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Life comes a full circle


Who has not feltΒ ripples

At some point or another?

Life comes a full circle,

With its curves of ups and downs.

In the course of living,

There will be many ups,

Where the ego is boosted

And the spirit seems to soar.

And in the same breath,

There will be many downs

Of grief, despair, and loss,

Sometimes beyond compare.

As life continues on its path

Between nowhere and somewhere,

Between pain and pleasure,

Know there is an art to living.

Call it the wisdom of moderation

To stay clear of tilting to the extremes

Of emotions that manifest

In life and living.

Sense it all, both pain and pleasure,

For what is life after all.

Laugh a little to fill your hearts,

And let your tears flow, if they must.

Just don’t dwell on it for too long.

Move on, learning to flow with life.

You are no mountain to stand unmoved,

Or a stagnant pond collecting debris.

You are filled with the wonders of life.

Just like trees, shed your pain.

Like dried autumn leaves,

Let go of your worries.

Allow yourself to flourish again.



You are meant to flow

Like a stream in the river of time.

You are meant to grow

And evolve along the way.

Choose to care and share

With your fellow travellers

For each life matters, somehow, somewhere,

To one and all, along the way!


This poem is dedicated to anyone who is going through a rough patch.

Hoping for the best and sending in loads of goodwill.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

27 thoughts on “Life comes a full circle

  1. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful thoughts and words in this poem πŸ™‚

    Yes we are in a school of life and sometimes we receive bad marks, sometimes good marks – all is to increase consciousness, to learn from the good as well as from the bad sides – that this school of life may lead us some day to the “university of life” and beyond…

    Have a great time, my dear friend Savvy
    From heart to heart

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  2. Super and brilliant poem Savvy. Yes Life is indeed like a mountain. Some steps are easy to climb during ascent, yet some extremely difficult even when one feels descent is easy. One experiences a gamut of turns some good, some not so pleasant. But overall if one enjoys the journey with smiles and positiveness, it becomes a smooth sailing and along with it we also inspire others to follow suit. The pictures are so apt matching your serene poetry. But then again, it is a beautiful art that you dabble with so effortlessly.

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    • I was drawn to your line … ‘even when the descent is easy .. ‘
      We may never know perhaps how our lifes will turn out to be… truly there is much more at play in the cosmic level.
      But what manifests before us in this moment is what we need to handle and we are somehow miraculously equipped by nature even in its trying times to manage these moments.
      Thank you Ashok for taking the time to read and reflect here as well as your kind words of appreciation.

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      • Most welcome Savvy and please do continue to do the amazing work that you do and that do with so much care and attention just like a true artist. It is my privilege to be connected to you and savor the artistic delicacies of poetry, prose and paintings that you regularly dole out so eloquently.

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  3. Good morning Savvy!! Perfect post!!!

    And the seasons they go round and round,
    And the painted ponies go up and down,
    We’re all captive on the carousel of time
    We can’t return we can only look behind
    From where we came
    And go ’round and ’round and ’round
    In the circle game.

    Joni Mitchell, “The Circle Game,” from Ladies of the Canyon (1970)


    • Good evening dear friend Hope you are well and in good cheer.
      Looks like I have missed your beautiful share. I chanced upon it now and gladly so ! So aptly shared as well. Yes life is a game of carousel… round and round we go. We are meant to meet greet and connect again in our deepest
      intentions πŸ™ Lots of love and goodwill ❀


  4. Absolutely beautiful. Very wise. Love the way you have penned your thoughts. Thanks for sharing

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  5. Very motivating Savvy. Beautifully drafted lines and the pictures in between, does all the magic.

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  6. So beautifully penned, Savvy!!! And so true and insightful!! Thanks so much for sharing this!


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    Barista Charles pick Pay it Forward Thursday (Nov 1st)

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  9. Truly moving, encouraging, and empowering! My heart was warmed in the tender embrace of your compassionate word’s.❀️😊


  10. Thank you for your generous words of appreciation. Verses come and go but there are times when the heart senses the interweaves in the interconnects in the flow. Your words mean a lot!


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