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Live Life Lovingly!


Live life lovingly

All is a flow in the circle of life.
Life goes on!




I listened  to my heart
Every day
As it shares from within
And I write them out as words
Sometimes as verses
At times its measured
In moderation.
Its a zen moment
For there is clarity
In just a few words shared.

Then there are times

They flow like a river
A torrent in a current
Patterning  itself
In its own making
Words come through me
As if it needs to be spoken
Sharing the sensitivity
Of the moments at hand.
I listen simply with rapt attention
For in the slightest flutter
In every movement in the moments
Or the depth of silence
There is wisdom in the stillness.


To Dance is to Celebrate Life!


A vision A verse.On Dancing the Art of Movement.

Combining my other two passions Painting and Poetry.


For the love of dancing1

Dance with joy and not with friction

 Dance with awareness not with caution

Dance with grace not with distraction

Dance with gratitude not with a contradiction

Dance to feel your soul move and not just as an action

Dance in response to an action, rather than just as a reaction!



Dance with the heart and mind in rapt attention

Dance with expansiveness accepting correction

Dance often, in prayer and dedication

Dance with a conscious acceptance of  the divine connection

Dance with elegance and the harmony of completion !

 Savvy Raj


 Image Credits  Savvy Raj

 Titled :  ‘Dancing Connects ‘   My paintings and artwork  Inspired by Dances from across the world.


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Behold this breathtaking sky!

Just watching the awesome  patterns strewn across

All the stress go out for a toss

My heart feels light as I let out a joyous sigh

The heavens playground is on the horizon today

In the betwixt and between as the sky and earth meet

Splattering across the sky an  enthralling treat

Golden fields to match this radiant day.

Oh ! Such a heart-warming sight!

I long to run across these yellow fields

Reach out and blend with nature

To be enshrouded in awe and rapture

And revel as the earth and the sky lovingly  yields

Would you feel the same tell me pray?


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