Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



I listened  to my heart
Every day
As it shares from within
And I write them out as words
Sometimes as verses
At times its measured
In moderation.
Its a zen moment
For there is clarity
In just a few words shared.

Then there are times

They flow like a river
A torrent in a current
Patterning  itself
In its own making
Words come through me
As if it needs to be spoken
Sharing the sensitivity
Of the moments at hand.
I listen simply with rapt attention
For in the slightest flutter
In every movement in the moments
Or the depth of silence
There is wisdom in the stillness.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

10 thoughts on “WISDOM OF STILLNESS

  1. Sure Shores
    Water Words
    Ever Changing
    Soul Colors
    Spirit Music
    HeART Sings 🌊💫
    WavE StarS BRinG🌊🎶

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    • In the shores of our souls
      Life breathes the spirit of living
      Through the colors of the being
      Live lives in every now
      Breathing joy of a heartfelt song 🎵

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      • LonG As Step of Dance
        Word of Song continues
        Truly Breathing Never
        Ending Now
        Life New
        True At
        Best Center
        Point Balancing
        Still FRiEnDS
        With Gravity
        All Source of
        FLoWinG Now
        All Directions New
        Coloring Life More
        How Beautiful It
        Is Breathing Truly
        Painting Colors Now
        New Moon Sun-Lit SMiLes..:)


        • Life is best lived
          In balance
          Yet to each
          Life shapes up
          In all its uniqueness
          Sometimes unbearable
          For it feel tilted
          In its extremes
          But every life
          Is endowed
          Strengths uniquely
          To fulfill
          Their purpose of being.
          The will is left free
          As a Choice to make
          To look up far ahead
          And see the rainbow
          Or to delve with intensity
          Into the depth of silence
          Or to breathe in this now
          And life life lovingly!
          Every path has a reason to be.
          Lots of light and good energies


  2. SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
    i really have no ‘Idea’
    who ‘You’ are but with
    ‘Soul’ THere is no Time
    But Now Those Words Surely
    Might Be Dedicated Now to
    The Creative Mind and Body
    Balancing Soul Indeed Feeling
    All Emotions Senses Intense So Extreme
    WHere Light
    May Hurt
    As Much
    As Dark
    A Night
    of Soul
    Desiring Day
    In Every Rose
    There is the Flower
    Overcoming Thorns
    In Every Thorn There
    Is the Hope and Love
    The Faith of Rose FLoWeRinG Again
    Anyway These Words too Dedicated
    to a Teacher oF Light From India this Day..
    Happy Teacher’s Day Savvy For Some Bring
    Words of
    All the Story
    of their Souls in One Rose..:)


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