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Shanghai Calling

Hello Readers,

WordPress has been a great source of support for not only writing away our thoughts and seeing it pick traction. But also in bringing the world just a bit more closer together through these mere words. Such is the power of words.

My earlier travels have been interspersed with interesting personas that I had a chance meeting with and many have become wonderful friends for life.

I am planning to travel to Shanghai China for the first time on work soon. Would love to know if you know or there is anyone from that city here on WordPress. Would be happy to connect if so.

If you have anything that you can share on Shanghai I would be glad to hear more.

In goodwill and gratitude


When Kindness Speaks

On World Kindness Day

A Share of kindness…

When kindness speaks

It leaves heartprints

No words are needed

When kindness speaks

All is conveyed in the sensing.

When kindness speaks

A bond is created

That unites us beyond ourselves

When kindness speaks

The world is bettered.



On Speaking & Hearing

When you speak, the words are yours and the thoughts are sent outwards, so choose your words…

When you hear, the words are others and thoughts are inwards, so think positively!



Let Go…

abstract art blur bokeh
Learn to live for this moment.
Do not take the residue with u.
Let it pass, You just carry on.
Another moment is there to live and let go.
The residue comes with us as happy and sad memories of the past and most of our life we dwell and chew on them and act accordingly.

Observe life with detachment, with the understanding that nothing is permanent.
Change is the nature of the universe, so that the cycle continues.
The atoms in the whole universe keep on changing, what you experience is also gone along with that.
Then why burden the self with all the memories, just let it go.
Feel and experience the new atoms with each changing moment.
Feel light as there is no burden You are carrying.
The more you carry, the more dense and tense you become.
Leave it.
Lighter you become and it will help you to see the light of liberation.

A few reflections from my mothers’ writings.

Sweet tooth?

East or west Sweets are the best!

This festive season brought along chocolates from Switzerland and Indian mithai competing with each other… Yummy and delicious indeed! Personally, am a huge fan of dark chocolates and the Indian dry fruits sweets which are some of my favourites any day.

Just curious
What would you pick?

Are you a fine chocolate connoisseur
Or a fan of mouthwatering rich Indian Sweets?

With an array of delicately balanced delectables on the table….

What’s your choice?

Help Sustain the World

A few facts and figures

Recycling Plastic

Do you know that

1 ton of plastic trash can save 5774 kWh of electricity, 3114 litres of oil, and 3000 litres of water!! Plastic recycling has the potential of unthinkable benefits.

Just don’t throw your used plastic bottles away – causing environmental pollution!

Reducing water wastage

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. …
  • Turn off the tap while washing your hands. …
  • Fix your leaking taps. …
  • Water
  • Head to the car wash.


One example of conventional reuse is the doorstep delivery of milk in reuseable bottles; other examples include the retreading of tires and the use of returnable/reusable plastic boxes, shipping containers, instead of single-use corrugated fiberboard boxes.



Here is a very relevant and simple test to check your environmental awareness and learn about how we go green…




Seeing beyond

Beautiful thoughts make the person beautiful!

Spare a thought in consideration.

Whenever we are able to see beyond the visible characteristics and understand the reason why a person behaves the way they do, we are attuning ourselves to the divinity in and around us…

Harmony beckons.