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Reflections in Faith!

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Having the faith , keeping the faith …

A matter of tuning in to the Cosmos.

One is imbibed learning handed over to you and the other takes continous practice
One may not practice everything perfectly but it is a valuable effort nevertheless to think in that direction.To know that all is answered, anwerable in the course of time is to trust and rever the intelligence of being, that is also what faith is about !
When you have faith …
You will seek
But in that seeking will be the calmth of knowing all is in providence
You will want
But a want never exceeding what is necessary
You will love
But with a love that bonds but never bounds
You will cry
But a cry of letting out what has served its purpose
You will wish
But wish for one and all beyond yourself
You will bend
But bend to bow like a reed only to rise again
You will flow
But in the learning that you are not in the flow but you are the flow !

In the bending is the mending of your spirit
In the tears are the release of your fears
In the happiness and joy there is the restoring of the being

In living life by, keeping the faith flowing …

Savvy Raj

My painting Titled : Cosmic Tuning


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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