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On Perspectives


What seems to be, may not be

What is, maybe not.

What is an assumption, may become a contradiction.

What seems factual, may not be actual.

All is a matter of shifting perspectives.


The above image was shared by a friend on social media… it is not a video but simply a still image.

The question is do our perspectives shape our experiences

Or do our unique experiences shape our perspectives….

Just thinking aloud.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

24 thoughts on “On Perspectives

  1. Wow. It does look like it is moving a bit. Optical illusion… πŸ€”πŸ˜³

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  2. Great, my dear Savvy, both photos and text πŸ™‚
    Have a nice time my friend

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  3. Good morning !!! Here is a apt link for your post!!

    Optical Illusions in Everyday Life

    View at

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  4. Yes, so true. We each see differently. From our own perspective.

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  5. This is my favourite post of yours till now because of two reasons: First, because of the brilliant picture and second, the powerful collection of words in here. Great job!

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  6. Yes I relate to what you mention here as I was drawn to the picture for quite a while. It is amazing to sense the power of imagination in every moment. Thank you for your appreciation for these verses as well.


  7. Lovely ! I think both perceptions and experience shape our life.

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  8. Hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting photos, thanks for sharing!… πŸ™‚ getting a little “long winded” here πŸ™‚ , but I believe should one venture through life with an open mind and heart, one will not have perspectives and therefore not develop a preconceived ideology of how life should be and enjoy/accept life more.. that being said, if one leaves safe harbor with a full wind in their sails and lives life by following their dreams, one’s experience will be shaped by whatever challenges destiny puts in one’s path… πŸ™‚

    β€œAny piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I know more, I will recall that piece of knowledge and use it better. β€œ Mark van Doren


  9. Super post! Yes, one’s perspective makes a huge difference, to be sure!! Awesome photo!! Have you ever read “The Blind men and the Elephant? Perfect example of one’s perspective when taken alone being part of the problem of confusion!!

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  10. It seems to be moving. Nice lines too.

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