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Titled: Unshackled…An Artwork By Savvy Raj

Born free we truly are, but we learn to evolve, to move beyond the soul cages of our own being!

When we learn to appreciate the freedom that is ours for the taking, we realize its value in deep gratitude!

“Do not do this… Do not do that…” often these are the words that are entrenched in our brains in the name of effective and good rearing.

We are told for goodness sake to avoid disappointments at all costs and to stay away from failure. Often our programming is tracked for success without a doubt. 

Superb indeed! A mindful way of being that acknowledges the good and disregards the bad.

Great, then where is the issue? There should be none at all! However, the reverse is the case, and often as well!

For example, a child very lovingly brought up has to experience and grow in a world of dualities. 

There are all kinds of people that make up this world and varied experiences to be had in this journey of life. Preparation of exigencies is thus a necessity after all.

Acceptance and Adaptability

This is the key that we mould from within as we evolve towards unlocking the secrets to a successful life.

Dealing with what must be dealt

Bending in the flow where it is necessary

Standing up for something or someone you care

Steering through a crisis that shows up without notice

All these take nerves of steel and resilience. And never forget to smile from the heart and all of your being. 

Life is like that — a taste of bitter and sweet, all spiced with the nicest surprises yet tinged with necessary learnings along the way.

Freedom is being who you are

Everything alive has a right to be all that they manifest with the uniqueness of their thoughts. There is always room for expansion while accepting another as they choose to be.

Self-imposed restrictions may be a discipline necessary for one to learn, while for another it may stifle them if forced in even small measures. Caged by its own thoughts, the soul of the being needs to set itself free from limiting self-reflections to a spectrum of colours beyond.

 Break free from the soul cages of convictions that hold you in chains of restrictions and evolve with your resurrection.

Remember, the world is as free as you want it to be. Just take care that along the way, another’s joy you do not steal.

In the acceptance of the free-spiritedness of another being, there is the unshackled lightness of your own being!

Remember you are born free

To be all that you choose to be!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

10 thoughts on “SOUL CAGES

  1. Excellent thoughts Savvy!! Have a nice week!!!

    The Soul Cage – Poem by Ravin Sharma

    In an empty room, with emptiness glaring at itself,
    Through a mirror, through walls, I stared at myself.
    Those birds in my dream sang for my freedom every night
    And then those walls would then turn to me and shone bright.
    Bright were the mirrors and there I stood in an empty room,
    In the mirrored room, I saw the emptiness glaring at ‘myself’.

    I am a heart trapped in a soul-cage,
    and my reflections stuck in a mirror maze.
    Days passed and the glaring eyes were unrelenting
    I could chat for hours and hours were never-ending.
    I would tell them about how those beautiful birds,
    Shooed away with my vigour and words.

    If I were a sadist, I would not have ever loved
    Love, I still remember, the reason, once I was loved.
    Eyes, beautiful than any birds’ and heart as red as love.
    The mirror was not beautiful, the only one that could never be,
    And it could not sing those freedom songs to me.

    More days passed and the glaring eyes became strong
    with a wicked smile, it twirled into itself
    with no glaring eyes set to ‘myself’ (anymore) .
    The mirror shone without me
    And the soul-cage ensnared me
    forever pondering over my deeds on those birds.

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    • Caged by its own thoughts… the soul of the being needs to set itself free from limiting self reflections to a spectrum of colours beyond!

      Thank you Efi for your lovely shares and kind appreciation .
      And a wonderful week to you too!!!

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  2. This is so apt; perfectly written. We are born free however our upbringing shapes our mind where we learn only to succeed and hate to fail. However, both these things are equally important to live a full life, to gain insightful experiences. Ideas and thoughts are good but when they are deeply rooted, its difficult to adapt to the ever changing situations in life. This post beautifully sums up all these stuff and more. Beautiful writing Savvy.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment here . Yes in acceptance of our vulnerability and in the strength of adaptability we experience true freedom of our being. Appreciate your taking time to read this article and its summation. 🙏


  3. “I am free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.” Theodore Roosevelt

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  4. Hi Savvy, I want to thank you for this lovely writing. I know it is a long time after it was written, but it is never too late to read. And we have been quite ill – me and my significant other, Richard. So just trying to catch up with some 800+ posts as I am blogging and subscribe to a lot of blogs. Anyway, for you and for your beautiful thoughts. It is lovely to read something that is like a beautiful picture out in nature. Thank you kindly.

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    • Dear Anne….To know inspite of your ill health your took time to read and share your thoughts is truly touching. I wish you well being and loads of goodwill and warmth of love .Thank you for your generous words on this post.

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