of you and looking is just through your eyes . Expanding the sense of sight and endeavoring to see beyond the obvious entails ones whole being …whenever we look at the mirror, it is possible that we may assess ourselves as per our individual judgments, however it seems,rooted in our materialistic attachments. When we actually begin to see … we realize the great depth and dimensions and it’s only possible with awareness of detachment.The difference between looking and seeing is thus an expansive movement , and they could reflect the development of empathetic consciousness in a person, and virtues of patience .
Creative Movement Arts such as Dancing are wonderful ways of developing and imbibing these positive qualities. It is fascinating what our body can reveal in a dance.What is endearing and enticing and exhilarating about dancing … is that the body never lies. In its stillness or in its movements … And there is great healing, in the movements.
Inertia can lead to disease. Simply bringing the body into movement heals, empowers and brings positive changes in the body in time gradually … but most of all it brings on empathy and a divine connection to the living you and that’s the alluring magnetic charm of a body in blissful motion …

As one is able to see soul beyond the movements it becomes a metaphor of change , tears turn to smiles and one becomes an expanding circle of positive energy powered from within …The spirit of the movement brings about the necessary change as you learn to express your own sense of creativity … create with your own sense of expression, and you evolve to understand and revel and gradually merge with that which is unique in you and others & flow with it harmoniously …

The path need not be the same for everyone and as you continue with the depth of vision you see the dimensions yet in the making …. in the stillness of solitude you might experience company even in the quietude , in the chaos of confusion , there will arise clarity in the conforming ,in the fluidity of the flow there could be a discipline of pattern , in the beat of heart will be heard the lyrical vibration of the being …In the seeming rigorous rigidity of the repetition could arise the strength of silent simplicity …. And that is the seeing moment when movement becomes a dance.! A dance of a joyful grateful being celebrating in gratitude of life itself …….

Savvy Raj

The Space between the Steps

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Just like the sounds of music in the spaces between the notes, there is dancing in the spaces between the steps ….. It is only when we become aware of the value of the spaces between the thoughts that we can truly reflect , revel and dance with ease through our lives.
 The pinnacle of access to our realization of the creative entities at work would actually be in the silence , in the intentions, in an emotional journey of profound fulfillment.
The trick is to find that point of immense creative surge and be able to nurture it .
Rest and activity go together just as much as night and day… And like the yin and the yang , there must be pauses in between the breathes , an inaction in between the action , which will heighten the clarity, purity, and the intensity of that which is evolving.
Its disheartening that our world has become so hyperactive . Multitasking has become the order of the day, people spend time having dinner in front of televisions , reading is done with music, and very often we have the mobile phone calls that cuts through a real conversation. So much has there been an abuse of our bodies and mind that we truly have forgotten the importance of non activity and quietude. The silence between your actions or movements are the bridges to our conscious experiences and the greater your awareness the greater the creative potency of the action itself .
Dancing socially de stresses the body mind and spirit holistically . Taking a moment
to value the steps you dance together , valuing the music you are dancing to, appreciating this moment & appreciating the partner you have in this moment will only cultivate the value for oneself and will help in centering oneself deeper in the action with a joyful heart and soul.
When you Dance if you still your thoughts to simply learn to flow with the partner , the atmosphere ,the music you will undoubtedly enliven yourself in the process and what you have is a beautiful dance of togetherness bridging the spaces between the steps with a conscious awareness …… And that is when dancing feels like a miracle that’s happening!
Few more thoughts in the flow….
Start the day with a few minutes of silence and observing the breath
Take time to pause and watch nature and try to be one with it . .. May be a sunrise , a sunset, a beach view watching the waves , the stars in the sky , the moon , the sky , or a rose or any flower or potted plant , or may be a tree in your garden .
Make sure to have moments where you are free of your cellphone , tv , computer, or
any electronic appliance.
Make a point of actually listening and understanding as others speak and allow the other to speak as much as yourself .Accept every moment in the life you have now and cherish it for what it is…. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude 🙂
Savvy Raj

Follow your passion …find your purpose…fulfill your presence!

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The highest motivation that can change the way we behave for the better is actually intrinsic than external factors .There have been many research studies conducted to find out if we are influenced to perform better consistently through a system of rewards and punishments.Humans it is found are found to decrease performance in tasks where there is only materialistic gain as a reward, but fare consistently better where there is autonomy and encouragement of moving towards a purpose . A purpose which aligns with their innate sensibilities.

This throws the conventional and traditional approach to getting work done, up for a toss . As it is exactly the opposite viewpoint that humans can be manipulated to a large extent to achieve better results by the so called carrot and stick methods



In choosing to work harder at a task or a job with passion instead of needing to comply to it the human being feels free enough to go beyond the box. As there is free will within a wider net of required structure the creative potentialities are given a free play and thus the individual moves closer to his authentic self . The joy of self expression results in a need to share it with others out of sheer happiness.

What is it that makes us love ourselves better when we give? Is it the satisfaction in the appreciation of that which we willingly share or is it on the innate need for doing a deed with a larger good in mind, or is it in the happiness of the other that results through the actions ? Whatever it may be , just remember we are truly blessed and are our most authentic self in every expansive action that we choose to do!

Savvy Raj



Another day dawns!

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Magnificent Sun!

Across the distant horizon resplendent in all its radiant hues sun shines on its blessings and bejewels the sky. The leaves unfurl themselves a little bit more ….with strength and energy and basking with confidence in its radiance. Knowing the biting cold of the night has moved away, they glide lovingly content in this moment that glows with warmth!
The buds awaken themselves and bloom willingly only to reveal their astoundingly tender beauty. And soulfully they turn seeking the brilliance of the magnificent sun …catch them dancing the dance of beauty and grace that’s shimmering in its rays…Maybe they know well the time they have with the sun is precious and know they must live it with all their might ….and behold it’s a breath-taking sight !
Who better to seek,to understand the preciousness of time …. to understand the wisdom of time, than from a tender flower a midst its unabashed beauty…
Time is precious !Fill your day with purpose! Live the moments ….lovingly !

Bloom and be blessed !


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Dancing is the rhythm of life which is primarily a motion based on a thought that a movement could simply express what could be a volume of words. Every time the creative spurts are awakened through artistic activity there is rebirth of energy moving to unfold itself in a unique way, justifying the quest to the depths of the art form.

As dancers perfect their skills they become aware of the economy of movement along with its ergonomics. The road is tiresome, winding. The journey full of discipline although it builds the strength of character required to dance beyond oneself. This dedication is necessary and must never be taken for granted. Likewise as the dancers take on the mantle of a teacher the focus must be on sharing the knowledge than teaching to impose their learning, their aim must be simply to rekindle and stimulate the learner’s mind, towards a journey of self discoveries, realization and finally awakening!

A good teacher is so much than just about credentials and certificates and awards. A teacher must make every student feel respected and communicated to fostering a positive self image with responsibility among the learners. Practicing whatever one learns is important to both the student and teacher at every level of learning. As a dancer becomes more and more poised and surefooted its naturally going to bring about many wonderful and positive changes in life, both in the physical body and mental attitudes.

Dancing with a partner for example teaches empathy, compassion and awareness of the body and mind along with teamwork. In today’s world that seems so focused on self aggrandizement it definitely would be good idea then to learn to sustain this learning in other spheres of ones life and share this knowledge with others too …’To dance is to share and to share is to learn …’

Savvy Raj


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A space that’s open yet bounded with a focus can be conducive to learning as when the process of exploration begins it is helped by a structured approach .

But while boundaries may be reminding of a journey having a destination, it is the openness that reflects the never ending source of creativity.



The spirit of this reflection will be when both the voice of a individual or the collectives of a group is heard. The voice of concerns must be addressed in truth and honesty .

There must be solitude to absorb your understanding as well as companionship for conversations to test , reflect and enhance learning ….
A space for learning can be contemplative, restorative, uplifting, energizing, stimulating ….regenerating, calming…accepting reflection … after all the horizon of learning is always expanding….:)




Attract a Perfectly Positive Life !

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Living in the now is a perfectly positive life indeed! How can that happen? Well simply put , Sense every moment blossoming into the next than just getting overtly entangled in that moment with a conscious awareness of the movements in the moments .Many beautiful moments are lost because the self is too busy worrying about what was and what will happen instead of being in the moment that is and enjoyably so!

2e6e1b1 (1)

There is nothing that is totally perfect life maybe, but there is always scope for the better! Finding joys in the simple things of life is perfection personified because it means you are able to sift through the pain and find happiness no matter how or what the circumstances are . Many of us have yet to master this considerably simple act in our lives. We all have the memory left in us to be so since we were children as children are happy because they are able to see the simple things of life as they are, without over analyzing and creating complex duality of thoughts for themselves. So somewhere in us we all have the power of happiness and simplicity which at times are covered by layers of shielding that become weapons of self destruction of our positive possibilities.As a result it creates a build up of negativity and blockages in our systems making sickness and ill health a repeating pattern in our lives.

Gradually as we channelize our thoughts, actions and deeds to a more higher plane of consciousness instead of the mundane we are more connected and tuned in to access nature’s energy in the form of healing light of awareness that envelopes us increasing our immunity and our ability to see and accept life’s, infinite spectrum of colors with unconditional joy !


Any of us can manifest a perfectly positive life by being more flexible, understanding, accepting, sharing & giving without holding back . Some simple behavioral shifts to consider are…

1: Avoid Sarcasm & Criticism in thoughts words and action

2:If you are in a state of anger and negativity, pause and turn your attention to witness and connect to your own breathing.

3:Starting with the self … even with a single deed a day do enable the self to act with compassion . A kind and appreciative thought leads to an act of kindness and creates a chain of positivity which in turn is Self healing and Self Empowering.

4:Share your knowledge without boundaries. Being a giver after all makes you a stronger person.

5 Most of all remember the interconnect that runs through us all and the strength in the interconnects !

These are great attitudes to develop if we are to live a fuller, richer and a successful life.

Live Life Lovingly:)

Savvy Raj

All is well within … when I am in the Now

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I simplify my thoughts, to be present in the moment enough to enjoy them.

I dwell in this moment so that I can smile in my breathing and this is the only truth for me

At the heart of my being I know I have all that I may need,to be all that I can be …. All is well within.


The truth is not chanced upon by search and research alone but by fair introspection and non-judgmental contemplation.


But to reach where I am headed I must value time enough,to be present in the now and share love enough, to nourish and sustain the soul that I dwell in.


Savvy Raj


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081737d (1)

True freedom and liberation is when we start to bridge the cultural ,socio economic,differences we have due to mindset, location, or space. Had the opportunity to experience this first hand some while ago when I had the privilege through a dear friend to facilitate a Dance Movement workshop in Chennai for some underprivileged children .It was a motley group of about twenty kids, many of them around 10 to 16 years adolescents.When I undertook this task, I was aware that I had no idea how receptive they would be to ballroom dance movements … but went ahead with it positively aiming to let it take course and develop as naturally as possible .Most of these children, were quite an interactive bunch and clearly more than ready to mingle , that put me at ease as suddenly I just knew what my next step could be … I decided to get them to participate as a group and then in pairs as I went about explaining & demonstrating a few steps of some Latin and Ballroom dances .

Clearly visible was the spirit of joy as these children and the few adults who were briefly ready to let out their inner child ,intermingled unabashedly with the power of positivity through the medium of dance … As I played and danced along with the children, one young boy (a keen learner I had observed ) stepped out of the group and asked me if I would dance with him. To make it interesting to the group further I told him I will do so if he agrees to to do the Dappan Koothu …( the folkstyle dancing seen in Tamil films) to my Samba moves… And yes it totally synced as we heard a resounding applause and cheer from all around ! Music and dance is the language of the soul and who knows it better than those who sing and dance themselves …

The beautiful time spent with these vibrant and happy go lucky kids will be entrenched in me , they gave me so much without their knowing…!! The joy of sharing , the spirit of happiness and most of all the hope to rise above the apparent and evolve for the better. In those precious moments I spent with them, I witnessed unconditional love and affection and positive connection from these brave-hearts … in deep gratitude and with a thankful and blissful heart I look ahead in time. A little bit of sensitivity,enthusiasm and a touch of love and care …goes a long long way indeed !!!
Oh yes I forgot to mention …. it was truly interesting to say the least, to be able to teach Ballroom dancing in Tamil … But of course dancing is a nonverbal language of its own … and that’s what we spoke that day…Hope to catch up with them soon ! Certainly intend to conduct more such creative workshops in other places too… Anyone with ideas do get in touch with me ….:)

Savvy Raj


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Travelling is truly moving beyond Spaces. .. a chance towards awakening your living spirit and feel alive to the moment.In the wonders of the journey as much as the destination, the traveller gathers wisdom of experiences. Revel in it , enjoy the bliss of each unique moment in the movements!

Experiences that must be savored along the way. Learning and growing all the way…in the knowing that it is not the distance in space or time or the length of the journey but in the acceptance of the new in unknown paths… be it all in the mind heart or the spirit of the being. ..Keep the wonder of the moment alive !

Savvy Raj

.. Check out my magazine ..A collection of some amazing Spaces in our beautiful world …. feel free to suggest some more that I can add as well