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Live Life Lovingly!

To Dance is to Celebrate Life!


A vision A verse.On Dancing the Art of Movement.

Combining my other two passions Painting and Poetry.


For the love of dancing1

Dance with joy and not with friction

 Dance with awareness not with caution

Dance with grace not with distraction

Dance with gratitude not with a contradiction

Dance to feel your soul move and not just as an action

Dance in response to an action, rather than just as a reaction!



Dance with the heart and mind in rapt attention

Dance with expansiveness accepting correction

Dance often, in prayer and dedication

Dance with a conscious acceptance of  the divine connection

Dance with elegance and the harmony of completion !

 Savvy Raj


 Image Credits  Savvy Raj

 Titled :  ‘Dancing Connects ‘   My paintings and artwork  Inspired by Dances from across the world.


 The Infinite Being

 Infinite is the truth of our being. And Life is to live …beyond just the existing! 


An Artwork by Savvy Raj 

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Creative Enrichments!


Freedom ....Creative Enrichments!

Creative Enrichments by Savvy Raj


To create is to believe in the infinite…
To create is to move with the power to connect the apparent disconnects
To create is dare to reach beyond self-limiting doubts and judgments
To create is to enjoy the process every step of the way…
To create is to be uniquely you!

Most of us have indulged in one dance form or the other, enjoying the creative spurts in the process, but many of us assume that real dancers are those who are what we call the born artists, or the performers, or maybe only those who are trained or innately talented.

Dancing is an art form no doubt, but it is truly not reserved to a select few just because they have the privileges of being blessed with inborn talent .True gift of the power of dancing is equally available to everyone just as much as to the dancing genius! Indulging in any creative movement satisfies an individuals need to source, analyse assimilate, and create, from within. However, the trick is in the integration of such artistic dance pursuits into our everyday lives, as most of us lead such busy lives with little or no time to spare for a little self-enrichment.
Dancing is a creative expression from your soul which has the power to explore the depth of emotions and thoughts and brings in the open what’s hidden and inaccessible and thereby even heal oneself of limiting convictions and beliefs.
The creative surges give rise to the expansion of thoughts and one can feel transformed even in a single dance. We gradually become more balanced, focused and aware of our surroundings. We can simply start by bridging the dull gaps in our journey of life … filling them with beautiful movements that are as fulfilling as much as they are enriching!
So care to dance a little every day, enrich your life & also of those around you!
– Savvy Raj

About me

Above Artwork by Savvy Raj  Titled: Creative Enrichments



Circle of Life 

 My artwork Title : CIRCLE OF LIFE

# Unending Hope in Humanity 


Life gives unto itself

Such is the eternal circle of life

Humanity is the eternal truth in art

Deeds of compassion are matters of the heart

Touched by gratitude in the living

Appeased by simple love in the sensing

Moved beyond the self in the feeling

Humanity thrives on in the being

Art moves the heart of man

Like an artist who creates with a elan

Marking his life dedicated to artistry

Life flows through another creativity…

Regenerating in every stroke

Reviving in every florish

Patterns form in the shaping

Poetry emotes in the flowing

Such is the circle of life

Drawing us to hope beyond the strife

It matters not if ..

Art propels the healing through the hope of humanity

And life draws the meaning delving in the sheer artistry.

Circle moves on …

And life replenishes the soul of the artistry

And art bequeathes hope in humanity.

Savvy Raj 

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Abundance of Compassion 

​A wonderful new year has dawned filled with so much  positive intentions and  possibilities.

Lets all take the step to bettering  ourselves in all  that which we can improve…sensing peace and prosperity along the way and create circles of compassion and care where we are and enrich lives in and around us. 

Life is  truly beautiful  when we choose to see it so !  


Savvy Raj


And the muse will touch you!

Creativity is abundant in the flow of life
In moulding  it to give form in the formless
In blending in its essence to shape as you please
In connecting the dots to structure it meaningfully

Every artist charts his path
With the blessed touch of a mystical muse
The muse appears uncalled and unforeseen
But exits suddenly as it came …

Then when spaces prevail in the togetherness
And the artist seeks on with a clouded vision
What appears seems beyond comprehension
Every moment begets its own challenge

When thoughts seem too scattered
When emotions need time to settle
When silence tends to stifle
When every endeavour hits rock bottom

Trust in the knowing
The muse will touch you
In the oddest moment
As it knows not time
To  give your thoughts a new pattern
Although the path is of your own making.


Every creative endeavour is an undefinable journey of peaks and pitfalls , of highs and lows. The artist can find themselves at crossroads  questioning  their very existence and therefrom find new paths to forge ahead in creativity.  The challenge is to take it all in your stride knowing ‘to create is a responsibility’ and hence the apparent strifes prepare you in the process towards your purpose of being . 

Flow is a matter of faith and trust when you know ‘All is in a state of flow’                Self belief takes shape in the form of a Muse and leads you on to a state of creative flow once more .

Savvy Raj 

Image Credits:  Artwork by Savvy Raj

Have enjoyed his songs over the years …
These verses are my humble dedication to the Creative Enigma of the fascinating  Leonard Cohen. RIP 


Related link: Letter to his muse., a documentary filmmaker, read the letter to Ihlen before she died.

“It said, ‘Well Marianne, it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon.

“Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.

“And you know that I’ve always loved you for your beauty and for your wisdom, but I don’t need to say anything more about that because you know all about that. But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey.

“Goodbye old friend. Endless love, see you down the road.’”

Mollestad told host Rosemary Barton that when he read the line “stretch out your hand”, Ihlen had stretched out her hand.

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