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Yes You Can !!!

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Yes You Can

                                                                        ‘Yes You Can’ By Savvy Raj  

To be is to do….

The power of belief  is innate in every cell of life. Without it there is no being. ‘To be’ … all the things you actually are , there is one step , steeped in the power of belief and that is ,  to do … to take a step and move closer to the being. 

Balance unto being

Often life threatens the very existence out of our being , we are uprooted, shaken up by circumstances  and decentered from the path , care then to remember the power of belief lies with you , remember who you are and trudge along knowing the truth of the being.that you are here on this earth at this moment manifest for a reason , know there will be highs and lows but you are meant to get back into balance  as part of the being .

Self Confidence 

  You are on a journey  so believe in a prophecy ,a divination,so fulfilling and sustaining that it will manifest through the actions you take and  subconsciously will  continue do so in the future  . Believe in yourself and choose to step with confidence.

Self Belief

Self belief is a measure of inner confidence, way above the image building efforts working on  superficial layer of outward appearences   Self Belief is what you really can bank on , the sensation of inclusive, noncompetitive , nonjudgemental,  noninterfering peacebuilding expansive actions that you partake in the flow . this is the essence of self belief .  A belief beyond the limits of fear.

Being  In the Now

Pressures are buildup of anxieties about the future and remembered failures from the past. So as you play your game in this present moment, you are in your optimum best as there is no pressure actually . As you evolve know that life is simply working its best to evolve your consciousness in its optimum way… Your experiences along the way may be a stepping stone for furthering you on your journey in the evolutionary consciousness … 

 So do care to be all that you can be … 

‘Yes You Can ‘

Savvy Raj

 Image Credits :Art works  by Savvy Raj

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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