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Life thrives in nurture.


On the interconnects of nature and nurture.

I am fond of nature. I enjoy witnessing and understanding the development of life and its interconnectedness. I also happen to love reading and reflecting about life and its potential possibilities. It provokes thought on the origins of nature and nurture. Be it life in a seed or a plant or a fruit or a human and the relationship with the environment.

Seeds that are sown and reaped depend on many factors Those are what induce the nature of seeds its distinct characteristics.

Yet at times these very factors also play truant that even with the so called right conditions and everything under control, the consequences are devastating.

They may detoriate or stay stunted or stagnate and wither on their own without a clue. So what is it about seeds that never grow…Perhaps they are just not ready as yet and need more time or they are exposed to more than they can handle!
Or they are just nutrient dense which clogs, or even conditions like too much water and sun . Or they are preys to parasitic predators as we speak .

On another parallel speaking of parents and children here I am reminded of what is called helicopter parenting style the kind that almost end up hovering over their children, which just doesn’t leave any room for kids to grow on their own.

Everything needs space and balance of elements to grow and sustain well.
To germinate on its own and explore possibilities in trial and error.

The sweetest of fruits may hold the truth of their upbringing.
The bitterness in fruits could have developed along the way in the way they were handled or induced with pesticides that makes them poisonous to the consumer .
Difficult conditions leave an imprint on them that in time could alter their very nature and characteristics. But it is simply clear that the effects of good nurture in nature yields positive results.

So many questions we could pose to ourselves in our search for a better tommorow for us all!

  • How can we nurture ourselves as an individual, as a community or even as a nation and beyond as one world intentionally.
  • What are the paths to prosocial behavior and relationships.
  • What are the ways to bring about transformational changes that help in thriving beyond simply existing.
  • How can we build on hope and a sense of optimism for positive outcomes from the grassroots levels
  • How can we think beyond and take responsible actions that will help heal ourselves and our world.

Our wellbeing is our responsibility as life is a gift . Let us find collectively work at finding solutions that work in evolving our selves for the better than self destruct our beautiful world .

Just care to remember

Be it a flower, a tree an animal or a human being
Life thrives in nurture with the cultivation of right care and attitude.


The seeds of this post were sown from a very inspirational post I read by my dear friend Ali Anani’s recently

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

16 thoughts on “Life thrives in nurture.

  1. Beautiful…this is an excellent reflection of your previous postings and how nature “Savvy” you are! and excellent pictures…You inspire!

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    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words once again.Your words give a positive boost to my morning today! Glad to have found the right pictures.🙂 Wishing you and all here a wonderful weekend !!

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  2. This is in response to…My soul has a hat…not sure why that is not accepting my reply…

    beautiful poem…and thought-provoking questions at the end! This just reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Time – –

    “And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun”

    It’s said everyday one spends, our stock of candies (the pleasure of living our life) gets depleted fast.

    It’s said in Srimad Bhagavatham that the rising and setting of sun reduces the life span of everyone except those involved in self-realisation and cultivating God consciousness…and surely peace of mind and a clear conscience follows on doing that!

    Constant running after the day to day pursuits of life and leaving this realisation at the very end…no one knows their “Time”.

    These thoughts have more to do with what God determines and the predisposition of the soul over its eternal existence. No one determine the transition of the soul towards being afflicted with materialistic domination to realise it as a free spirit not bound with anything.

    Giving our natural inquisitiveness an upper hand and start trying to seek an answer to these questions at an early age through proper means- our ancient spiritual wisdom provides ample opportunities to cultivate these – So it’s not a question of age, occupation, intention etc., it’s just the change of heart…

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  3. Gentle and nurturing words dear Savvy 😊❤

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  4. …We are all children of the same nature, we live in it, it gives us food and water every day, sun beams that makes us happy, fresh air that we breathe. So it is on us to make that nature be live and well again. We should be its guardians, not its destroyers. When will humanity finally understand that if we lose nature, we lose ourselves. No nature, no fresh water and air, no quality food, no plants, no animals, no humans. I wrote a short story about the humans and their fears and superstitions about the nature itself in

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  5. Wow… Savvy you just portrayed the wonders of nature.. Beautiful imagery..


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