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Live Life Lovingly!

Attract a Perfectly Positive Life !

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Living in the now is a perfectly positive life indeed! How can that happen? Well simply put , Sense every moment blossoming into the next than just getting overtly entangled in that moment with a conscious awareness of the movements in the moments .Many beautiful moments are lost because the self is too busy worrying about what was and what will happen instead of being in the moment that is and enjoyably so!

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There is nothing that is totally perfect life maybe, but there is always scope for the better! Finding joys in the simple things of life is perfection personified because it means you are able to sift through the pain and find happiness no matter how or what the circumstances are . Many of us have yet to master this considerably simple act in our lives. We all have the memory left in us to be so since we were children as children are happy because they are able to see the simple things of life as they are, without over analyzing and creating complex duality of thoughts for themselves. So somewhere in us we all have the power of happiness and simplicity which at times are covered by layers of shielding that become weapons of self destruction of our positive possibilities.As a result it creates a build up of negativity and blockages in our systems making sickness and ill health a repeating pattern in our lives.

Gradually as we channelize our thoughts, actions and deeds to a more higher plane of consciousness instead of the mundane we are more connected and tuned in to access nature’s energy in the form of healing light of awareness that envelopes us increasing our immunity and our ability to see and accept life’s, infinite spectrum of colors with unconditional joy !


Any of us can manifest a perfectly positive life by being more flexible, understanding, accepting, sharing & giving without holding back . Some simple behavioral shifts to consider are…

1: Avoid Sarcasm & Criticism in thoughts words and action

2:If you are in a state of anger and negativity, pause and turn your attention to witness and connect to your own breathing.

3:Starting with the self … even with a single deed a day do enable the self to act with compassion . A kind and appreciative thought leads to an act of kindness and creates a chain of positivity which in turn is Self healing and Self Empowering.

4:Share your knowledge without boundaries. Being a giver after all makes you a stronger person.

5 Most of all remember the interconnect that runs through us all and the strength in the interconnects !

These are great attitudes to develop if we are to live a fuller, richer and a successful life.

Live Life Lovingly:)

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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