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Art work Title : Vorticity By Savvy Raj

Sharing my swirl artwork called Vorticity. This  I created with my some of favourite colors to suit the mood of the day!


In the core is the dynamics  of the flow ,
Sense the spiralling fluidity
Of the momentum moving along in circles
In the whirling is the dance of energy.



Verses in flow… Day 7

Today is the day seven of starting an experimental journey.Everyday through this week I have been writing and sharing a few verses in flow that some of you chose to continue as well.
Thank you all for your support  likes and each day of your creative interactions. I loved exploring these musings  to unravel what evolved through the week and see the interweaves in the interconnects.

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Day 4 : Live
Day 5 : Life
Day 6 : Connect

Day 7 : Grace

To know yourself is good.
But to accept your truths
As you are, is better.
And live lovingly is best!

For in moments of despair.
To the heights of your glory.
Living with grace of gratitude.
Will give you peace of being.



Choose well…

To Dance is to Celebrate Life!


A vision A verse.On Dancing the Art of Movement.

Combining my other two passions Painting and Poetry.


For the love of dancing1

Dance with joy and not with friction

 Dance with awareness not with caution

Dance with grace not with distraction

Dance with gratitude not with a contradiction

Dance to feel your soul move and not just as an action

Dance in response to an action, rather than just as a reaction!



Dance with the heart and mind in rapt attention

Dance with expansiveness accepting correction

Dance often, in prayer and dedication

Dance with a conscious acceptance of  the divine connection

Dance with elegance and the harmony of completion !

 Savvy Raj


 Image Credits  Savvy Raj

 Titled :  ‘Dancing Connects ‘   My paintings and artwork  Inspired by Dances from across the world.


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Why is there a need to race against time?

To beat time in its own game of time.

Why don’t we realise the eternality of time?

And that we are just mortal souls living on graced time.

There is really no need to worry for every crease in time.

Cos even in the ravages of time

The proof of patience will manifest in time.

Instead, value the preciousness of time.

Adapt to it and make friends with time!

Respect another and strive to be on time!

Make that a habit of a lifetime.

Be aware enough to never be enslaved by time.

Know for everything there is always a time.

So work, play, laugh, sing, dance & add along a scoop of ‘me’ time!

Be alive to this moment in time.

Rest assured you will always stride gracefully every time!

Savvy Raj

Thoroughly enjoyed my ‘ me’ time

Simply Rhyming with ‘ time ‘ :-))