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Happy Festivities

Happy Diwali to all here.
Sharing a few musings from my mother.

Tamaso ma Jyothirgamaya.

On this Diwali let us
Illuminate our hearts.
Ignorance n impediments
Vanish in that brilliance.

Let Faith, prayer, compassion
And humility fill the place
While false beliefs, prejudices
Hatred & anger
Dissolve without a trace.

Past year has taught us
Many lessons.
Many have learnt
The real values our lives need.

A disciplined lifestyle
With resilience will take us far.
The core values our ancestors had
Are not mere lessons in vain.
They are real essence of health
With gratitude, embracing all.

Time to rectify our deeds
Done in the quest to excel.
Mother Nature knows well
How to balance & dwell.
Let’s co-exist without harming,
Valuing all lives, be it in any form.

Let this Festival of Lights
Bring harmony & happiness.
Together we will protect
This precious divine gift
Undoing all our wrongs
Restoring what truly belongs.

A Very Happy Deepawali
To all of you,
Be safe and healthy.
Stay blessed ever.

As we celebrate this beautiful festival of lights lets all take some time to connect with the cosmic lights and feel its blessed presence within us all 🙂



Feeling Good?

At times life takes you places,

That leaves you in a space of a little ambiguity

Where your senses are overwhelmed

And you may feel awe…

The place may speak to you

In a language that you can decipher.

Ask yourself…

Are you feeling lost, yet free?

Are you feeling free and light?

Are you sensing good vibes?

Of being in the right space?

Are you feeling  you are aligned

To the energies of this place

Are you emitting  goodwill

And sensing potency of the now?

Then you are most certainly

In the right path and direction

Yes, you are in a good place.


Learning from a free spirit

Today I write about my dear and very loving father…

Perhaps the most uncomplicated man.

A paragon of the free spiritedness of a child.

He has an uncanny ability to be happy like a child.

What he desires are little things like a child.

Yes, he knows how to get what he  desires

But the happiness he feels & expresses, in the most ordinary things

That is his blessing of simplicity.

Life can be an epitome of adventure and adaptability.

It can challenge you & test your resilience & reserves

But to be able to be in touch with the inner child in you.

No matter how  life takes its toll on you

Is the strength in the vulnerability.

I dedicate these musings today to my eternally ‘young at heart’ father.

For from him, I have imbibed many beautiful learnings
Will share three, especially relevant here…

  • To be able to find happiness in the ordinary things.
  • To be able to stay hopeful, light & positive, no matter the density in the moment.
  • To think well of all and make way for happy thoughts and share goodwill.

  • God Bless You Dad!



    On Allowance

    The ability to discern and allow

    Has a great significance

    On your state of being

    You are what you think and consume.

    Ultimately you are entrusted

    With this power of choice.

    You are your own decision maker

    So choose to allow yourself to evolve.

    Think well and be expansive

    As much as inclusive

    For it steers and transforms your ways

    Choose thoughts of peace & harmony.

    Allow yourself to live life lovingly

    Your will your way of life

    Your life, your choice of living

    Let love and peace show the pathway.



    Dancing In Harmony

    Dance not to impress
    Dance to express 
    Dance for no one but you

    In the dance sometimes
    The dance begins to lead the way
    But know you choose the way.

    Choose to pause between the steps
    When you need to balance the self
    To dance again from the center of your being.

    You are the dance, the dance is in you
    But you must abide
    By the truth of your being

    If you dance without your soul
    Or if you dance without your spirit
    You feel empty as you are not there.

    Then you are not true to your purpose
    To express the way of your being.
    So tune in to authenticity.

    There may be many distractions
    Along the way of dancers dancing
    Different dances for different  reasons

    Every life has its own purpose
    Whats relevant to stay truly aligned
    To dance in harmony with your being.



    Circle of life & living

    Life and businesses

    Circle of life and living
    Nature leaves many lessons
    The falling  leaves
    Are an excellent metaphor…

    Learning to let go
    In  hope, trust and faith
    Of the balance the circle
    Is an indicator of the adaptability.

    Business is a big leap of faith
    In every business
    That has thrived  and survive
    Inspite of the changing seasons.

    Seeds to a plant
    Plant to a tree
    Trees begin maturing
    Like life is meant to flow….

    Buisness too are meant to grow
    As the processes are strengthened
    Nourishing &nurturing the foundation
    Harnessing synergies  in the energies.

    There is growth in the momentum.
    There are dependences and beliefs
    But like the nature of life
    Old has to make space for the new…

    To flourish and sustain
    The seasonal setbacks
    And survive the storms
    In the winds of changes.

    In the blooming and blossoming
    There in is the budding of new ideas
    Like ideas that flow by nurturing
    Life is meant to flow…by nature
    Such is the circle of life and living.

    These verses came forth after reading  a very thoughtful share by my dear friend @Ali Anani , who mentioned rightly so that the post might be of interest  to me…. so to him  dedicate this post in gratitude 🙏




    Sharing one of my musings written  way back in time… came across it in my feeds.

    To me what is fascinating about the Artistry
    in the artist is the path he chooses
    to channelizes his Creativity .. ‘

    Every artist is unique ….

    Working in tandem with his own techinque

    Every stroke of the brush guided in the silence of a visual imagery

    Marks the stark passion in the heart of divinity

    Sculpting and painting the patterns with conviction

    With personal care beyond concern or consternation

    Blending in the tones and .. while sketching a grass blade

    Molding to the hues in every shade ….

    Life is a canvas colorful or otherwise

    Care to see the value beyond the price…



    Step into your harmonious self

    Nature of harmony is healing

    Soothing sounds of the gentle waves

    Ease the inner recesses of the mind

    Greenery growing in synchrony

    Inspite of the abandon of wilderness

    Calms the body and mind

    Refreshing smell of the first rain

    Is truly invigorating to the spirit

    All of nature when in balance

    Is a dance of Harmony

    Align to this harmony

    Sense the joy of the interconnection.

    Step into your harmonious self.



    Life & Living

    There is an art of life and living
    Be freehearted in giving.

    Sense every nuance of this now
    Express the love of life in this moment.

    Tune in to rhythms playing in life
    Like the dancer who dances
    Emoting through the movements
    Tuning into the  awareness in every step

    Dance with all of your being.

    Connect unabashedly
    Life and times move swiftly
    Regret never the moment lost in doubt
    Engage with this now passionately.

    You will give yourself the greatest gift
    The gift of living than simply existing.
    You will fulfill the purpose of your being.
    You will  make your life worth living



    Stepping out of our own way!

    We are Magical beings in the flow
    Such is the truth of creation
    Yet often we are blinded by our own self
    Clouding  our minds with density
    Of thoughts and doubts
    For we are so full of ourselves
    Our illusory pride and prejudices
    Out  assumed notions and convictions.
    That we forget we are part of the infinite abundance.
    With immense potential in the possibilities.

    If only we can believe 
    In our being and choose to trust
    In the purpose of our being.
    Acknowledge with awareness
    The spirit of life and living
    Choosing to thrive in the flow.
    Learning  to allow and accept
    The unfolding cosmic patterns
    By stepping out of our own way!




    In the wilderness, there is a certain randomness
    As nature is in its pristine  form
    The energy at play is vibrant & free
    The green foliage becomes the filament
    All Interweaved in the Interconnection.
    All is meant  to thrive.

    There is no constant emmittances
    Of man made interferences
    Like the wi fi to reduce the randomness

    That disturb life and living.

    All is left to Nature and its ways.
    Therein is the beauty of vividity
    All is intermingled in the greenery
    Refreshing to see and invigorating
    All a sign of the health & healing
    In the strength of interconnections.


    On Giving

    We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa

    Love these words by Mother Teresa, a kind soul that showed the way of kindness in giving.

    Every single selfless act in devotion leaves the world feeling a little better than before…

    Yes there is much to do
    To make our world better
    There is so much left to improve
    Sometimes we are full of doubts
    About can we ever do enough
    Is what we share  or do,  right at all?

    No matter the doubts  simply share
    With all your heart ❤
    You are meant to do much, much more
    Than what you can even imagine.
    You will find yourself along the way.
    Share your gifts with joy in giving.
    And fulfil your purpose of being.



    Nature fascinates

    We explore it in unique ways
    Some of us lookup at the sky
    Admiring the infinite vastness
    Of spaces above and beyond

    Some of us look down  at the ground
    Preferring  to  dig deep into nature
    To witness the foundation  of living
    Exploring the very roots of the life

    Some choose to dream and envision
    What might be, in  hope for the morrow
    Some sit in stillness  witnessing their breath
    Knowing all the truths of life is within.

    Some prefer to dance with life
    In this now as it unfolds
    Accepting nature as it appears
    Preferring  to make best of its moments.



    We are…

    We are
    Grains of pulsating energy
    Vibrantly dancing and emoting
    In the sands of time

    We are
    Moving bodies reacting and responding
    Patterning uniquely in every now
    To the tunes of nature of life.

    We are
    So very fragile in the making
    So very vulnerable in the sensing
    Yet so very strengthened in the living.

    We are
    Fractals fields of energy transformation
    Designing and redesigning itself
    Creating purpose to life & living.



    The Journey

    As is above
    So is below
    Reflection speaks
    As is within.
    The journey of life
    Mirrors our way of being

    ‘In every moment of time care to be rooted to the stillness in your movements…
    Care to acknowledge gratefully this strength in the rootedness.’